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    Post by Sun Yating on 13th December 2018, 8:20 pm

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    Name: Shun ~IC, Mini Seijin ~OOC
    Rank: Weak
    Species: Panda
    Type: Combat Pet
    Description: The little one in the picture above. Free from Bond Magic {Link}.
    Stats: HP 150, Melee Damage 5 HP
    Abilities: Two normal + Two from primary benefit of bond magic


    Name: Juice Box Creation
    Rank: D
    Type: Supportive, Juice & Composite Packaging
    Duration: Passive for Plot, Effect after drinking the Juice last for 3 posts
    Description: Pulls in the magical power from everything around him (including himself), by doing so a small juice box is formed into his paws. Once the box has been completely made a sound of water splashing coming form the inside of the box as it fills up with juice. Now that the juice box is made and filled with juice, a straw poofs onto the side of it so that it can be used to drink from it.

    Plot Based Effect, those that the panda sees as a threat will get a very nasty taste stuck in their mouth after drinking it. But those that he fills no threat will get a lovely taste that is either sweet, sour, or bitter depending on how they prefer things to be that they drink.

    Combat Based Effect, those that taste the nasty juice get a debuff of 5% to their HP regen per post. While those that taste the lovely juice get a buff of 5% to their HP regen per post in stand.


    Name: Bamboo Creation
    Rank: D (up to C)
    Type: Supportive, Plant
    Duration: Passive for Plot, Creating and consuming takes up a single post
    Description: Pulling some magic power and life force from himself in and act to help himself out in a time of need (weather it be for pain or hunger). By doing so a few sticks of bamboo are created and drop into his paws. Then after consuming the sticks of bamboo quickly it will heal him for a single spell rank of damage based on the rank of this spell at that time.


    Name: Yin Yang Infusion
    Rank: D (up to S)
    Type: Supportive, Yin (negative) or Yang (positive)
    Duration: 3 posts for D, 5 posts for C, 6 posts for B, 7 posts for A, 10 posts for S
    Description: Storing up a large amount of both Yin and Yang magical power within his body. Only half of the sorted magical power will ever be used after it has all been build up. The negative magical power of yin will be used to boosted the spell damage of a spell that uses him as the origin point. While the positive magical power of yang will be used to boost the healing power of a spell that uses him as the origin point. Once a damaging or healing spell is sent from him as the point of origin the other side is sealed off till the ability is over. Depending on the rank of this ability it will boost the spell's out put by a % amount and every two ranks pasted will increase the number of spell(s) that get the boost before all the energy runs out an the ability ends. Starting at D and C rank for 50% of a single spell, to 30% for two spells at B and A rank, and then finally 23% for three spells at S rank.


    Name: Yin Yang Blast
    Rank: D (up to S)
    Type: Offensive, Yin (negative) & Yang (positive)
    Category: Area of Effect
    Damage: 20HP for D, 30HP for C, 40HP for B, 50HP for A, 60HP for S
    Range: 18 meters forwards and 12 meters wide explosion for D, 36 meters forwards and 24 meters wide explosion for C, 60 meters forwards and 40 meters wide explosion for B, 90 meters forwards and 60meters wide explosion for A, 120 meters forwards and 80 meters wide explosion for S
    Speed: 6 mps for D, 12 mps for C, 20 mps for B, 30 mps for A, 40 mps for S
    Duration: 3 posts for D, 5 posts for C, 6 posts for B, 7 posts for A, 10 posts for S
    Description: Opens his tiny little mouth and takes a big breath in, which sucks in the magic power from within the air and all near by living things. Within his body the new magic power mixes with his own magic power to form a extremely large amount of yin yang magical energy. Letting out a cute little roar along with two magic energy balls from his open mouth, one being made up of negative magic energy and the other being that of positive magic energy. They circle around each other while traveling a slow pace which will explode with a radius of damage once it either reaches its maxim range or hit any kind of surface.

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