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    Twilight Dragon


    Twilight Dragon

    Twilight Dragon

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    Twilight Dragon Empty Twilight Dragon

    Post by Akeya on 31st December 2018, 3:15 am

    Lineage Name: Twilight Dragon
    Wielder: Akeya Kuusai
    Purchase Proof: VIP Shop, Page 12, Post n°288

    In ages past, before Dragon Slayers existed, there were dragons who shared their power with mortals through blood. By ritual and procreation, because of love or respect, this act created hybrids, beings who were half dragon and half mortal. While they didn't immediately gain the dragon's magic they did gain physical might and the ability to weather a dragon's onslaught.

    These halfbreeds have faded into myth and legend years ago, as the relationship between dragon and human worsened and Dragon Slayers took their place. However there are still humans who have the blood of a dragon flowing through them, dormant and unnoticed safe perhaps for an unusual amount of vitality and the ability to survive wounds that would kill a lesser mortal.

    Akeya was one such mortal. Born from a secluded family living in a valley in the Phoenix Mountains she had the blood of a dragon and, through a twist of fate, had the mindset and soul of a dragon as well. Because of that she sought out a shadow dragon, who agreed to teach her the magic of a dragon. With the blood, soul and magic of a dragon Akeya quickly began to abandon her humanity, a process which was accelerated when she absorbed the essence of a shadow dragon's lachrima (Proof of Purchase Shadow Dragon Lachrima).

    However unknown to Akeya herself that was only half of her heritage. The other half was only discovered when she was forced to absorb a massive amount of light essence to protect herself and her offspring. Due to her having lived the life of a dark dragon the light essence was slowly killing her, but at the same time her being was accepting the light essence more readily than any dark creature should. When she was stabilized by absorbing the essence of a light dragon's lachrima (Proof of Transfer Dragon Lachrima) it finally revealed which had been hidden all along: light and dark combined, merged and achieved a perfect balance inside Akeya, at the same time completing her journey from mortal to dragon.

    Now Akeya stands as the Dragon of Twilight, light and dark in harmony.

    Combat Abilities:
    Dawn and Dusk: Akeya's Shadow Dragon Slayer magic and White Dragon Slayer magic are turned into Twilight Dragon magic, adding the element of light to the Shadow Dragon side and the element of dark to the White Dragon side. Additionally, the base damage of her magical attacks is increased by 50% but she can't benefit from mana cost reduction effects.

    Twilight Force: Akeya's third generation force/magic is turned into Twilight Dragon force/magic. Additionally Akeya can eat mixed forms of light element and dark element. However she still can't eat God Slayer magic or Demon Slayer magic. Her magic also contains the raw, primal essence of a true dragon, making it inedible to God and Demon Slayers.

    Draconic Fortitude: Having the immense resilience of a dragon, Akeya's physical and magical resistance are increased by 30%.

    Horizon Chaser: The Twilight Dragon lives between night and day, and because of that has the speed to chase down both sun and moon. Akeya's speed matches that of the fastest person of her rank within burst range +10% of that person's speed. If she herself is the fastest she gains a 40% increase to her speed and reflexes instead with a 5% increase per rank above D.

    Fang and Claw: Dragons are known for many things and there are many different types, from the types that turn their surroundings into a wasteland to those who are a font of life and growth. Akeya is definitely the former, as shown by the fact that while the base damage of her physical attacks is increased by 50% she can't receive any buffs to spell healing.


    Twilight Dragon CADlsHa
    Between the Sun and the Moon, where it is neither Day nor Night, the Dragon of Twilight sleeps.


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