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    Erosion of the Horizon


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    Erosion of the Horizon

    Post by Akeya on 3rd December 2018, 6:35 pm

    Akeya was glad that Onyx Moon had a way for members to sneak in unseen, because right now she was pretty sure that if the wrong type of person saw her she would be in trouble. Granted she was using Korikami to hide herself as she entered, but it was still better to not take any chances. Having to wait for the right time of day had fortunately not taken very long, so the shadow fox had managed to quickly slip into The Lair from the underwater passage. From that point on Akeya pushed herself out of the shadow realm Korikami held inside of his dark body, using the disguise all Onyx Moon members have to wrap herself in cloth to hide her figure while at the same time removing her tail and wings for now so they wouldn't betray her. This way she'd just look like an unusually tall figure wrapped in lots of cloth. Fortunately those of Onyx Moon would recognize her as one of them.

    Stumbling into the Siren's Song Akeya leaned against the wall, taking deep breaths and trying to regain her focus. She could feel the toxic energy coursing through her, making her feel like her entire body was burning up and leaving her sensitive to the slightest stimulation. It was hard to think straight and the room looked way too bright even when she was sure that her magic tattoos were still keeping excessive light out of her eyes. She ignored the looks she got from some of the other patrons, taking her time to recover before inhaling sharply and pushing herself back upright. With careful but steady step she headed towards Alisha, the barmaid with the pointy ears who was most likely the source of desire for many of the patrons. Unfortunate for them, since Akeya had never seen her show interest in anyone. She herself had little interest: her own tastes lay in a different direction.

    Once Alisha had noticed her approach and realized that Akeya needed her for something the barmaid/secretary excused herself before hustling over to the dragoness, who was frankly grateful that she didn't have to keep trying to walk straight for any longer than absolutely necessary. Before Alisha could speak Akeya hissed out the words, her lips barely parting as the dire headache made it hard for her to speak clearly.

    "Mission went wrong. Will...Will most likely need Ruvel's aid." She placed a bandaged hand against her cloth-wrapped forehead. "Not sure... but would be preferred if he hurried. Will be in library."

    She barely waited for Alisha to acknowledge the message before turning around and slowly walking out of the tavern. She then promptly stepped back inside of Korikami's realm, commanding the fox to head to the library. As always the dark spirit obeyed without question, having long since gotten used to acting as Akeya's companion and minion. Like a slithering shadow he moved across The Lair towards the secret entrance that lead to the more prestigious building of the West Fiore Trading Company. Staying hidden to avoid any interruptions or delays Korikami moved from shadow to shadow until he was in the library, where there were very few people and where Akeya could relax. A little, at least.

    Akeya didn't want to be away from her hatchlings for now, but she wasn't going to let them out of Korikami's inner realm until she was strong enough to protect them herself. Even here in the stronghold of her guild she wouldn't run the chance of them being harmed or taken away while she was at her weakest. This left the dragoness little choice as she sat in one of the comfortable chairs placed in the lower levels of the library. Turning the lights off and activating the silence rune so she wouldn't be disturbed until Ruvel arrived the cold-blooded woman closed her eyes. Even without any lights on the room still felt too bright. And even with her eyes shut the pain didn't go away. She felt like she should be sweating from the heat but upon touching a part of her exposed skin she quickly ascertained that this wasn't the case. What was destroying her body wasn't something that could be sweated out.

    Opening her eyes to only the slimmest slits she looked at her raised hand. It had the foundations of a human limb, but with draconic claws and scales. Normally the skin would be a dark olive and the scales a midnight blue, but now the skin was interrupted by blotches of extreme paleness and the scales were a messy mixture of dark and light scales. The dark scales seemed to be absorbing the light the glowing scales were emitting, resulting in a fluctuating and flickering illumination. It was unpleasant to look at, and it just made her more aware of the fact that right now she was slowly dying unless she could find a way to fix this very quickly.

    A quick command had Korikami gathering scrolls on the conflict between the element of dark and the element of light. A quick glance had her discarding the ones which were only folklore, rumours and hearsay. She then got the shadow fox to also gather books on creatures of dark and how they interacted with the rest of reality. Once again she put away the ones which didn't contain any useful information, but now she had enough reading material that she shouldn't have to do nothing while waiting for the Ace to arrive.

    Doing her best to ignore the numerous warnings her body was giving the dragoness focused on the scrolls and books, emerald eyes flitting across texts written in various styles from various time periods, hoping that she could find the best path to survival within these texts left behind by the people of the past.

    Sticking out one hand she reached inside of Korikami's body, feeling her clawed limb pass the entrance to the dark shrine. Once inside it didn't take very long before three scaled snouts were pressed against her hand, the dragoness doing her best to stroke and lightly scratch them with one hand while she concentrated on the texts before her with the rest of her body and mind.


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    Re: Erosion of the Horizon

    Post by Adalinda on 14th December 2018, 10:05 pm


    The Iron Dragon Slayer

    Adalinda was still getting used to the new position and places that she hadn't been able to before. Siren's Song was rather new to her, but as it was a bar, she's already fallen in love with the place when she wasn't home. The alcohol was good, but she was sure Yuudai had some better. 'Isn't that kind of insulting, thinking of your fiancé's drinks while at someone else's bar?' Adalinda rolled her eyes to Veles' words as she looked over to Akeya entering the bar. She was still trying to get used to her other side of her... and was kind of glad that Veles helped her out with her darker side for jobs through Onyx Moon rather than West Fiore Trading Company. Right now, she was wearing her typical attire of a white tank top and black jeans as she planned to go to the gym after this drink, and she could easily walk around the West Fiore Trading company in this when she left too.

    She perks her ear a bit as she listened to Akeya talking to Alisha. Part of her felt like she should go as well, and glanced to Alisha. "I think I'll go with... In case she needs help." She says as she quickly downed her drink and started to make her way out of Siren's Song to the library. She quickly ran through the halls, using the enhanced speed of Veles to allow herself to get there faster than one normally could. She bursted into the room and sniffed a bit as she looked around. It didn't take the slayer long to find whom she was looking for. She was trying her hardest to be quiet in the library as she weaved around the furniture and bookshelves. She eventually made her way to Akeya. She sits down not too far from the other mage, and leans back in the chair. She honestly felt there was something she needed to do to help her out. She noticed the scrolls and books that she was looking through, and frowns a bit.

    Finally, she got up and went over to her. She waved a little to Akeya as she noticed she activated a rune, already guessing what it was she did. Even though the rune was activated, she still quietly said; "Hey. Anything I can do to help you?" She knew she may have been new to this Vice President thing, but she at least wanted to be slightly useful to her guild mates. She didn't know if she should start researching, or see about contacting Tammy to get her to come and help as well or not. She blinked as she saw Akeya reach her hand in the shadowy fox thing. She needed to get herself more acquainted with her members... that was official now with how little she knew about Akeya. Or she'd just forget to do so.

    'She's waiting for the CEO, right?' 'Yeah... I don't know where he's at right now though.' 'So you're thinking of seeing if you can fill in temporarily?' 'Pretty much, yeah.' She clears her throat and looks to the entrance as Tamaria came in, utterly confused. The last time Ada willingly came in here, was when she was looking for information on her foster father... which didn't end up so good in the end... and they still hadn't found him. The exceed quickly flew over to Adalinda, before she spotted Akeya and was on the ground in front of her. "Are you okay? You don't look well." The cat points out like it wasn't obvious. Adalinda smacks the palm of her hand to her face and takes a deep breath before she drags her hand down. Sometimes she loved her companion... but then there were times she was a dummy and wished to trade her in for a new companion, maybe Shelton would do better...

    "Hey, nimrod." Ada says down to the purple exceed. Tammy glares up to Ada, but raises her eyebrow to question what she was expecting her slayer to ask her. "Got a clue where Ruvel is?" Tammy blinks a bit to her, tilting it slowly. "Trying to figure out how fast he could get here. Akeya needs him." She puffs her cheeks a bit. Tammy shakes her head a bit. "Sorry... No I haven't... But knowing him, he should actually get here soon." She says, more to Akeya. "I hope I'm not barging in, but want me to help look up some information too? I'd be more useful than Ada is at research. Betting she failed that in school." Ada stiffened at Tamaria's snickering, and glares down at her.

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