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    Fairy hunter, hunted.


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    Fairy hunter, hunted. Empty Fairy hunter, hunted.

    Post by Luceam 17th December 2018, 10:31 am

    Magnolia, such a lively town wouldn't appear to be doused in dark sins, but appearances can be deceitful. Luna and Neptuna were passing through Magnolia after a job, and a strange new series of items were on the market. Fairy powder and powder enhanced cosmetics were sweeping the market, claiming to be produced from fairy dust. The populace was complacent with the false ideas that it was consequentially given or the fairy aspect was just a marketing hoax. Luna was walking through a stand that was supposed to sell some form of powerful soap made to rejuvenate and radiate the skin as well as clear almost any condition. Luna sensed something odd coming from the stand, it was indeed fairy dust, but after becoming a fairy, and with what she knew about her own, her mothers, and Tierra's dust, there was something odd about what was on the stand, it was too strong.  Luna and Neptuna (who was in her humanoid form, dressed in a blue sun dress) cut through the crowd.

    The girls complained but Luna pulled her hair to the side revealing her guild tattoo. "My name is Lunaris Mira, Master of the Aurora Guild, but my formal name in my native fairy origins is LuShirain." Luna turned around to address the swarming crowd as well as verify her claim with the salesman, the middle aged man was nervous.  "This product seems to contain an illegal substance." The salesmen raised his hands defensively, as he believed he was only selling the dust.

    "Woah there, selling fairy dust is not illegal!" Luna turned back to the man before picking up the soap as she thoroughly examined it. "True, but this is not fairy 'dust', it is too pure. When Fairy dust comes from the fairy wings, the pure essence is diluted. This is something far worse and actually illegal..." Luna's hand trembled as she realized what it was, she couldn't even begin to think of how the man came into possession of the product. "The dust in here, is ground up fairy wings. The fairies that went into these, no, all the fairy products... died. A fairy can't survive long without their wings if removed."

    The mummers started to spread throughout the local market as the clerks were getting nervous. Neptuna looked into Luna's eyes as they were fixed with a rage pressing against the surface, she did not want to let that rage slip out, but she of all beings around knew how much pain and suffering was scattered in the city. Neptuna almost burst into tears "So, he's selling wings.... and the fairies died because of it? That's not fair!"

    The man was starting to coat himself in sweat, his toupee slid off as he cracked before he was asked questions. "I, I didn't know I swear! Look, all of us got our supply of this stuff from a trader, he comes by every Saturday morning with his associates, goes by the name of Shermy, says all fairies were dead before he touched them." Luna grabbed the man by the collar as she corrected the last part of the story. She was not happy to hear it, but she knew the last part was complete nonsense. "That he had to watch? Fairy wings crumble easily after death. There's no way he can sell this much chasing after dead ones, unless..."

    She threw the man against the wall behind his little market stand before she walked over to it. She could tell he knew more then he was letting on, a hunch, plus the scent of alcohol on his breath. He was scared as he thought he was in serious jeopardy. "You crazy or somethin'? This place is home of the Fairy Tail guild, they'll get you for doin' this on their streets." Luna stood over him, the rage was burning within her as she could imagine the screams of the poor victims in her head, and how many are at risk."You smell like you've been around bars, you know more then you spilled. Also what's the guild gonna do when they hear you're selling illegal goods publicly?" The man squealed the last bit he knew. "Alright, fine, east of the city there are rumors about a camp where they produce the stuff, by north river that's all I know, I swear!"

    Luna walked off into the distance, while Neptuna followed. In all the time Neptuna had been with Luna, not once had Luna lost her temper. However the whole ordeal was on the verge of beginning. "Mommy... Are you okay?" Luna had no idea what to say to the question as she was wondering about the very question herself. She stopped halfway out of town as she turned and held the young mermaid close, trying to reassure that everything was alright, for her, Luna needed to remind herself. "I will be once the fairies are set free. Neptuna, I am so sorry you had to see me act so, horribly to that man." Neptuna cried shook her head. "No, you were thinking of those who were hurt, your heart has endless kindness, but everyone gets hurt."

    Luna was grateful that someone who looks up to her so much had such kindness. The two soon traversed the forest east of the city, and soon found the northern river, and walked alongside. Neptuna stared at the river, wondering why they weren't taking the aquatic route. "Mommy, why, why aren't we swimming in the river?" Luna considered the option, but she had her reasons for preferring to walk. "Well, it's easier to look when you walk on land, and these bad guys might try to catch us from within the water." Neptuna nodded, she agreed with the wizard's reasons. However she thought she saw sparkles out of the corner of her eye.

    However Luna felt something sharp hit her in the back, and barraging. She turned around but saw nothing there, however she started to notice the life force and magical energy of the beings around her. Then the water from the river beside splashed up at the two, Luna was looking around skeptically as she was trying to determine what was going on. "Who's there? I am Lunaris, daughter of Shirain! I am no enemy to fairy."  A cluster of fairies  soon came from every direction, swarming the duo. A fairy with green hair and a petal dress spoken up for the crowd. "Can you prove this?" Luna nodded as a pink magic circle appeared beneath her feet. Her entire body got encased in a soft pink light as she shifted into her fairy form, floating mid air to greet the fairy, who rushed to embrace the presence of a genuine friend aside from the ones she came with. "Oh thank the heavens, a fairy."

    "I could have told you that if you young fools would listen to me! That's my daughter for Renei's sake. She's also a wizard, possibly our best ally." Flying from the woods and above the crowds was a sight that brought Luna to tears. She saw the pink haired and amber eyed fairy, Shirain, approaching. She looked like a woman in her mid 30's. She left the embrace of the emerald fairy and hugged her mother. "Oh thank Shirain you're safe mom. I was so worried when I found out about the fairy wings in the market."

    The mermaid was confused until things started to click in her mind. "Mommy, is she your mommy?" Shirain saw Neptuna, and could sense the mermaid's energy, and was very much confused. "Luna, is this mermaid your daughter? This doesn't make much sens-" Luna cut her mother off as she explained it briefly. "Adopted, long story." Shirain nodded, she guessed Luna had her reasons and circumstances.

    Luna broke off from the hug as she figured it would be best if the two groups caught up. "I heard about the fairy wings being harvested and decided it would be best to investigate, and take it down. I'm surprised you all aren't hiding." Shirain nodded, however, she couldn't look her daughter in the eyes as she explained the horrible news. "Everyone here has a relative currently trapped there. Lunaris, your sister, she was so headstrong and thought she could take them on, but..." Shirain almost started to cry, however Neptuna's sympathy was very much high.  "Don't worry grandma, I'm sure mommy can get everyone back!"

    The expectations getting higher started to make Luna's chest feel tigher, but she still had to do it, now more then ever. She wiped away her mother's tears before resuming her human form. "I swear, I will save everyone if it's within my power, and I will do everything I can even if I have to bring the kitchen sink. You all have my word, now if you could give me directions, I would greatly appreciate it." The fairies all pointed in the direction before they all scattered, Shirain stuck around for a minute, Luna however remembered her concerns. "Sounds like I underestimated them, Mom, can you watch Neptuna here for a while?" Shirain nodded, she didn't think she'd have to watch kids for her daughter so soon but life is strange. "Just come home safe, I don't know how I'd explain this to your brothers and Zina now?" Luna laughed a bit ad the absurdity of the claim. "No one has explained things to this family in years, usually someone else explains things."

    Luna held Neptuna close, as it hurt to leave her for even for an hour. "Be a good girl Neptuna. I will be back soon." Neptuna nodded, before Luna continued down the path towards the camp.   Luna could sense the presence of the prisoners from afar, amassed in one place. She hid in the shrubbery. She noted that the entire camp was a bunch of smaller tents to the side, with one large one radiating with the magic energy of a cluster of fairies. The whole area was guarded off by a barb while fence all around, but there were bells connected at each post so if the fence was cut, it would sound the alarm. She couldn't see much in the way of guard strength as they were human men with weapons such as brass knuckles, swords, crossbows, and firearms. Luna couldn't take them all on at once, but she knew she couldn't wait.  

    Luna had a plan, but for this to work, she needed total coordination. She retreated a safe distance back before she generated two seeds out of her skin, she tossed them so they landed a safe distance from eachother as the twisted roots sprouted up before they both untwisted into forming platforms as two magic circles appeared. "Princess from the forest beyond the horizon, I beseech thee and beg for thy help. I call upon you Tierra, Princess of Fairies!"  Out of one came the form of the tree humanoid, and the other, the elegant fairy princess glided out of the portal, neither particularly happy to be summoned with the other.

    "Why'd ye say her summon speech?" The wooden man said as he drank from a flask made of wood. The Fairy princess was not happy to see the wooden man. "I'm still not happy with you. It took twelve hours to fix the damages." Luna was confused, there was clearly an issue but she had no time to deal with it. Luna tried to defuse the situation but both parties wouldn't even look at each other. "Look, can you put this little issue aside, we got to-"

    She was interrupted by the princess as the issue seemed to be a larger one then expected. "Little issue! He started a forest fire!" Luna could tell this issue was now about to escalate as the two summoned beings seemed to avoid listening to eachother and continuing an argument. "T'was not that bad, no one died, the fire was put out in an hour." "It was an alcohol fire! You set the bar's storehouse on fire! Phil was in that fire!" "He got out before he would burn up half way." "He's still walking on a stump leg!" "He tried to get in me way of a drink! If he gave me a bottle I'd have been on my way." "Ugh, you are just the worst being for miles right now!"

    Luna got between the two as she kept them at arms length, breaking up the rising verbal conflict. "For the moment that's not true now break it up! There's a fairy wing trafficking operation nearby!" Both summoned beings halted their fray as the words Luna said pierced through to them. Luna realized she finally had their attention as she explained the situation to them. "Listen, the camp is north of here, I need both of your help. Woody, I need you to attack from the east and rampage everyone, cause a ruckus that will be enough to lessen their defenses. Tierra, I need you to help me free the captives and make sure they get out."

    The two nodded, understanding the plan, however Woody had one question about the whole thing. "What about the boss? Surely he'd be in there too?" Luna clenched her fists, she bit her lip, the rage boiling inside. She turned around and started to walk towards the camp. "He's mine. It's payback for him." Woody nodded, finally a plan that he loved. Tierra sighed as she turned to Woody, raising her hand to him as he started to feel invigorated as he grew a foot. "Aye! That's the good stuff. Thanks Tini!"

    Before Tierra could be react to the tree man, Woody started to run in the distance towards the camp, but he made sure to run on a path parallel to the route the girls would be taking. When Luna and Tierra were in place, Woody ran through the barb wire, sounding the bells. Luna heard the yelling and the ensuing sounds of wood and metal breaking. Woody kept taking damage but he was growing stronger has he regenerated. The chaos had destroyed four tents, and half the men were either down or injured. The call for backup was finally answered as the last grunts came from the large tent, leaving only one person left inside. Luna and Tierra made their move.

    They charged towards the large tent, Tierra force evolved the plants to grow and strengthen into two spikes as she had cut the wire. The sound of the conflict between the grunts and Woody drowned out the bells. Luna pulled out her fire whip, extending the flaming rope and activated the claw grabbed the door to the tent as she ripped it off. Luna looked inside to see caged fairies all over, while at the end of the room was a blood soaked table, by the table stood a man six feet tall, a black beard and wearing a brown cloak and combat gear. He was preparing the table while a red haired fairy with amber eyes sat on the side of the table in a small cage. "Just you wait you scruff bastard! My sister is coming for ya, once she does, your ass is gonna be served!" The man slammed the the table causing the cage to shake, fed up with the fairy after a while. "Shut up! I'm not afraid of some pesky fairy!"

    Solaris saw the duo enter, and pointed to Luna "Good thing she's not just a fairy, she's also part human. Also she brought a friend." The man turned around to see half the cages get slashed by the flaming whip, and the grass around the other grow and thicken before ripping the cages apart. Luna nodded to Tierra, who flew away, signaling the other fairies to follow her. While the fairies started to fly away outwards in a swarm, the man started to freak out. "Sh**, my f***ing bribes to Fairy Tail didn't work! Where the hell are my men!"

    Luna slashed her whip to the right forcing it into claw mode as she grabbed the top of the wall, and then ripped it down to expose the east side. All the tents and supplies were in shambles, all the men were rendered unconscious with degrees of injuries ranging from mild to severe in a pile, while Woody appeared to be resting on top of the pile, smoking a cigar and holding a flask of whiskey. "Also, I'm not Fairy Tail. I'm Aurora, a fairy, and your men are down and out. Thanks Woody, you were great. Also Solaris... you seemed to have gotten yourself in trouble again. Can't you let mom have a little bit of peace?" Woody nodded, raising his flask to Luna before his body turned into a green light that dissipated into sparkles in the wind. Solaris stuck her tongue out at Luna. "That's the first thing you say to your own sister?" "Says the girl in the cage for pure carelessness!"

    The man clenched his fists, getting annoyed at being ignored. He ripped off his cloak exposing some form of chainmail armor made from steel, silver, and lacrima.  "Fairy or not, wizard or not, it doesn't matter. This armor reduces magic attacks against me to zitch. You won't be able to lay a hand on me!" Luna bit her lip, this was a major issue. She wished that her mother, one of the fairies, or even the grass to have warned her about the armor. She holstered her whip after turning it off. She wasn't expecting to work, so all she had on her person was the Stone of Ages, the Fire whip, and the Lightning Dragon Eye, all magical attack items. "That armor stops magic, but I can't break through the armor with my bare hands, oh, now I see the flaw." Luna could sense the life force of the trees all around, including the trees that had large branches overhead the camp.

    She stepped back with one foot as she raised her hands, the left in front of the right in a way so the pinky fingers her outward and pointing to the man. She prepared herself for this, it was too late to back out now. She had formulated a plan, one that required timing and planning.  The man charged at Luna punching with his left fist. In the fleeting moments before it could connect, Luna moved her left arm with her fingers pointed to the man along his left arm, guiding it aside before twisting and grabbing the top of the arm and then the bottom with her other hand. She applied as much force as she could to the side and downward while she stepped to the side. The man was sent into the dirt.

    She knew she couldn't afford to hold back or show mercy, so she had no other option. She tried to avoid dwelling on the thoughts of dragging this out. While he was down, she raised her right towards the sky as the gem of the Lightning Dragon Eye glowed, sparks came out of the rink and Luna's skin before a lightning bolt was shot, going through the tent and the tree far above the tent,right through a thick branch. The cracking could be heard as Luna took a few steps aside. The man looked up and knew he had to escape. He tried to get up but the branch fell down, and struck him right in the back, piercing the armor into his flesh.

    His screams as he crashed back down sent a sick sense of pleasure through Luna, he saw the man now as helpless as his victims. She walked over to be in front of him, out of his arms length. She looked down on him with a glare of pity, he barely arched his head to look at her as his still had fight left. "This would've gone differently if you told me you were invulnerable, you made the mistake of telling me your weakness. Trees aren't magic, nor friend to anyone so corrupt." Luna looked up through the burning hole to see the tree, about to apologize but the tree interjected. "Ey, don't feel bad, that was the most satisfaction we've had since they started this massacre."

    Luna's glare returned to the downed man as she folded in her right thumb, a shadow was cast over her eyes as she spoke with an unnatural cold tone. "There are more nerves in the fairy wings then there are in your tiny body, you know how much pain you caused! You filthy human!" Luna held back her arm as an energy blade started to form, her arm twitched as she aimed.  The man could only wheeze, no words tangible but Luna could tell it was an insult. Luna was about to finish the deed but as her arm thrust towards his head, something caught it. She turned to the side to notice a woman in a high ranking Rune Knight garb.  She adjusted her glasses. "Thank you Miss Mira, or should I call you LuShirain in this instance? I would like to thank you, you exposed and took down an entire fairy wing trafficking operation. He's had enough, for now. He will face severe punishment."

    The energy blade dispersed as Luna took a deep breath. She looked outside to see Rune Knights detaining the grunts. The captain snapped her fingers as two more came in, one with an ax, the other held the branch as the man with the ax cut the branch near the bottom.  "We've been watching them, everything has been tapped, but that armor was the main thing keeping us from getting him. You've done your kind and Fiore an honor. However I think you and your sister have been through enough today. You should go." Luna walked across the room and grabbed the small bird cage containing the fire fairy, her breathing eratic as she made her way out. Solaris was a bit confused as to why she was still in the cage. "Sis, gonna let me out?" Luna shook her head as she wanted to make sure Solaris wouldn't be running off. "I'll let Mom do that, I left my daughter with her and promised you'd be returned safely. I heard the stories, like the affair with the prince."

    The walk back to the river, Luna was silent, not even paying attention to the fire fairy's rants, the cage seemed to negate fairy magic so she couldn't burn her way out. Luna heard the splashing and familiar laughing and walked down the river. Her mother was on a rock while Neptuna was swimming about in the river in her mermaid form. Shirain flew over to Luna, not surprised Luna didn't take her out of the cage yet. Shirain opened the cage  and Solaris flew out into her mother's arms.  "Solaris! My baby! Are you alright?" Solaris was glad to be out of the cage. "Thanks to Lunaris, she is a total badass. She took down the boss like it was nothin'!"

    Luna had a few questions, but she was glad she could ask them. She sat down by the river, and the mermaid jumped out onto Luna's lap. "Mommy! You're back!" Luna held Neptuna close, glad that the day was over, and willing to enjoy the peace as she was with her family.

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