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    Threading Things Together


    Threading Things Together Empty Threading Things Together

    Post by Guest 12th December 2018, 6:58 pm

    Song slowly slunk up before the sun had greeted the morning time. She slipped from her web bed before dressing for the day. A thick red shirt, followed by a bag. The bag had her winter wear stuffed inside before she sped off to the guild cafeteria. There she bought a breakfast item, quickly eating it up before heading towards today's destination. The first step of her training would involve the library. How do you find out ideas or ways on how to grow in different directions? A resource the guild had much of that her home hadn’t, research. This is how she found herself in the library minutes later, going through the sections. Her first book choice was one on spiders. It didn’t take long to get from page to page, but that didn’t mean all the information was useless. Retrieving blank paper and a pencil from somewhere, she took notes on everything that seemed relevant to her magic. When she was finished with that book, it was placed back.
    The next book she tried was on spider women, but that was put back as soon as she found out just how different their types of magic was. This was how she ended up going towards books on magics born from different fighting styles. These were more useful, she ended up grabbing a few of them. The sand spider took notes on the parts that sounded relevant for her. The more she read, the more it sounded like and felt like she needed to refine the threads for her boosts in order to make them fully separated from the threads she used to create clothing. She also started to wonder if she could make more kinds of threads. From what these books said to the notes she had taken from the one on spiders... It sounded and felt like she should be able to create more types of traps. Not just that, but like she should be able to weave more than fabric.
    The fabric was amazing, but it was not directly created by her magic. That meant there should be a refined version of it that exists due to it and the infusion of magic to it. The threads that could be used to enhance certain abilities was different, separate. It was merely so underdeveloped that it was leaning on the red threads. Not separating them has caused the enhancement spells to be affected by the red threads, making it weaker. This was likely why those spells couldn’t currently touch anything that wasn’t a fabric without turning into the red thread. She decided to write that in her notes as the main goal before continuing to read the books. Having a goal set didn't mean she shouldn't complete the reading and taking notes. She was positive there would be more information that could help her. She was right as well, taking many more notes before finishing her reading of the book pile. Each book was placed away, the notes placed in her bag.

    When that was done and the time was checked, the child decided to go to bed. She had apparently kept awake far longer than was appropriate, her brother would be upset if he found out. Though she now had noticed hunger, it was something she knew how to easily sleep through. She would just eat a lot in the morning before heading out. That was exactly what happened the next day. The only issue was maybe eating breakfast too fast, almost choking a few times. The girl almost ran outside, before remembering something important. She was trying to learn new things and the snow along with other things outside would make it harder to get a start on learning. During the training at her home city, any early stages of developing new skills were practiced inside. With that in mind, she rushed to go practice her room. So, what was she to do now that she was on the first step of training after studying so much? Meditation. She needed to learn to quiet her mind and focus a bit. Maybe after she got used to the feel of certain things it wouldn’t be as hard?
    It was hard to try to feel out something that always relied on something else before. Still, there was a way to separate the two things. But her over thinking things clearly meant she wasn’t focusing enough. The little Talea started to slowly lengthen each breath. The girl continued doing this until each breath was long and slow. She closed her eyes after that then started to try casting the buff spell, but without the red thread. While song didn't succeed, it did give her something to aim for. This meant more meditation. This was frustrating for her. The little Talea wanted this to be a quick step in learning things. The youth wiggled her arms in frustration a bit, trying to suppress the urge to tap her feet and become impatient. It would be harder to learn everything if she lost her temper, so she just had to suck it up. The long slow breaths helped ease away the negative energy that briefly bounced inside of her person. After a few minutes she got back to meditating, focusing herself on trying to find how that thread feels. Just like that, the process had started to loop.
    It felt like she was getting a little bit closer to understanding how it felt every time she got back to trying to use only the boosting thread. She wished that this was something that was accomplished under a day, but that wasn't how it worked out. It took half of a week before the sand spider started to fully understand how to separate the two types of threads. While she didn't like things taking a long time, the books the girl had read and notes she had taken all helped. It was why she knew what to do now and why she was working the way she was.

    This didn't mean she could go outside just yet though. Next she tried to meditate, focus, and find the refined variant of her fabric capable silk. This was pretty different. Not the focus on finding something already there and individualize it, but to change something that already existed. On the first day she lost her temper three times, tossing random items across her room. Thankfully the only items thrown were all clothes so no damage was done. For the most part she focused on meditating, focusing on the thread, practicing, and repeating the process over. On the second day her temper still wasn't all that controlled all the time when it came to trying to discover herself. The only thing that got the girls temper to eventually stop boiling up was the mental reminder that she was growing and doing better than when training back home. That's right!
    It only felt harder to be patient because nobody was telling her what to do. For some reason, she stopped having outbursts after that. The days passed smoothly, making a little progress each day. She wanted to celebrate on the day of getting it, but was there time for that? Not yet. The next thing she worked on was the threads she used for attacks. This time she was able to meditate, focus on the thread, and practice using it without losing her temper. It would happen, she just needed to focus and be patient. It took almost a week of working on it every day, but she got something. The last thread she had left to work on before the final step of training was her threads for traps. All this training was taking so long! But it was okay, it was all going faster than it would have at her old home. This was the easiest one of the threads she worked on to improve, taking only four days. That still wasn't exactly a day, but it took less time to figure out. This left her with only one step left of training left. The next morning she started with a set of different stretches. This was something she did every morning that the girl thought would end up involving a lot of physical activity.
    Stretching was important, no matter your strength. Such a fact was something that had been drilled into her. The first set of stretches focused on stretching the different sections of her spider legs, down to the tiny spider paws at the end of each one. This would make running easier to accomplish without cramping or causing injury. The next set focused on her torso and spider bottom. These stretches would help her bend further, faster, and better without getting hurt in the process. The reason was similar when it came to her arms and hands as well. The final set for the shoulders and neck was to avoid cramps. After that was finished the youth quickly ate her breakfast. Next she dressed herself head and toe for the cold, after that the arachnid rushed outside.

    Taleas sand colored pale legs moved against the snow coated ground. Her blind eyes looked about with their whitened yellow iris and pupils. It was was her instinctual nature to use them to look around, even if they weren't actually seeing anything. Her senses had a slightly easier time picking up the surroundings after leaving the guilds protective barrier. Each spider paw poked about the heavy layers of snow a bit before rushing herself away. What would be a good spot? Somewhere a good distance from the guild. It also needed to have a lot of trees, but now so many trees that there was no empty space.
    So she sped about within the blizzard weather, putting a hood over her head at some point during the process. It didn't take too long to find a good spot. She took a deep breath before puffing her chest a bit, readying herself. Song started weaving threads into spell patterns, though not making any active. This was the final step, making sure you would be able to create spells on the spot in any area, memorizing different patterns, and trying to create new ones. After enough practicing while standing still in the rough weather, she started running around. This time she aimed at the trees, weaving the threads, spells still purposely not activated. Why not? Using magic every time she needed to practice wouldn't add anything to practice and would even shorten the amount of time that could be used on it. It was a bit difficult starting off, but she expected that. There were a few times she was over focusing on the threads, causing her to run into trees. Thankfully it was a lot harder to trip when you have eight legs, but there was still some leg fumbling. This left her returning with bruises under her thick clothing in the middle of the night. This didn't stop her from stretching the next day, nor going back out to the same spot. She started with the still practice again, followed by the movement practice. How long did the girl plan to do it? Until everything can be accomplished without issue.
    This day she still had some issues, too much focus on the spell weaving still. The next day she picked a different spot to avoid natural memorization of the area, which she would have considered a cheat. There would be a lot of times where these spells would need to be used in areas that she had never been to before. That meant she needed to be able to pull this off in a non familiar area without running into anything. At the least each day seemed the end with less bruises. She was getting more used to feeling the differences in the threads and spells. By the fifth day and third area change, it felt like she had finally got things down. She felt triumphant, and certainly less sore than a few days ago. So Song decided that training was done and it was time to go back.

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