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    It's The Little Things Empty It's The Little Things

    Post by Clementine on 10th May 2019, 7:39 pm

    Rising from the bottom.
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    Clem was miserable.

    It was the day after her sister had been taken into custody by the Magic Council. Every second of it was burned into Clem’s mind. Her sister’s screams, the adrenaline pulsing through her veins, the sting of exhaust in her nose as the vehicle disappeared into the distance. Ever breath, every beat of her heart hurt. She was unsure of what to do. Her sister’s care had been her only purpose, and now that she was gone, Clem was at a loss. How was one to do anything after such a day? How was one supposed to carry on?

    The young woman somehow managed to get herself up and about. The searing hunger in her stomach stopped for nothing. It was a panging reminder that she still had to take care of herself despite everything. Ragged shoes shoes scuffed the concrete below. Clem walked with drooped shoulders and her head down, though her eyes were searching around for any sort of food that she could steal.

    Upon passing a woman and her child, she heard the young one call out to her. “Hey lady! You look sad! You should come get a free iLac with us!” Clem was unused to being spoken to in public, she usually kept a low profile. It was easier to steal that way. She turned wearily to see the woman shushing the boy. An uneasy glance was sent Clem’s way. Ratty clothes and puffy eyes were enough for anyone to be cautious around her, she understood that. “Er… a free what?” she asked gently to the boy. “An iLac! It’s a really cool device. You can talk to your friends from far away, it’s awesome!” A cringe seized Clem’s shoulders. One couldn’t afford to trust others enough to be friends. At best, the street life provided acquaintances. She realized she didn’t know what having a friend was like. “Um… I ‘spose I could come with, but only if your mom is okay with it,” she reluctantly agreed. How could she turn such an adorable little boy down? Fresh pain ached in her heart, her sister’s absence at the front of her mind once more.

    The mother seemed uneasy, but agreed. Shouts of excitement came from her son as he jumped around the two adults. The little group made their way to the iLac factory a few blocks away. A decent queue had built, but the employees were working hard to keep it moving. While they waited the boy engaged in conversation with Clem, asking tons of questions. He introduced himself as Sam and his mother as “Mom”. The young woman managed to dodge the personal queries by bringing up something else to distract Sam. The mother relaxed as time went on, even talking to the young homeless girl herself. By the time they got to the front, Clem and the boy were buddies. They were handed a box each and gave the other a huge high five. “We got iLacs!” Sam cheered, starting to rip open the box. His mother took the container from his hands and was met with protests. “If you open it here you’re going to lose some pieces,” she scolded gently, “Let’s head home and open it there.”

    “Fine!” he agreed with a pout. “Wait, that means we have to leave Clemmy! I don’t want her to go.”

    Clem let a smile cross her face, sadness welling inside. Though their time together was short, it was a relief to have some interaction with others. It lessened the pain. “Don’t worry, Sam. We had a good time, right? And once you’re home you get to use your new iLac.” Sam rushed forward and wrapped his small arms around her. The girl softly hugged him back, eyes welling up momentarily. How was it possible that such a tiny being had such a big heart?

    “Sam, why don’t you go wait for me on the bench over there,” his mother asked. “Okay!” Within seconds he was distracted, sitting up straight and swinging his legs. The older woman turned to Clem, a sympathetic expression on her face. From within her purse, she produced a small bag full of Jewel. “Honey, I know you’re struggling. I’ve seen you on the streets. Why don’t you take this and get out of town? There’s so many better opportunities out there in the world.” Clem was shellshocked. People were never usually this nice to her or any other homeless people. “Th-thank you. I don’t know how I can repay you,” her voice trembled. “Leave this town and live a better life. That’s how you can repay me,” the mother replied, patting Clem gently on the shoulder. The girl placed her hand on top, relishing the kindness and affection. “Thank you. I’ll never forget you or Sam,” she said, holding back tears.

    Sam was rejoined by his mother and the two began to walk the other way, the boy turning to wave goodbye. Clem waved in return, then changed direction towards the train station. It was time to ditch this hellish life. For the first time ever, Clem had three things she had never possessed before: technology, money, and hope.
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