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    Fairy Hunter Must Pay.


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    Fairy Hunter Must Pay. Empty Fairy Hunter Must Pay.

    Post by Pokomon 10th December 2018, 7:06 am

    Kumi had overheard some rumours during her recent travels, rumours that disturbed her and made her angry to no end. While passing through a village she had noticed a visiting merchant selling a wide range of rare and valuable products, made from fairies. The kitsune had grown angry initially, nearly losing her cool at the merchant himself. However, she had managed to calm herself down, the merchant was simply a middleman, he probably had nothing to do with the actual slaughter of the beautiful and magical creatures. After meeting Luna, Kumi had grown strangely close to the half fairy and as such felt the need to help protect the girl’s species. Humans were disgusting, using other species to make a profit, no doubt forcing them to drop their dust before killing them by the thousands. Considering how much the merchant had in stock, they must have killed hundreds just for his share, she doubted he was the only merchant.

    After calming herself down she turned her ears and tails invisible to help blend in and pretended to be a simple villager interested in where the merchant had gotten his goods from. At first he had seemed to be avoiding the questions, but once the sun had died down Kumi had found the inn he was staying in for the night. She climbed through the window and into his room, waiting for him to return from his drinking down stairs in the bar. When he entered the room, he was reeking of alcohol and while surprised to see her he thought she was there for a little something far more adult than her actual objective. Kumi wasted no time beating him to a pulp till he spilt the beans, his supplier came from Hargeon Town. Upon learning this information, she knocked the man out completely, not a killing blow, although she had wanted to. The man was simply trying to make a living, she couldn’t completely blame him, however, it was still disgusting that he chose to make it the way he did.

    It took her a few days but she managed to arrive at the port known as Hargeon Town as fast as she could. Now she just needed a lead to help track down where these fairy traders were working. Kumi made her way around the port, still disguised as a human to make her job easier, men were so easy to persuade for information with a little bit of flirting, it was pathetic. After a grueling day along the docks, she hadn’t managed to learn much about these fairy hunters and she was beginning to think the man at the inn had lied to her. Kumi considered returning to the village again to beat him up once more, but she doubted the wandering merchant would still be there, no doubt he’d moved onto a new town to sell his distasteful ‘goods’.  

    Bitter at her lack of information she had decided to go for a drink at one of the local bars. As she entered through the doors, many heads turned and gazed up and down her body, eyeing her off. Ignoring their stares Kumi waltzed up to the bar, and asked for a gin and tonic, sitting down on one of the nearby stools. She gazed around the room with her currently lavender eyes, a colour she had begun to like quite a lot after using it down in the tombs with Mack and Luna. His eyes were rather pretty. As she glanced about she noticed most of the men here appeared to be sailors, some in uniforms while others were more casually dressed. Some seemed to be eagerly eyeing her and a couple even winked as her gaze passed them, which lead Kumi to only one thought, ‘Humans truly are disgusting.’. Turning back to the bar, she stared at herself in the mirror behind the bar and all the bottles lined up along the shelves. The fox maiden disliked seeing herself without her ears and tails, it was sort of unnatural to her, but at least it made it a little easier to avoid raising suspicion while in town.

    As she took a sip of her drink upon the barman placing it down, one gentleman with dark brown hair and hazel eyes sat down next to her before speaking up, “Yo, what’s a lovely lady doing in a place like this? You looking for something, or should I say, a someone?” His voice was silky smooth, one that no doubt twisted the panties of most ladies, Kumi however, was not ‘most ladies’. There was something she was looking for though and perhaps he may know something so for now she would play his flirting game.

    “Well, actually…” Kumi cooed leaning closer to show off a little cleavage, “You see I’m in the market for something. Something rare and valuable. However, I refuse to pay full price and heard I could get it a little cheaper here in Hargeon Town. Unfortunately,” Kumi put her drink down on the bar, leaning a little closer once more, so close she could smell the man’s breath, “I’ve been struggling to find it.” Kumi sighed, pulling away with a sad and pathetic look on her face.

    “Oh, is that so…” The man seemed a little disappointed that the conversation was going this way and not the way he intended, but he couldn’t deny enjoying the chance to get a good view from above due to her leaning into him. “Well pray tell what might you be in the market for? My men sell and trade all sorts of goods, perhaps I know where you can find this rare and valuable substance?” He replied before sipping a whisky on the rocks. Kumi smiled in a devilish but charming manner as she leaned against the bar with one elbow.

    “Fairy dust.” Kumi whispered low enough to not be overheard in the bar, but loud enough for the one next to her to hear. At her words his smile grew, “Well that I can definitely help you with.” He claimed before standing up and placing on hand on the small of her back. Kumi felt the need to push him away, but kept her composure, if he did know something, she needed him to be willing to talk. After much flirting back and forth, Kumi eventually managed to learn that the man was a captain and while he wasn’t personally involved in the fairy dust business, news that made Kumi feel less uncomfortable around him, he did know some people. Apparently there was a building on the far side of town that was a little shady to say the least, Kumi thanked him for the info before bidding her goodbye with a wink and a small blown kiss as she left the bar, leaving the poor man a little disappointed, but still smirking.

    As she stepped outside the bar she realised it had gotten much later in the evening than she had thought, the sky was now black, the stars and moon shining above. The town’s streetlights shone down on her as she walked briskly through the chilly air of the ocean town. Kumi felt quite tired after travelling so far and spending all day trying to find out the location of the fairy product distributors, but she felt the need to push on. The longer it took her to stop them, the more fairies would get hurt in the process, therefore, she couldn’t stop, she had to keep going. She felt her spiritual energy grow as she forced her magical power to increase, switching it to the calm blue, she needed to stay in control. If she lost herself to pure emotion she wouldn’t be able to control her own power and she would end up being no help at all.

    As she grew closer to the edge of town she noticed the shady place that the ship captain had mentioned to her earlier. Kumi carefully moved into the shadows, not wanting to be seen, it was always better to catch your enemies unaware. Kumi carefully drew nearer to her target building, as she did something suddenly caught her eye, a shimmering glow that she recognised almost instantly, fairies. The kitsune sighed, well at least she was at the right place, but these fairies didn’t seem to be caged, she wanted to get their attention, but she didn’t want to rouse suspicion, no doubt there were people around somewhere close by that might overhear.

    Well, they would soon learn she was on their side without words, Kumi slipped through the shadows, till she was pressed up against the walls that protected the building within. She removed her disguise from herself, she didn’t need to waste any more of her spiritual power on something so needless, her black furred ears and tails appearing almost instantly. Kumi listened carefully, ears twitching till she heard someone speak beyond the wall.

    “Those damn fairies, they keep coming here every night, you’d think they’d learn to stop trying to defend themselves, it’s pathetic how easy it is to just capture more of them.” the mysterious voice spoke, obviously to someone else. So there were at least two behind the wall. Kumi made a near silent ‘tch’ sound as she thought about the careless comment, so the fairies were too weak to fend for themselves? Kumi had wondered why they hadn't put a stop to such affairs, but it began to make sense, Luna usually used summons while in fairy form to help fight for her. Perhaps they weren’t strong enough to fight back properly. Well she was here now and she would help protect them.

    Taking a deep breath, feeling the air swell deep within her lungs Kumi leapt up, jumping over the towering wall in one smooth leap and landing on two feet upon the other side. “Well hello there, boys.” Kumi whispered behind the two human guards. As they turned around surprised Kumi created a sword of pure spiritual energy, striking at them and taking them both out in one foul swoop. Not enough to kill, but enough to seriously wound them enough that they would not be able to stand for a while. Kumi wasted no time, moving on to find the next set of guards, one after the other, taking them all out as fast as possible. As long as she was stealthy and fast they would not be able to properly set up their defenses or alert any others that may be inside the building. It took her a little longer than she would have hoped for but she soon took out all the human grunts that were defending the building from the fairies. As she had gone around she had nodded and winked at a few of the fae creatures to let them know she was on their side, making many smile back at her as they cheered silently for her victory.

    She hadn’t even needed to call upon any of her guardians to help her yet. These buffoons were ridiculously weak. Well what did she expect from mere human soldiers? However, Kumi could feel far more powerful beings inside the large building. There were definitely others inside, magical ones, they wouldn’t be so easy to take down. As she neared the entrance she could hear them running and shouting from within, apparently they were alerted to her presence now and she would no longer have the advantage of a surprise attack. No matter, where there was a will there’s a way, and she would definitely defeat them and free all the fairies trapped inside. Then take down all chance of operations ever being set up again. Not just for herself, not for her friend Luna, but for all magical creatures that were used, abused, killed, traded and sold by humans.

    Kumi forced a ball of spiritual energy into the centre of the wooden door, bursting it open and right off the hinges. Causing a bit of chaos from within before huge dogs suddenly leapt towards her. UGH FREAKING DOGS!?! Kumi dashed back, appearing to teleport due to suddenly increasing her speed with her aura. The vixen hated dogs, but these mutts seemed far more than the usual kind. There was definitely something different to them from regular canines, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. That was until she hit the first one coming at her with a huge blast to the face with a ball of her spiritual energy. Immediately the dog transformed back to its original form, a human. So they were shapeshifters? Magical humans with the ability to turn themselves into animals? AND THEY STILL WENT AROUND TRAPPING AND SELLING FAIRIES!?!

    These men were definitely lower than regular human scum. Kumi vowed internally to take them all down here and now, they would pay for their atrocious misdeeds. Kumi’s eyes began glowing a deep red, striking fear into the closest group of shapeshifted humans. She raised her hand, waving it before her across her body, causing a large wave of energy, coloured by the rainbow towards the group, wiping them out in a near instant. They were still alive, she considered killing them, but she was not going to give them the luxury of a quick death, no they were going to suffer by her hands. Again and again she struck them with her magical wave of energy, causing them to scream out in intense pain. Kumi laughed maniacally, enjoying their pain and suffering, “THIS IS FOR ALL THE CREATURES YOU MONSTERS HAVE HURT IN THE PAST!” Kumi screamed at them, continuing to hurt them over and over. She was almost completely blinded by her hatred, so much that she hadn’t noticed someone else appear before her.

    “Tutt tutt, little lady.” A husky voice spoke nearby. Kumi’s attention immediately drifted from her previous targets and onto the man that chuckled lightly as she stared into his eyes. “Well, what do we have here? A fox with many tails? Oh I’m sure you’re worth quite a pretty penny.” He smirked.

    “You... “ Kumi sent a ball of magical spiritual energy towards the man, however it disintegrated before it even reached him, causing Kumi’s face to drop and form a shocked expression. “W.. what?” Kumi whispered, unable to comprehend what just happened. How did he stop her magic? She sent another ball at him but it ended up with the same result, nothing. Kumi gritted her teeth, so he was impervious to her magic? Well then, she’d just need to take him down the old fashion way. Of course some help from her summons definitely wouldn’t go astray. “I CALL UPON YOU, TESSA, GUARDIAN OF THE STARS!” Kumi summoned, her precious friend and summon instantly appearing in a puff of pale green smoke.
    “Kumi, you called?” Tessa grinned, swinging her large sword upon her shoulder as she stared at the enemy before them, “Awe, you couldn’t deal with this weakling by yourself?” She teased before leaping to attack with a swing of her sword, hitting her target, but seeming to do little damage. “Oh, he’s tougher than he looks? Well this’ll make for some fun.”

    “Well I wouldn’t have called for you if I didn’t think it was worth your time, Tess.” Kumi smiled back before joining her summon in combat, teleporting next to the man before using her fist to punch him in the stomach. This time he seemed a little winded, but still standing, “My, my, you are a feisty one, aren’t you?” the man whispered before hitting kumi in the back with his elbow, causing her to lose her balance and fall onto the ground with a slam.

    “Ugh, you’ll pay for that, along with the horrible things you’ve done here!” Kumi swore, her voice full of malice quickly getting to her feet and going in for another strike, simultaneously timed with Tessa using their telepathic abilities. Another two easy strikes, it was almost as if he wasn’t trying to dodge, did he think he was invincible? “Please you can’t hurt me, fairy dust has many uses. One of which grants me an immense ability to take masses amounts of damage and feel nothing.” The man laughed to himself, this time firing a punch towards Tessa who blocked his fist with her sword.

    “Is that so? Well let’s see how you like bleeding.” Tessa grinned before whispering an enchantment to her sword which made it glow a bright red for an instant before returning to normal. “I hear magic doesn’t affect you, but this sword isn’t exactly regular magic, it deals only physical damage, so you’re about to feel a world of hurt, buddy.” Tessa grinned excitedly as she struck her serrated longsword deep into the man’s shoulder, causing him to cry out in pain as she pulled it back towards her, forcing it to tear through his skin and cause him to bleed.

    “Curse you!” the man huffed, attempting to swing again, but feeling far too much pain from his shoulder to move his arm, let alone make a proper fist. “Well looks like my job is done.” Tessa teased before sharing a nod with Kumi and disappearing into another puff of light green smoke. “Well looks like you’re not quite as immune to pain as you though.” Kumi cooed, as the man fell onto his knees, gripping his shoulder, tears pouring out of his eyes. Now that the kitsune got a proper look at the damage Tessa had dealt to him, his arm was practically dangling off from the shoulder. “Well she did do a number on you, didn’t she?” Kumi giggled before pressing down into his wound with her fingers, causing him to cry out once more. “You made magical creatures suffer by your hand, now I will make you suffer for your crimes.” Kumi raged gripping the shoulder tighter, causing him even more pain than before.

    Unfortunately Kumi found her fun short lived, as she heard marching from the street coming towards them. The nine tailed fox stopped what she was doing to turn and see who was coming this way, was it perhaps another enemy to deal with, would there be no end? No, as they barged into the building it ended up being none other than a bunch of local soldiers, although Kumi was somewhat confused as to what they were doing here, till she recognised one face amongst the crowd. The man who she’d spoken to at the bar, so he wasn’t a ship captain after all, but a soldier. He gave her a wave and a wide grin, making her just roll her eyes back at him while the captain of the squad walked forwards. At first she thought she was going to get interrogated by him, however, it turned out the man she’d met before had seen through her illusions and had guessed her true objective from the start. He’d then alerted his captain to what she was doing, apparently they were going to wait till morning to make an arrest as they had finally found enough evidence to convict the criminal, but seeing as she was already planning to storm the place, they had felt the need to organise themselves and arrive before morning, lest she destroy everything in her path.

    Kumi wished she’d had more time to torture the man and make him truly pay for all his terrible deeds to magical creatures, but at least she knew he would be going away for life for taking away the lives of so many innocent fae. The fox maiden also had the opportunity afterwards to speak to the local police and give her statement, not that she enjoyed it, but she was glad to help put someone so terrible behind bars for life. Kumi also got the change to help set free some of the fairies who were eternally grateful and even offered her some of their dust as payment, however Kumi refused, knowing it would be useless anyway as she was feeling far too many bad emotions and she knew from experience that that lead to the dust being practically useless.

    Lastly Kumi got to speak to the man from the bar once more and thanked him for his help, after all she had gotten to at least force the fairy hunter to feel at least some pain and suffering before being taken away. Had she chosen to rest before storming the place the next day she would have been too late and he would never had gotten to taste Tessa’s sword through his shoulder. After bidding him farewell Kumi found herself unsure where to go next, she had promised to meet up with someone soon, but she was afraid he might have gone on without her, nevertheless she would give him the benefit of the doubt. He was one human who for some reason she felt she could trust, not that she particularly wanted to, he just came across as dependable. There was something about him that made the kitsune want to help him in his quest for his artifacts and see him grow. Perhaps it was because he was like a shimmering light to her in such a dark and horrible world. Whatever the reason she found herself travelling quickly towards their meeting destination, she didn’t want to keep him waiting too long.


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