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    A Piece of the Puzzle - Frames of War

    Knight Owl
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    In Progress A Piece of the Puzzle - Frames of War

    Post by Knight Owl 30th November 2018, 11:57 am

    It was not too long ago that the man named Red Alert arrived in Magnolia together with a powerful and retired mage who wielded Fortress Magic and Guardian Magic. They soon parted ways after he was treated a delicious dinner in a restaurant the old owl man frequented. And it was time for him to rest. He laid down on his comfortable bed and rested his head on the soft pillows. But something struck his mind.

    "Hmm... that's odd. Don't I usually take off my armor before going to sleep?" He wondered. This thought lingered on in his mind for a couple of hours. He did not have the need to take off his armor when going to sleep, which is strange. He did not need to open his helmet when eating as well. And he then thought: what if the armor he has is already a part of him? 

    It was until after a couple of hours later that he finally fell asleep.

    He opened his eyes. Everything was blurry. His body felt wet, as if he was underwater. He found himself within a confinement tank of some sorts, with tubes and such attached to him, and a breathing apparatus to keep him from drowning in the liquid.


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