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    Identification please?


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    Identification please? Empty Identification please?

    Post by Luceam 25th November 2018, 12:45 pm

    Luna had arrived early in the morning, she figured that it was time she gotten her options laid out more carefully, she decided it was time she at least thought to take reasonable steps to prepare. She decided to get her passport on her way to her new guild hall, figuring it was the most reasonable step to prepare for the long term, including being able to leave the country. Since meeting her mother again, she somehow seemed to have information unfold, almost as if she siphoned the knowledge. she guessed she used Integrated mind on her own mother. She was however not the first to show up earlier. It was about quarter of an hour left until the doors opened, and Luna was about the tenth person in line. She heard a little yawn from her hands as she was holding her little mermaid companion on top of a soft towel, sprawling out before falling back asleep quickly. An elder wizard who was ahead of her found the little creature quite fascinating. "My, what a cutie you have there. A Mermaid, a rare treat. Usually you never see them this young, she's gotta be what, 26?" Luna shruged, she had no idea herself how old Neptuna was, which sorta made her nervous if she had to answer information on the subject. "I would't know. She's been orphaned since birth as far as I know. She spent time with a school of various fish but they got, hunted. A town mistook her for the cause of fish disappearing, and stoned her."

    The elder lady soon caught win of the rest of the story. "Then a pink haired wizard got between the rocks and the mermaid, and made the people let the mermaid go free or else they would regret it for some reason or another. I used to be a pretty little thing like yourself, I understand how important bonds can get. Seems she's pretty attached to you." Luna nodded, she let the mermaid sleep, she had a feeling that on some level Neptuna knew Luna had her, despite not being awake for more than a minute at a time. Time passed and Luna was able to get up to the desk. The clerk instructed Luna to rest her hand on a green Lacrima, that glowed for a second before a holographic screen appeared in front of the clerk, who was checking the information. " Human name, Lunaris "Luna" Mira. Fairy name, Lunaris daughter of Shirain/LuShirain. Race: Fairy. That all correct? "

    Luna was uncomfortable with the last detail, last she checked she was unsure of it herself. "Last I checked, I was a human-fairy hybrid, I checked with a doctor last week! My younger sister is full human. There must be some mistake." The lady sighed as she pulled out a book labeled "Identification regulations, 9th edition." and flipped to a page before showing Luna a specific part. "Article four section three subsection seven paragraph a; Hybrids under full conversion process to one parent magical race are to be legally considered the newer race at 70% transition." Luna was astounded that she never looked into this but was lost for words. "Seems like that doctor didn't tell you bout this. But it seems like since you inherited some special fairy specific traits, not that unusual for a conversion." Luna sighed, knowing she couldn't fight the hard law, but she was lost for words.

    Reading the depresses expression on the girl's face, the clerk decided better to continue. "Age: Indeterminable, visibly human late teen. Height: 5'4 or 5", weight, indeterminable. Birthplace: Fiore, Citizenship: Dual, Fiore and Seven. Before you ask, that's your right as a fairy to have dual citizenship. Property-" The clerk was cut off by the tiny Mermaid on the table who raised her hand. "M- me!" The clerk looked at Luna oddly as they were confused by that as well. "You have a mermaid as a pet?" Luna nodded, not even wanting to comment on that subject.

    "Alright, I'm just gonna have to intervene and audit this to legal guardian status. It happens, often, usually with magic dogs and exceeds, so not too far off. Everything else seems to be in order." The clerk stood up, grabbing the Lacrima and went into the backroom, and came back with a passport and handed it to Luna. "Here you are miss." Luna put away her new identification, and picked up the mermaid as she made her way outside, not sure what to make of the newfound information.

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