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    Protection Service for the Flower Expert

    Kinzo Takimoto
    Kinzo Takimoto

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    Protection Service for the Flower Expert Empty Protection Service for the Flower Expert

    Post by Kinzo Takimoto 19th October 2018, 7:39 am

    Job Title: Assassination Enemy;; Miss Cooper
    Rank: D
    Job Location: Any town, preferably Oak Town.
    Solo Word Count: 500
    Group Word Count: 1,000
    Additional Requirements: Do not let miss cooper know her life was in danger.
    Job Description: Miss Nosey Neighbor was out on her porch one day when she heard a dastardly old witches plan to kill the recent winner of a flower contest in the area so that sore loser could win next year! Being the good upstanding citizen she is, Miss Nosey promptly put out the word to legal mages that Miss Cooper needed a bodyguard for a few days until the assassination could be thwarted. Only catch? Miss Nosey never told Miss Cooper what she heard and doesn't want her finding out because she's such a lovely old lady.


    • Assassin
      A simple low rank dark mage assassin hired to do away with the gardening old lady.
      Enemy Rank: Weak
      Enemy HP: 200
      Enemy MP: 200
      Enemy Melee Damage: 10
      Enemy Spell Damage: 40
      Enemy Speed: 20mph

    Reward: 5k, D rank exp and recgonition for stopping an assassination.

    -- Credit to Jiyu Kazehime.
    Kinzo Takimoto
    Kinzo Takimoto

    Lineage : Eagle Vision
    Position : None
    Posts : 21
    Cosmic Coins : 0
    Dungeon Tokens : 0
    Experience : 150

    Protection Service for the Flower Expert Empty Re: Protection Service for the Flower Expert

    Post by Kinzo Takimoto 19th October 2018, 8:11 am

    "So, how are we going to do this?" The group of 3 walked through the streets of oak town trying to avoid standing out. There was a lot of people out in the streets that day. It was sunny and the climate was pretty nice. It was not the best day to try to kill someone, at least not out in the daylight; however, Kinzo had been informed the assassination would be occurring only in a few minutes. It was around twelve O'clock and the market was flooded by people, including Miss Cooper, the kind old lady they had to protect.

    "First of all, we can not let Miss Copper know what is happening. That is of course not our priority; however, it is something we need to attempt. I called Ambition earlier to see if she could find anything. She is right now following Miss Cooper. I need all of us to spread but keeping ourselves close to each other. We need to act fast in case of an emergency." It was not that of a complex plan, instead, it was more of a strategy. Kinzo knows he could easily communicate with all his allies if needed, so he was not really convinced about having to explain each and everything to his soldiers.

    "Poor Lady I hope she keeps calm if something happens. She just looks so nice." Said Generosity.

    "Okay, sir. I shall follow your orders, Sir." Focus saluted with her hand as she placed it against her forehead and stood as straight as a human possibly could. She then scattered and did just as Kinzo said.

    "Generosity, Gallant, let's scatter as well." Said Kinzo but was quickly interrupted by one of his soldiers.

    "My name is not Gallant, my name is Ayato!" Yelled Ayato at Kinzo. Kinzo let a sigh out showing how tired of Ayato he was.

    "Okay, sure... Ayato, scatter." Ayato turned and walked through the people around to hide between the crowd.

    About 30 minutes later, the action started. Ambition saw something more than suspicious, and Kinzo was able to see everything Ambition saw as well. A old lady with apples in a basket approached Miss Cooper. She was selling her apples but went directly towards Miss Cooper and did not offer a single fruit to anyone else.

    "Ambition! The Apple." Said Kinzo far away from where they were; however, with his abilities to share senses with his soldiers, not only Ambition, but everyone else heard his message. Everyone knew it was time for action. Miss Cooper took an apple, but just before she could have a bite from it, Ambition kicked it out of her hands. She was disguised as a young girl selling flowers in the market. The apple fell to the ground but so did the basket. The assassin knew he had been discovered and ran away without picking up any of the apples.

    "Ambition, quickly pick up the apples, do not let anyone eat from any of the apples. They are probably poisoned." Said Kinzo as he started to run towards the Assasin's location. The place was surrounded by Kinzo and his allies; however, this was not something the assassin knew. He used his agility to run through a corridor and then jump off the walls and land on the closest rooftop, but just as he did, he found himself standing in front of a brunette girl.

    Only a few seconds passed, they both knew they had to fight their way through. The assassin ran towards the girl in an attempt to strike her with a kick to the face. The girl easily evaded it and slammed her palm against the chest of her target, throwing him back. The assassin easily recovered by using agile moves and flipping around to land on his feet. He was wearing what seemed to be light black equipment, similar to those of a ninja. His lady disguised had been already thrown away in the corridor, letting him move with more fluidity.

    The assassin created a magic circle, announcing a spell as he pointed at the girl with his hands. However; before the spell could be thrown, a blond young man teleported right in front of her and landed a direct kick on his face.

    "Don't you dare touch my beautiful Focus!" Said the man before being outrun by the girl who was now dashing at the recovering Assassin.

    "I'm not yours." She said calmly as she reached her target and landed a devastating combo of attack. Landing punch after punch, she was able to throw the enemy at the sky. The assassin started a backflip to land on his two feet; however, both Ayato and Focus were easily able to see the enemy was still capable of fighting. Ayato jumped at the enemy but was still about 10 feet away at minimum. He pointed his finger at the target and simulated the sound of a gun. "Bang"

    A light beam was shot and pierced through the assassin's chest. As he fell down almost unconscious, Focus ran towards him and landed a devastating vibrating punch that pushed him 10 meters away into the ceiling of another house. The assassin was simply done. Outnumbering their opponents was their specialty, their team combat was very coordinated. It was now just a matter of seconds before Kinzo and Generosity arrived at the scene.

    "Great job." Said Kinzo as they carried the unconcious assassin and took him away. Miss Cooper had no idea what had just happened and neither did anyone from the market. The job had been a success.


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