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    Village Protection

    Rosetta Crawford
    Rosetta Crawford

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    Village Protection Empty Village Protection

    Post by Rosetta Crawford 28th February 2015, 2:41 am

    Job Details:
    Job: Village Protection!
    Rank: A-Rank
    Player Requirements: 3 Players, Minimum 30 Posts. (450+ Words Per A Post
    Requirements: Defeat 30+ Normal Monsters.
    Location: River Villager
    Description: Bandits are attacking the village! The village leader is willing to hire anyone who can protect the village from these pesky bandits. A simple job, but a job that could take a long time.
    Weak- Veteran Bandit: a brute who uses axes, swords, spears or bows to lock down his targets to either kill them or rob. They have practiced enough to know how to fight against magic without using it themselves. Not to be underestimated.
    Normal-Enraged Bandit: A being no longer sane; having caved into their training with magic. They no longer have any sense other than to pillage and kill. Though they only use axes and do not defend against oncoming attacks; they are pumped up with magic to give them monstrous defence and resistance: They are your main target for with them gone other bandits will not follow. (Any spells below A-rank that hit them deal only half damage. They are also highly resilient to physical impact, but take 150% damage from slashing and piercing.)

    Strong-Berserker: Like the Enraged Bandit but has been able to keep his sanity and overcome the urge of killing when no longer in a battle; but just as terribly strong and durable as their counterparts. However they only use one Giant Axe that they can swing to lop a normal tree down in one chop. Through their sanity they have higher strength than the counterparts, never wasting energy to attack madly. (Same perks and weaknesses as the Enraged Bandit, but with a weaker defence against physical impact due to their regard for pain.) (Rank: B)
    Boomeraxe: This is the berserker's only skill. It lets him throw his axe at the enemy and retrieve it within seconds via magic. Maximum range is 30 metres, can only be done once per post.

    Boss- Chapel The Stern: He is a very powerful mage who is considered to be S-Rank in Power. He uses a special type of make magic known as Iron-Make as his Primary Magic, and Lightning-Make as his secondary. His spells therefore are a fusion of Lightning and Iron-Make. He is a bitch of a silent man, but is vicious and bloodthirsty, he fortunately does not discriminate against killing his own men.
    Iron-Make: Meltdown (炉心溶融(メルトダウン)Merutodaun) - S - The user creates several electrically coated sharp pieces of metal, that have considerable size and weight and, with magnetism, makes them rain down over the opponents, causing severe blunt, slash, pierce, and shock damage.

    Iron-Make: Knuckle (拳(ナックル)Nakkuru) - A - Creates a giant robot-like gauntlet as an extension of the user's arm by gathering pieces of metal of all sorts from the surrounding environment, through magnetism. He then supercharges the metal so that it does both blunt and shock damage.

    Iron-Make: Backfire (裏目(バックファイア)Bakkufaia) - B - The user creates bullets and/or gathers bullets that were fired against him and stops the in midair, supercharging them with hyper energy. Suddenly, he repels all the metal against the targets, with double the power and speed, causing severe bleeding and pain to those hit with piercing and shock damage. Doesn't work on canonballs.

    Cannon: Piercing Bullets Attack (機関砲・貫弾撃 Kikanbō: Kandangeki) - S - A very strong Iron-Make spell: the user gathers long and big pieces of metal or creates planks of iron and through magnetism bend them several times until they gain the shape of giant boulders. Then, after supercharging them with electricity, they release them from every direction, severely damaging the targets and the surrounding environment with blunt and shock damage. Takes a whole post to execute.

    Prize: 20,000 Jewels

    The man known as Zack was practising his sword moves through set kata at high speed once more in the training area. After a while though one of the lower ranking members of the guild ran in and called out to him. Zack quickly performed a flip and slid to a half his sword ending an inch from the man's face. The man sweated quite heavily and he took a step or two back. Zack grinned and threw his sword upwards and flipped up so that it landed perfectly in the sheet.

    "So whats up Bobby?" Zack asked. The man quickly explained that the guild had received a request to go defend a village. It turned out the man who had requested the job had travelled all the way from a river village, but it would take too long for most of the low ranking members to get there so they decided to ask Zack as he was one of the fastest members, if not the fastest member, of the guild.

    "Besides an ace and wizard saint like you might even scare off the bandits just by being there." Zack nodded. He was up for testing his skills defending a village and if his mere presence might make them leave so put the village 100% out of harm's way then it was all good. However, it also seemed a good opportunity to get to know some of the guild members better.

    "Yo Kiba. Up for a job defending a village from bandits?" Zack asked one of the other members of the guild. They'd been on a job together before. Well, Zack had replaced his partner on a job before. That was the first time he met Kiba and he'd been impressed by his skills. This time they would start the mission and end the mission as a team. Providing Kiba wanted to go on it with him that is. He wondered if it was worth while taking out the ship for this. No, it would be too big and too flashy. It might scare the villagers. Whilst he waited he whistled and from the ceiling came down a small green glowing orb. "How about you Devon? You ready to save a village?" The glow faded to reval a tiny fairy who quickly moved and flew into a pocket on Zack's chest. This was Zack's partner Devon, a member of the demonic fairy race and a long time friend who had been with him on many such assignments.

    They couldn't wait very long for Kiba to make up his mind so Zack decided to begin walking towards the guild entrance. Should Kiba join him before he left then the two would go at the fastest pace Kiba could manage over such a distance, unless the guy had teleportation or something. If not then Zack would go at HIS fastest pace and get there very quickly. He was after all the Speed Demon of Blue Pegasus. Few could match his speed.


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