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    The ultimate non magic weapon(invite only)

    Quill Scorchwood
    Quill Scorchwood

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    The ultimate non magic weapon(invite only) Empty The ultimate non magic weapon(invite only)

    Post by Quill Scorchwood 29th September 2018, 12:35 pm

    After so long of research and creating, Quill finally has created the most strongest non magic weapon in the world. Minus some major problems that can be fixed later on and with a limited ammo cashes, it was still the strongest weapon he had ever created in his whole life. Though being powerful, it could be used for evil if someone got it so Quill will need to put this somewhere far in paradise so no one could steal it and used it against anyone but he did want to show off his creation to everyone to show that magic isn't everything when it comes to Drocam science. He send indentations to the people he trust the most and won't steal his weapon.


    The ultimate non magic weapon(invite only) 25mifd

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