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    Requin's Secondary Magic Training (Invite only)


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    Requin's Secondary Magic Training (Invite only) Empty Requin's Secondary Magic Training (Invite only)

    Post by Daddy on November 8th 2017, 4:20 pm

    The night was fading as a man who seemed rather ill-suited for the modern marvel that was Bosco. Long tresses of raven hair bellowed behind a young looking man. His skin was a polished marble white, and his eyes seemed to be glazed somewhat. This man was dressed in what was once before a nice black and purple kimono but had seen some tear in a recent fight. Cuts were present, and some parts of the kimono. His normal dying yellow eyes had what resembled blue sparks flicking across them every so often. What had caused this?

    To find that out, let's go back to the earlier part of the day. It was a normal start of a day for Requin. He had begun to make his way down the streets after leaving vessel that had been responsible for his arrival in Bosco. He had fed back on the boat, having found a stowaway that no one would miss. This meant that this trips entire purpose was sightseeing, and possibly a bit of collection. He had donned his normal attire and left Krystal back in the care of a kennel. He didn't care to bring her with him on this day. It would be a distraction, and he didn't want to get her mixed up should he feel the need to feed earlier than expected. His first stop had been a bar that he'd heard good things about. He quickly settled in towards the back with a batch of a drink that left him a bit fuzzy. It was a good fuzzy.


    Requin's Secondary Magic Training (Invite only) JAgwtRZ

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