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    [Job - Solo] Mailboi

    Perry Bardell
    Perry Bardell

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    [Job - Solo] Mailboi Empty [Job - Solo] Mailboi

    Post by Perry Bardell 6th September 2018, 1:27 pm

    Job specifics:


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    Vinn couldn't always stick to just his dingy little room. He needed to expand a little bit. And for that, he would need money. Which meant, that he would have to work for it. Life is sad when you can't rely on your family's coffers that are filled to the brim, isn't it? This predicament could be woven together with an another thing that Vinn felt like he needed to do - explore Fiore. He had heard about this city called Magnolia. Supposedly it is much more popular than the capital itself. Vinn found that rather strange, since things worked a little bit differently back home. But it sounded really interesting and it made Vinn curious about the city. The young man decided to leave his violin behind and only pack some extra clothes, just in case. He figured that the violin case would be too inconvenient to carry with him. As such, he set out.

    Vinn didn't feel so good after he arrived to Magnolia, so he took a little bit to rest. He sat down for a couple of minutes until the sickness went away, though he still felt kind of woozy. With a little sigh he stood back up. He was still right at the gates of the city, when he heard a man call out. "Hey you, over there! Gentleman with the white hair?" Vinn looked around to pinpoint the origin of the call, since the desciption did match him. Very quickly he spotted a small truck with a man standing next to it, who was waving. "Yes, you! Please come over here?" It was a strange request, but Vinn decided to roll with it for now. He could always just dip out, if anything seemed too suspicious. The young man walked up to the man. "Whatever is the matter?" He would ask. "I'm a mailman and my truck just broke down. I only have a handful of deliveries to go, but I have to wait for repairman to show up, so I can't leave." The man would explain the situation. "And let me guess. You want me to do the delivering for you. Am I right or am I right?" It was the most obvious thing that Vinn could think about and his hunch was confirmed. "That's right." The man agreed and picked up a handful of letters and one small box. "This is all that is left. I promise to pay you some Jewels when you deliver them. It isn't much, mind you, though." The mailman would say and hand the items over to Vinn. While this wasn't exactly what he had in mind when he decided to visit Magnolia, but he could do with the exploring. Not to mention that the job itself was quite below him, but Vinn knew that he had to grit his teeth and get over it. He needed any money he could get, while his magical powers were quite limited. Letters and a box in hands, Vinn set out to deliver them.

    Since he had absolutely no idea where he was going, it took him a while to deliver the mail. The addresses were relatively in the same area, but until he found that exact area, he was quite lost. On the other hand, though, he got to know a part of Magnolia quite well, since he was too stubborn to ask anybody for directions. Eventually, he came back to the mailman, who was signing some papers and talking to an another man. The mailman noticed Vinn approaching. "Everything's been delivered? The truck just got repaired, so I am ready to report back." Vinn nodded. "The mail has been delivered." The young man stated dryly, waiting for his reward. The mailman caught onto the that and didn't continue on with any unnecessary pleasantries. "Thanks for helping out. Hopefully this will help you out in return." The man said with a little nod and handed Vinn some Jewels. As promised, it wasn't a lot, but Vinn had to start somewhere. Unfortunately.

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