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    Rank Up Exam [solo]

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    Rank Up Exam [solo] Empty Rank Up Exam [solo]

    Post by Shipping Goddess 30th August 2018, 11:09 am

    Sitting in his room, Desmond examined the blade before him. He was told that it was his job to inspect and determine the magical properties of this blade, then to report back. However, unlike most of the other things he works with, this blade wasn't exactly... "technological" in nature, it just appeared to be a regular old sword with special engravings and some stones on it. Other than that, it just looked no different than any other sword that was custom designed.

    What does she want me to do? Test it out with trial and error?

    The hunter shrugged his shoulders, and took a hold of the hilt. It felt nice in his hands, but other than that, he felt no real magic flowing into the blade, or into himself. That ruled out one property he was hoping for. It never could be easy, could it? Then again, hoping for something as simple as it activating upon someone holding it was extremely wishful thinking, since Desmond wouldn't need to "find out it's magic properties" if it were for that. However, when he looked closer, the hunter realized something - the runes were just that, runes. If he could translate them, maybe it would aid in discovering what they do?

    Because of this, Desmond put on his helmet, and the eyes began glowing. Taking a glance over the entire blade, he made sure to get a clear picture of the runes, and then took the helmet off. His green hair covered his face temporarily, but Desmond paid no mind as he then began to think. Scanning the blade wasn't enough, it wasn't a language in his suit's database, which definitely made it hard. Always the hard way, he thought. Well, next he decided to work on the jewels in the guard. Maybe they had some significance? Desmond tapped on one of them, and felt a warm radiance from it. Tapping on the other, he felt the same. Some sort of heat. That was already a gain in information. So, Desmond went over to an empty notebook he had, and wrote down his findings. Runes that he couldn't translate, and then two warm jewels. However, he felt that was obviously not enough to satisfy the higher ups.

    Trial and error it is...

    He sighed, and once again grasped the blade. This time, unlike before, he poured some of his magic into the blade, and the two jewels - along with the runes - all illuminated immediately. The blade became extremely hot, and there was a very bright light around the edge of the blade, that didn't extend any further than the guard.

    "Light magic?"

    Desmond said aloud, then shook his head. If this is really what they wanted, then he couldn't disappoint. So, he took the sword, then quickly swung it at the lamp on his desk. The results were somewhat what the hunter expected. Instead of breaking in half, or denting, the sword cleanly went through, as though the lamppost was simply butter. The part where the blade connected was beginning to melt, and was glowing orange.

    Runes, could not be translated. However, seems to have no effect on the ability of the sword. When activated, by pouring magical energy into it, the blade emits an aura of light that acts similar to a laser, cutting through metal with ease.

    The hunter drew a sketch of the sword, and then set the weapon down. Afterwards, he picked up the notebook and went to go find Leona, to report his findings. If that wasn't enough information on the sword, she could chew him out if she wanted. Otherwise, he was done.

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