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    Meetings in Magnolia.


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    Meetings in Magnolia. Empty Meetings in Magnolia.

    Post by Lilim 11th August 2018, 3:58 pm

    Shopping in Mangolia was an experience, most of the time. While human people didn't have the expert craftsmanship of demons who spent their life dedicated on that single pursuit of clothes making, Demons were repetitive in their clothes making, usually based on what sin they embodied. Of course, being a Djinn, one of the Demons of Greed and Lust, alongside a Valkyrie of the Wild Hunt, I made my way down the main thoroughfare of Magnolia in a nice, ribbon like dress that cascaded in nice silver-white tones, bringing out the paleness of my skin, and the light color of my icy-blue and white Lavender colored irises. I brought a pale grey shawl over my shoulders, as not much of this thin fabric covered my shoulders, as it has an off the shoulder sleeve on one side, and the other is over my shoulder, giving a sexual appeal to it, though the shawl hid some of it. My attache, a bearded devil assigned to my whim, disguised as a beautiful male, wearing a three piece suit, all steel grey with a black tie and white undershirt visible under the v-neck of the suit jacket; was busy carrying 13/14 bags of clothing, ranging from T-Shirts, to boost, and more that I'd have my seamstress recreate with better material. I found myself making sure that during this shopping trip that my hair, which I had bound into a ponytail to keep it from being in my hair all day, when I first saw him again, the snow-white hair and startling green eyes. Aven, the gentleman I found underground in a tomb long ago. He probably would recognize me, as I now stand 5'11" or so with pale blonde hair, but hopefully he'd remember my face, as it was still similar to my old one, if one of my eyes was now framed by a tribal-looking silver tattoo. I handed the next 6 bags I'd been holding onto my attache, before telling him: "Go back to the house, I'll be back in a couple hours." With a nod of his chiseled features, he disappeared in a puff of black, pungent smoke. I approached Aven with a big smile on my face, shouting at him when he was within earshot: "Aven! It's me, Lilim! Do you remember me?" I finished my approach at his side, hand partially covering the brand-like symbol of the Burning Warrior that burning lightly like an ember on my chest with silver-white energy.


    Meetings in Magnolia. Z8lAzQC

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