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    Ocular Requip


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    Ocular Requip Empty Ocular Requip

    Post by Iris 3rd August 2018, 2:36 pm

    Ocular Requip FKmV2vZ
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    Magic Name: Ocular Requip
    Magic Type: Requip Solitary [Can have up to 4 Requip spells active at once.]
    Description: Ocular Requip deals with drawing the raw hidden power out of eyeballs. The results are often surprising, unpredictable, and vary from set to set of eyes. The user has access to a pocket realm that houses as many jars of eyes as desired that can be manifested and equipped into the eye sockets at will. Should a set of eyes become damaged in battle, each jar is filled with a special regenerative solution, so after a time they can be return to their unharmed state. Switching eyes also has a tendency to influence the user’s attitude and actions, manifesting varied personalities as well as shape shifting abilities. The user can access the form of whatever the eyes used to belong to, as well as any strong memories or visions the eyes might be linked to.

    In actual use, anything from weapons to laser beams to gardening shears can be drawn from sets of eyes. Some can buff, while others offer enhanced senses. There’s an unlimited combination of benefits that eyes can allow for the user’s use, it’s just a matter of acquiring new eyes to find a new useful thing, be it offensive, defensive, or supportive.


      Flexible uses for anything situation imaginable, given access to enough eyes.
      Unlimited potential.
      Creates constructs that look like material things, hiding the real requip being eyes instead of items to potentially confuse enemies trying to counter it.


      If magic is negated in any way, the user will go completely blind.
      The physical and mental effect of the different eyes can adversely impact effectiveness and decision making in battle, potentially making the user unreliable or unpredictable even to allies.
      Anything that would irritate or damage eyes directly affects the user’s magic abilities, making his eyes both his greatest strength and weakness.

    ✾ Lineage:

    Unique Abilities:

      Identity Crisis: The user can access the genetic makeup of whatever formerly held the eyes, able to shapeshift either partially or entirely. Good for causing confusion as a decoy or otherwise cause chaos, as well as passively buffing magic spell damage per appropriate rank percentage.
      Potential Roulette: The user is able to pull items out of eyes not belonging to him, though the usefulness of such items is completely random. This has no effect on the vision or function of the other being, though it does bestow a potential weapon that matches requip values of rank in damage and durability. If it is destroyed then it takes 3 posts before this can be used again.
      Silver Lining: The user’s hearing, smell, taste, and sight senses are heightened 10%, due to magical enhancements of eyes and being blind for a time having to relying on other senses.
      Call Me!: The user can briefly see through the eyes of someone a bond has been formed with if they speak the user’s name or feel an intense enough emotion. If called by that person, the user can teleport through their eyes regardless of distance. Requires OOC permission and is plot based, not to be used in combat.
      Rainbow Eyes: Having such a collection of eyes of nearly all species colors, the user’s access to such variety of effects has built an immunity up to other magic. Rank appropriate resistance to spell damage.


    ✾ Signatures:

    ✾ d rank spells:

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    Post by Guest 7th August 2018, 10:02 pm


    Ocular Requip 6frJJtL
    Shen Kadokawa
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    Ocular Requip Empty Re: Ocular Requip

    Post by Shen Kadokawa 15th July 2019, 3:18 pm

    Moved and unlocked at the user's request



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