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    Take down the ghoul!(Job/Solo)


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    Take down the ghoul!(Job/Solo) Empty Take down the ghoul!(Job/Solo)

    Post by Killua 24th July 2018, 8:58 am

    Job info:

    The Cursed Lands were everything she expected them to be, malevolent, dark and downright creepy. Sara felt like she wasn't welcomed here, she had arrived around dusk the sun was shining its final rays of sunlight before it would disappear and let the moon have its time. But as soon as she ventured into the forest of dead trees it was as if the sun had never showed its face around here. A quick mist had engulfed her and hindered her vision, making it hard to look at the path she was taking. Sara didn't like this one bit, she liked exploring, no scrap that she loved exploring, but this was unnerving her the mist was unnatural and the crackles behind her we're intensifying as if she was being followed, although when she turned around she was greeted only by the thick mist that was surrounding the area. Pulling the letter she had received, Sara flipped it and took a look at the creature on the back of the picture. The creature was a purple looking ghoul with sharp teeth 'I should probably avoid a bite from this thing' Sara thought as she continued to eye the thing in the picture, 'Its also probably built for speed more then raw strength'. Taking a look on the path ahead of her Sara noted something, there was no path anywhere to be seen just brushes and branches. "Great now i'm lost in the creepy ass place" she said an annoyed look making its self clear on her face as she took a random direction and strolled away into the mist.

    It felt like hours to Sara before she could finally see something it was a stone gateway with a stone pathway leading further inside whatever there was behind the stone gateway. Following the pathway Sara had taken note that the fog was clearing up revealing what this place was. 'Of all the things i could have walked in on it had to be a cemetery' She thought. Going further into the cemetery, she brought her  hand to cover her nose as the smell of blood had assaulted her senses. "This smells disgusting" she noted to herself as she continued in search of whatever was making the smell of the current area. Moving more along the road she came into a clearing with what used to be a garden, was now a rotting mess of old flowers and even animals. She continued to look at the rotten corpses of animals and old flowers until Sara spotted something,it was hard to make out what it was as a cloud had covered the moonlight.  A few moments went by and Sara could finally make out the creature that had its back turned towards her. Her guess is that it was the purple ghoul, it was with lumpy arms, purple skin, she wasn't sure about the teeth but for now in matched description.

    "Hmm time to get this job over with and get out of this creepy place" she said as a psychopathic smile made its way on to her face. She wanted to test our her magic and this would be the perfect opportunity. Lightning crackled around her feet as she enhanced her speed closing the distance between them quicker then a normal D-rank mage would. When Sara was in arms reach of the ghoul, her legs lost the crackle in them as the black lightning shifted to her arms and before the ghoul could react she had sent a palm thrust towards its back sending it a few meters back face first into the ground. "Hmph i hope this isn't everything" She said her smile never leaving her face. As the undead creature stood up it let out load screeching scream, a few moments passed before about 5 more ghoul's appeared around Sara and swarmed her, they looked the same but were smaller then the ghoul that had let out the load scream. "This is more like it" she said as she coated her legs in lightning while the little beasts charged her. She would either kick them or punch them into the ground. They we're not fast enough to land a hit on her or bite her, or that is what she thought before feeling an immense pain from her right arm. The big ghoul had leaped towards her and had bitten her arm, at the same time a small one had taken the chance to bite her left leg. Enraged by the current outcome Sara yelled "Lightning Array" her whole body lighting up with black electricity killing of the small ghoul and making the big one release her from its bite. "This is not over, Lightning Boundary Field!" she continued her onslaught of rage as she coated her left arm and slammed into the ground making black lightning go in every direction effectively killing the small ones and dealing more damage to the big one and effectively paralyzing him. Sara slowly walked to the last remaining  ghoul . The poor thing was on the ground and couldn't move from all the shock that had effected him. When she was inches away from it, Sara put her index and pinky fingers together and black lightning gathered around the space between her fingers, she didn't need to aim from this small distance so she didn't even bother to place her thumbs together. As the magic spell was about to be released Sara face gaining a grin before saying her last words to the creature "Bye bye" she said as she released her last spell that was going to hit it. 'Discharge' she said in her mind as the spell took on full effect an arc of lightning shot off towards the creature effectively killing it off. After the dust cleared Sara had a displeased look on her face, she wanted more but this was enough for today. ' I should bandage my wounds' she thought bringing her still bleeding arm to her face. 'At least the job is completed' and with those thought she left the cemetery to find her way out of this damned place.
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