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    Let Me Scramble Your Brain;; Pandora + Astrika


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    Let Me Scramble Your Brain;; Pandora + Astrika Empty Let Me Scramble Your Brain;; Pandora + Astrika

    Post by Pandora 25th June 2018, 6:57 pm

    At the outskirts of the forest near Peace Village lay a structure that appeared far less than peaceful.  Metallic silver bolts stuck out painfully against the foliage of the woods same as the sleek glass of access panels for things like handprints. Expect for the shadowy facility it appeared as if this area had not been touched for years, which made the high tech building even more suspicious. Upon closer inspection, one could realize this place also had massive doors for unloading or loading something. Lastly, if someone looked just right they could make out large pens outback, far too large to hold any 'normal' animal within them if someone was worried about profit.

    Within the building on the third subfloor, the heat was unbearable to humans working there and they were only able to be within the temperature sealed containment area for an extremely limited time. Since it was inhabitable for humans? That meant it was perfectly habitable for her, she was meant to inhabit anywhere so she could complete the goal hardwired into her genetical code. Of course, Pandora was rather young to truly understand she was a war machine created to hurt people, she hadn't even technically been born yet!

    "Temperature in containment area of last surviving Project Threshold specimen is stable." that was her, the thing outside of her egg was talking about her again, just like they had since she first became able to hear them. Did they know she could hear every noise they made even if the vast majority of them still made little sense? She suspected they had to know because the first time she had reacted to the nonsensical rambling they had seemed excited. Having to perceive how much joy they derived from these affairs, it was sickening. "Final vital check clear." with that comment the woman speaking walked out the room sealing the door with several bio-measures.  

    Shortly after checking on Pandora the same woman appeared in a room filled with people in suits. "The final subject has survived, call the auction to start tomorrow night, her room is sealed until someone purchases her encase she hatches early, no one is permitted on her floor to prevent an accidental imprinting." after that comment the woman would retreat back to her office, likely to work on something else involving making living weapons for people with the money to pay for them.



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