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    Job Title: Wanted! Hydro-Arsonist! [Solo|Job]


    Job Title: Wanted! Hydro-Arsonist! [Solo|Job] Empty Job Title: Wanted! Hydro-Arsonist! [Solo|Job]

    Post by Guest 6th June 2018, 5:38 pm

    The blue haired man was getting ready to go on a job,he left the guildhall and walked home to eat before he went on the job.It was pretty unusual for Liam to delay jobs,however he can't do much on an empty stomach.Along the way to his home he gazed around the town he lived in hopes of finding a stand that had any fruits or sweets. And indeed he found one,he spoke with the food seller. "Could i have an apple and possibly a orange?" He explained to the woman. "Yes of course." she told Liam before handing him the one apple and orange,Liam gave her a handful of jewel before walking to his house.However on his way home he couldn't help but wonder what if he hadn't become a mage and decided not to learn the arts of celestial angel magic. Of course he wouldn't be living in the area he was living in currently and he wouldn't be able to meet some great friends he has now,but the only thing he was thinking about was what job would he have. A peculiar thought but it was just a random thought like others.

    Eventually he had made it to his home."I'm home!" He exclaimed.His exceed flew onto his head."I thought you were gonna be gone for longer" The exceed said before making an angry face at Liam."I wanted to bring you along on a job.. but i guess you don't want to,see you later then." he said with a smirk on his face before turning back towards the entrance of his abode.Mona of course wanted to go on the job and started to bed for Liam to bring him along."No,No,No i was just kidding please bring me i'll do anything." He said before hanging onto Liam before he left."Alright fine,But you gotta stay out of trouble ok?" He chuckled.Mona nodded yes and they went off to Hargeon.

    A couple hours have passed already and they still haven't made it to Hargeon just yet."I regret coming now..." Mona groaned."Whatever you wanted to come so you're coming with me." He warned.One more hour passed by before they finally had reached Hargeon.They entered the city and remembered that it still looked the same as the last time they were here.The blue haired mage had talked to one of the city guards before the city guard led the duo towards the sewers."i gotta warn you kid no-one's come back alive from this trip so i'd advise you to be as careful as possible." He explicitly explained to the duo."Yup we understand." He exclaimed before the city guard open the entrance into the sewers.Mona and Liam walked into the sewers before the guard closed the door behind them."It doesn't smell as bad as people say it does to be honest." Mona said as soon as they got in."That's true but it does look as disgusting as people say it looks." He grimaced.
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