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    Public Breakfast

    Post by Waterz on 18th April 2018, 12:13 am

    It was almost time to fire up today. Breakfast was coming and their supplies had just arrived. The cooler was in good order, so she had the deliveries set in the normal spaces. Mizumi had to fire up the cooktop. While this place was much more of a quick service style working area, she did not skimp on the quality. This was her magical research. There were so many magical ingredients in this world. Meats, vegetables, fruits, fish, and spices. When they hit the fire, hit the cold, hit massive injected air. The transform in texture and flavor. But did they bring their magic with them?

    Since it was breakfast, she knew pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausage, and toast tended to be popular. The prep station was just basic today. She was completely out of her more rare ingredients, but she still had her skills. With the doors open, she adjusted the lid over the eggs before pouring flour into a large bowl. Milk soon joining in before cracking two eggs into the center. Flipping a whisk into her hand, she began a through wide and narrowing mixxing. Her blue eyes scanning the surface for signs of bubbles. Once everything was combined, she tapped it a few times to knock out some of the bigger bubbles. Just having it sit for a bit would bring in more air and help the batter rise. Too much whisking would just make the batter tougher.

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