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    Noble Pain in the ass

    Quill Scorchwood
    Quill Scorchwood

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    Private Noble Pain in the ass

    Post by Quill Scorchwood 10th April 2018, 10:55 pm

    Quill had just entered a town called Oak Town, he had no idea what awaits him in there or who he may find. After a few hours of looking around and buying some snacks he headed to find a spot to open up a portal to paradise but he was being followed by a clocked figure so Quill tried shaking them, it took 2 hours to finally shake them. He had entered a forest area where he had opened a portal, but then was blind sided and was tackled into it. It was the clocked figure, they thrash around a bit before Quill got the upper hand and pin them to the ground, he was about to slam his fist into the persons face when the hood of the clock came off. It was a woman from Quill's homeland, he knew this because she had the Nature's Armor genetic, it is a gene that some people have. The gene gives a person a dragon like appearance, for example it be a tail, unnatural skin tone, dragon scales, horns, teeth, scaled claws, dragon wings, or a mix of some, another thing about the Nature's Armor gene, it causes irritation to the skin so most of what someone with this gene would wear skippy or revealing clothing and most men with this gene are mostly in short shorts. This girl was also Quill arrange bride, since Quill's family are nobles they had arrange a marriage to another noble family that had the Nature's Armor gene on the female side, the girls name is Luna Ark first daughter of the Ark family and first born child.

    Once Quill gas saw who it was he had jolted backwards and said,"Luna why are you here, I thought i made it clear I am not going to marry you until I come back home which is never." Luna the removed her cloak then said,"No, you are going to marry me so I can go on adventures you, my father only let me leave to find you so I can drag you back if i have to so our parents companies can finally work together." Luna did like Quill since he doesn't seem to be interested in staying in the country and becoming a boring business man. Her dream was to marry someone who doesn't like to work for a company but a person that wants to adventure and see new locations."How did you even tracked me down?" She showed him a item used by bounty hunters in his homeland that can track anyone anywhere. They had sat down and Quill had given Luna a mug of coco.

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