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    Silver Wolf Territories and Jobs

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    Star Silver Wolf Territories and Jobs

    Post by Silver Wolf 23rd March 2018, 2:41 pm

    Guild Territory


    The guild hall rests atop one of the tallest mountains between Terra Ignis and Phoenix Mountain. Despite this, it is fairly easy to reach. One simply has to find a prepared path that will lead you safely up the mountain from its very base. However, the guild hall itself is hidden inside of an eternal snow storm that protects the building. Those who dare enter the storm will be judged by the guardian wolves of the mountain. If your heart bears no ill will toward Silver Wolf and its members, the wolves will guide you toward the guild hall. But if your intentions are vile, they will make sure you are lost forever.

    These guardian wolves generally do not move too close to the guild, merely ensuring that any visitors arrive safely and without any problems. They are ghost and phantoms of the mountain, their bodies composed of blue ethereal matter. Even in the middle of this raging storm, they will be visible from a large distance like unyielding candles of burning blue flames. When near, they also generate a small field of magical energy that lessens the harsh storm and provides warmth to the traveler. But it is not advised to try and approach them too closely, for they might take this as a hostile action and run away completely.

    The building itself has a barrier formed by magical runes around it and sits atop a large hundred by hundred meters wide plateau, the peak of the mountain. This barrier keeps the storm from actually reaching the guild hall, letting only a limited amount of snowflakes through. It also provides a warmth that prevents anyone who enters from being cold. This allows life to flourish around the guild hall while the ground remains covered by a slight layer of glistening snow. From outside, the building is also fairly small and nestled between several larger rocks and trees with a beautiful white garden in the front, adorning the entrance.


    Upon entry, you will be greeted by a warm and atmospheric interior. A large lobby with floors walls and ceiling covered in dark wood, the floor hidden beneath a warm carpet. Very little natural light is accessible in this location, so the insides of the guild hall are mostly illuminated by many candles or light lacrimas. This makes the inside spaces darker with an orange or golden glow. Despite this, everything is still perfectly visible at first glance. From the lobby, where visitors may gather all the required information and establish deals with the guild, there are several other places one can go.

    Straight to the left is a large dining area, the guild cafeteria. For visitors, this place serves as a restaurant where they can order their foods and drinks, generating income for the guild. Members, on the other hand, receive three meals a day for free. Silver Wolf also tries to provide spaces for all kinds of customers, offering larger and more private boxes by the wall where people can eat in smaller groups, open tables for a single person, as well as multiple, a bar, and even several side rooms for parties that can be reserved in advance. Guild members may also choose to work as chefs or waiters here to earn a little bit extra jewels.

    If one goes straight ahead from the lobby, they will arrive at several sets of doors, each one of them leading to the natural baths the guild hall is most famous for. Capturing water from the mountains, Silver Wall was able to create several hot springs for customers to choose from. Mixed baths, as well as gender separate ones, are available, closed and open baths, even private ones for guild members to enjoy without being interrupted. Each bath is, of course, connected to a locker room large enough to accommodate for just about any number of visitors. Every single hot spring is also adorned with natural beauty.

    The right side of the lobby contains a stairway that can take anyone both to the basement and a second level. Going up the stairs will reveal a large hallway with doors to rooms on both sides. There are living spaces both for the visitors and guild members. Each member receives a room here for free, as well as permission to customize it to their liking. Regular visitors, on the other hand, will have to pay a small fee in order to stay overnight. And despite the building's smaller size, a nearly infinite number of rooms can be found here, all thanks to space-expanding magical runes placed all around the guild hall.

    Taking the stairs down will instead lead one to an area accessible only by those who have the guild's mark on their body. Beneath the guild can be found its vast library, a giant room carved into the mountain. Here, records from all of Earthland are slowly being stored. They are later on used in the R&D department, which can be found beneath the guild as well. Several rooms containing powerful and expensive magical equipment used to study ethernano, as well as build other magical devices and experiment with magic itself can be found here. This is where most of the actual guild actions take place.

    Guild Jobs

    These jobs are specific to the Silver Wolf guild and can only be done by its members. Because of this, they are also much more oriented on helping the guild in some way. There is absolutely no need to be doing these if one does not wish to, but they provide a chance to explore the place your character has joined along with your fellow guildmates, so they can only be encouraged.

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