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    She wolf

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    Post by Tempeste 11th March 2018, 3:30 pm

    Rin ventured into the forest, quite nervous about what was lurking around in here with her. This was her first time entering the "Spooky Forest" and so far, she wasn't exactly loving it. She would never come here on her own accord, but a few moments earlier, an adorable looking rabbit had approached her, seeking help. How could she refuse such a sweet creature's request? Supposedly the forest had gotten even spookier in the past few days, if that was even possible. The hare didn't exactly know why this was happening, but asked for her to figure out what it was, and put a stop to it! Rin was a bit nervous, because she didn't exactly "love" confrontation, especially when it involved big spooky creatures.

    She shook off the fear and continued into the daunting forest, following closely behind the hare. Getting lost in this awful place was NOT an option. She looked over to her furry friend, Lily, who looked just as nervous as she did. "Oh dear... Did I just see eyes peaking out from behind that tree?" Lily squeaked, pointing to a tall, dead looking tree. Rin squealed and walked faster, not wanting to look over at the suspicious object. "Gosh. Why are we even here Lily? I don't know if I can handle this stress! It's like a really realistic haunted house! And I hate haunted houses!"
    Rin exclaimed, doubting that she could make it through this awful place. "Don't be too scared,
    miss! This place isn't half bad... Except for those terrible ghouls that you will be warding off...
    But once that's taken care of, you'll be okay!"
    the hare piped up, trying to boost her confidence and failing miserably. "T-t-t-t-terrible... G-g-g-g-houls?!" Rin cried, becoming even more on edge. "Well! This is your stop! Get out there and take care of those nasty things!" the hare saluted to her, and scrambled off into the trees. "W-Wait!" Rin called after him, but he was too quick.

    She sighed and looked to Lily. "I guess that it's just us now..." she sighed, hugging her furry companion close. She began to walk farther into the forest when she heard a sudden rustling sound behind her. She whipped around quickly, and saw what looked to be the shadow of a man.
    "W-Who's there?!" she asked inquisitively.
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    Rin Mayou

    Okay! So, we don't need to worry about rolling a certain amount of times. If you want,
    we can just roll a couple times to fight some of the monsters, and then skip to the boss,
    OR we can roll until we roll the boss! Up to you! ^w^



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