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    The Boogeymen Are Coming ⋆ Private, Job


    The Boogeymen Are Coming ⋆ Private, Job  Empty The Boogeymen Are Coming ⋆ Private, Job

    Post by Guest 25th February 2018, 10:19 am

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    The Boogeymen Are Coming ⋆ Private, Job  Empty Re: The Boogeymen Are Coming ⋆ Private, Job

    Post by Guest 24th March 2018, 6:25 pm

    "♪Der Hahn ist tot, der Hahn ist tot.♪" Jealousy. It was a rotten emotion, and yet one so deeply rooted into one's being that it was nigh impossible to ignore. Even the most innocent experience it, turning even what once was a sweet old lady into that of an envious monster. 'She's so old and sweet' the people of Oak Town must think, about the client of the job Minerva was currently on. But little did they know just what lengths she was going to just to eliminate someone slightly more better at gardening than her. It was hilarious, what humans could become jealous of. If it wasn't over some man or girl having a significant other they wished to have, or which one of their siblings would get the last cookie in the cookie jar, then it was something so insignificant as someone winning a bit of publicity over simply using better manure on their flowers beds or arranging a bunch of pots in a way that was pleasing to the eyes. Yes, humans were such fickle and lowly creatures that they didn't even know there were actual monsters living among them. Minerva, was a monster. At least by the laws of these lands. She was different, the unknown. And the unknown to humans were scary, and if you were scary than you were instantly titled under as a monster. But humans were so concentrated on trying to fight anything and anyone that looked or acted a little differently that they couldn't see the mouse trap right under their tiny mouse noses. Humans, were the real monsters. The vampire knew they would never admit it, but after losing her third sister to them just for existing, and now being ordered to kill an innocent old lady because she won something? Could you really argue? Still, it was not in her place to judge people. She was not here to do that. The blood mage was needed to kill this Ms Cooper lady. What she was and who the one was who sent in this request did not matter. All that did matter? Was spilling her blood.
    "♪Der Hahn ist tot, der Hahn ist tot.♪" Walking along the cobbled streets of the old-timey town Minerva did her best to block out all the surrounding sounds and wrapped the black cloak around her body further, instead concentrating on locating her target, humming a small tune only really audible to herself. It was a tune that she was brought up with, usually sung in her family's native tongue. There was no real reason for it, the sword wielder was just in the mood to sing a little, seeing as how she knew this was going to be easy anyway. Ms Coldflower, while not giving her an address, was at least kind enough to give the vampire a taste of the woman's blood. Although not sure why or how she was able to obtain this blood int he first place... She guessed she wouldn't ask. With this, even if she was out and about the town or somewhere else in the world, she would be able to find her. Upon tasting the blood, she was connected to her scent. No matter how far she went, no matter how far she traveled, Minerva would be able to find her.
    Though, this Ms Cooper's blood... The vampire couldn't help but notice how it smelled of rose petals...
    Perhaps, some people were just born to be better at things than others. It was, quite literally, in their blood. If that was the case, then she assumed her own blood would reek of metal.

    "♪Er kann nicht mehr kräh'n, kokodi, kokoda.♪" Thankfully for the vampire, the old lady had not traveled too far away from the town. Actually, as she had originally guessed anyway, she was currently in her front yard, working on her precious garden. Upon nearing where the scent was at it's strongest, Minerva paused in her tracks once she came across the small, peaceful cottage. Dull red eyes rolled over the yard, staring at colorful flowers and plants spread across it. Poppies, violets, lilies, tulips, roses, dandelions, bluebells, daises... Pretty, but ultimately common, and a bit dull. But, they all looked to be in good condition, and grown with lots of love. Which, compared to Ms Coldflower's garden, was saying a lot. The other woman's plants didn't look lively at all, not in the slightest. The flowers were alive, but by being such a cold-hearted woman they had died on the inside over time. Guess what they say about flowers it sure, they really do need love to grow.

    "Come to look over my garden, have you?" The old lady, having spotted the teen, stood up from her weeding, pale cloth gloves coated in dirt. She removed the gloves with a smile, tossing them onto the ground. She would shuffle over towards Minerva, intertwining her fingers to fold them together in front of them. "My garden recently won first place. Oh, how happy i was. I wasn't even aiming for first, it was such a nice surprise." She looked back to her garden. "If only he could have seen me win..." Her expression, while weirdly solemn, would not last for long. As before she could turn back to the teen, she would find the blade of a katana cut through her throat. The woman's expression wouldn't eve have enough time to change, as the head fell from her body to the grassy ground with a dull thump, the actual now limb body following closely behind.

    "♪Er kann nicht mehr kräh'n, kokodi, kokoda.♪" Minerva stared with her usual unamused expression, watching as a pool of crimson blood seeped out of the disconnected flesh and through the garden, turning the once bright and vibrant garden into a literal bloodbath. Even more so when the vampire cleaned the metallic blade by sweeping it across the air in one solid swoop, the force brushing off the red liquid and splattering it against the flowerbeds.
    Ms Cooper was dead, due to not Minerva's, but another one's jealousy. What a cowered, Ms Coldflower was. Making someone due her own dirty work for her.
    Well, maybe her garden would do a bit better if she finally put her whole entire soul into it next year... Along with her body.
    A rare smirk flashed onto Minerva's pale lips at the thought. Yes, that was a nice idea. Perhaps she would pay Ms Coldflower another visit and show her how to properly care for a garden with your entire being. Literally. A bit of a sadistic thought, coming from a masochist. But being a masochist meant you enjoyed being in pain, and what better pain was there than the one you could bask in from others? To hurt others, meant to hurt yourself. And what type of masochist would refuse an offer to cause pain onto but just themselves but onto others as well?
    The blood mage reached over to her back, shoving the katana into the sheath before turning around, beginning to walk back from where she once came. Hopefully Ms Coldflower would actually put up a fight, unlike Cooper.
    "♪Ko-ko-kodi, kokoda.♪"

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