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    Sea Of Trees ❇ Private, Job


    Sea Of Trees ❇ Private, Job Empty Sea Of Trees ❇ Private, Job

    Post by Guest 19th February 2018, 5:06 pm

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    Sea Of Trees ❇ Private, Job Empty Re: Sea Of Trees ❇ Private, Job

    Post by Guest 19th February 2018, 5:07 pm

    Mei still had very little understanding of what some of these new fanged technology pieces. One of which, being these car things people drove around in. At first the earth mage had mistaken them for some sort of beasts. They were loud like them, and either ran on magic or this weird fuel stuff called gasoline, as they called it. So it would be easy for anyone to mistakenly think they were actually alive. But after a few strange encounters the brunette had quickly learned this was not the case, and they were simply machines built by people. Which Mei still found hard to believe. You couldn't look a car in the front and tell her that didn't look like a face.
    But whatever, she supposed she would believe this for now, even if her judgement told her otherwise.
    On the tribe woman's way down to the local grocery store this morning she had come across a poor being whose car had broken down. Apparently he was a mailman, or something along those lines. Basically, what she would call a messenger. One person delivering the mail? Seemed kinda inconvenient don't you think? Her tribe usually trained multiple birds to carry messages a long distance, or if the place was close enough by foot they would believer their own messages. But making someone else deliver them for you? Well, just seemed really lazy and defiantly not a way to get your letter there any faster than you could on your own. But what else was new in this place? Everyone here was so lazy, making other people do your jobs for you. She swore some of these jobs were just getting more stupid by the day. Had the people in this town never done a good and honest hard day of work in the lives? It was different when a people was stuck, and they couldn't do it themselves. But when you were just casually pushing your work that you're completely capable of into someone else's hands? That's when you had a problem.
    But it was no matter in this case. This poor mailman was stuck, and Mei had taken pitty onto him. She wasn't very knowledgeable around here but she supposed she could deliver his stuff before he got the boot for not doing his job.

    Purple eyes scanned over the various houses lining the street before looking back to the pile of letters in her hands. She couldn't read, at least not the language Fiore used, so it was rather difficult to place the addresses to the houses. But she figured it wouldn't be too hard.
    She threw the letters into the air,to which twenty dirt-made hands took each one of them, and proceeded to wriggle over to the houses to shove them into their mailboxes which held the same strange symbols on the envelopes. Mei didn't exactly know numbers of letters, so she had to guess and match them, but well they would just have to deal with it. It was the best she could do.

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