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    Happiest Loser in Fiore


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    Happiest Loser in Fiore Empty Happiest Loser in Fiore

    Post by Sogeki 10th February 2018, 11:05 am

    It was a sunny day in Magnolia, just as usual, but this time, Sogi had nothing special to do. He had no work, no friends in the same situation that he was in. Everyone he knew was working or had some other important thing to do. Sogi was bored. However, he was a kid, and as a kid, he knew a close place to have fun was the park. Magnolia had many different parks, but there was one that Sogi really enjoyed playing at. It was a big park near the Fairy Tail guild hall. But the special thing there was the people, lots and lots of people, most of them kids, went to play there every single day. Its popularity was huge because of how safe it was being near the Fairy Tail guild, where of course, many powerful mages worked and protected the city of Magnolia.

    Sogi arrived to his favorite park, there was a huge tree in the middle of it and a big playground surrounding the said tree. Sogi ran towards the playground and quickly jumped to the first swing he found available. Around eight different swings in that playground and only one of them was not occupied. But just as he started swinging, he noticed a couple of kids were gathering around the big slide. Known as the big slide because it was the biggest slide in that park. Sogi quickly jumped of the swing and ran towards the kids who were now forming a circle with their bodies.

    "Can I play?" Said Sogi as he tried to incorporate to the circle. "Sure, we are gonna play tag. And because you were the last one here, you're it." Said the kid and ran, letting the other kids know the game had begun. Sogi was thrilled to find people to play with and so, he ran towards the nearest kid in the attempt to tag him. Sogi was naturally the fastest of the kids, and if he used magic, he would have been much faster than even the fastest of the parents of the other kids. However, he was having fun and he did not want to cheat with magic or anything similar. Even being faster than other kids, he was eventually tagged a couple of times before the game ended. This game was by nature very fun and Sogi enjoyed it a lot. What started as a boring day was more than fun for Sogi.

    The game lasted many hours, but it was going to hit 6 o'clock and the kids had to leave to their homes and with their families. When the first kid had to leave, the game was changed to a variant where, after tagging someone else, you had to leave to your house. The last kid who was tagged ended up being Sogi, leaving him as the loser and alone in the park. It was now time to head home, and even as a loser, he was still the happiest loser in Fiore.




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