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    A Stroll Through the Ruins (Kaori)

    Gisen Ceostra
    Gisen Ceostra

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    A Stroll Through the Ruins (Kaori) Empty A Stroll Through the Ruins (Kaori)

    Post by Gisen Ceostra 10th February 2018, 10:20 am


    Job details:

    Looking down at herself while she was seated at the edge of her bed, she hadn't said a word in several minutes. Her hands laid rested on her lap and she had faced forward for most of it, but her eyes were abl to trail downward every so often to see herself and to the sides, only one of them containing a curled up Sylph taking a nap. "Are you sure the clothes are necessary? I don't feel hot or cold temperatures... So it's a little re..redum..-" "Redundant. And she has a point, Raphael." Silvia chimed in, correcting her attempt and uncurling herself from where she laid, yawning and stretching her smaller spirit form out. "And you've been taking her from doing a simple expedition for an hour now... Can you just get a move on and get going?" She'd continued on, her eyes looking over the nearly completed work before one last hair tie wrapped at the end. With that, the bubbly angel popped up from the bed and tossed a hat onto Gisen's head from a small distance. "Pshaw~ Girl, she's so freaking cute, I'd squeal and cuddle her forever! But I can do you next, Silly!~ You always look so formally casual all the time~" Raphy replied, leaning onto the bed while she looked down at the Sylph. She laughed at the angels remark, jumping off the bed and giving no other real reply. "Don't bug me on my life choices, girl. Come, Gisen. I'm going instead. I won't take the chance to be subjected to 'Raphael's Beauty School' any more than i have to when you do it to the rodent." Though her ears drooped at the saddened way she had been told off, the angel quickly bounced back with a giggle and a newly formed smile. "I love your ideas, Silly! I might consider that if I get approval to stay on Earth long enough!" She decreed, finding a piece of paper and a pen and starting to draw up building plans as though she were seriously considering on building a place like such.

    While Silvia and Gisen continued down the halls, the Sylph had changed her appearance to her more humanoid one, letting out a sigh and stretching. "You know you can have a little fun sometimes. I don't mean to pry, but like, I'm sure you'd look really really pretty if you let Raphy in some time. Especially if you get yourself a little boyfriend~" She giggled and winked at the Sylph, whom proceeded to punch her in the arm and let out a cry of pain as she shook her hand out. "Didn't you lean like, when we first got here? You're literally punching a rock." A low growl left the Sylph's mouth as she had less than an inch of care for Gisen's snarky little comment. Instead, she grabbed one of her braids and yanked, making Gisen yelp a little and rub her head. "Hey! Don't do that! I haven't had my hair braided since my Winter coat... it feels kinda nice~" Of course, with the weather in Pandora nearing summer temperatures, it was hard to be in any other coat than the Summer one anyway, so it wasn't much to be bothered with. "You? Concerned with appearance? Girl... I saw how you dressed going to that island with the fox spirit... You have no room to speak about wearing a proper attire. And despite the fact you have a damn coat and a skirt on --though admittedly being a little cute in combination-- does not take away that you need to get yourself clothing that doesn't make you look like... Hmm.. It's actually hard to think of something that feral little brain of yours could know of." Rubbing her chin in thought, she had much of a challenge to think of in working on what to say to Gisen that she might be able to use as a proper comparison. After a moment, Silvia just shrugged and dropped it. It wasn't important enough if she didn't know what good or bad clothing attires were. Honestly, until she did, Raphy seemed to be her only life saver to being thought of as some whore or something. "Oh, like... Raphy picked that one out. She said it looked cute and wouldn't impede me fighting." Or... maybe not.

    Entering the main entrance area of the guild hall, Gisen looked around for her adorable little shinobi. Of course, she hadn't of expected the girl to be visibly around at any given point in time as ninja do, but it never hurt to look anyway. After a moment of not hearing anything, Gisen sat down in a very casual manner on the steps. Looking at how lax she appeared, her eyes set on something unsettling for a woman. "Young lady? Posture." Looking down to herself, she wondered what her papa meant by that. She was already sitting up, but Silvia quickly leaned down and pushed her legs together, covering up the panty shot she'd been giving the front door without noticing. "Oh. I'm not used to skirts, papa." Quickly, Silvia's hand shot over Gisen's mouth, shushing her as her head sat just next to the bunny girls ears. "Do not let her know that. Raphael will never let you out of her sight until you've worn and gotten used to every single length and type of skirt known to mankind. Why do you think I only wear this dress?" She whispered, leaving her hand there for another moment until she nodded and would actually release her hand from in front of her mouth and then lean against the staircase.

    Meanwhile, a sneeze left the angel's mouth, giggling. "Hmm~ Either someone's talking good fashion lessons, or talking about me! OooooOOOO!~ Or maybe my future fashion school teaching! Hmm.. Maybe I can convince Gigi to be a model for me... and Silly! Hehehe"

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    A Stroll Through the Ruins (Kaori) Empty Re: A Stroll Through the Ruins (Kaori)

    Post by ○Kaori 10th February 2018, 10:26 pm

    An explosion went off in the distance with a large mushroom cloud expanding over the scene, marking where the sudden blast came from. Various members of the guild had begun rushing past Gisen, Silvia, and the various workers to look out the front door and find out what was going on. Another explosion occurred on the exact same spot and several of the guild members had began moving to grab their gear, and several of them already had it. A white light had erupted from the spot where the two explosions came from, shooting straight into the sky and tearing the mushroom clouds apart. One of the guild members could feel a small tremor and shouted "Brace yourselves!" at the top of her lungs while grabbing onto the door. Several other members had gotten into a kneeled down position, grabbed other members, or layed on the ground with their hands over their heads to protect from falling objects. A few seconds later a colossal blast of energy hit the guild hall, sending a couple of the lighter members flying backwards. For most, it seemed like they were fighting the power of the energy for hours when in reality it was only a few seconds. Several vases, busts, tables, chairs, and the chandelier had exploded with their remnants flying to the opposing wall. Lacrima lights flickered wildly from the extreme power of the energy being released. After a few moments the windows had given into the force of the single attack, shattering and causing several members of the guild to cry out from the shock.

    A feeling of anger began radiating through the guild hall, white mist rising from the ground as the shockwave settled down. The anger intensified and began mixing with a desire to protect, and a powerful wave of love for those being protected. Not many of the guild members knew Kaori's magic, so none of them actually knew why they were feeling these things. They looked around to try and find the source of the magic, several being quite scared, thinking that they were under attack. Gisen was the only one present who would know Kaori was involved with the situation. The tremor returned and another wave of energy erupted, sending many more people flying into the wall and pinning them in place. "What the hell's going on!?" one of the men shouted through the intense, hurricane like gust. Another explosion went off and something flew from the mushroom cloud, flying towards the guild hall at incredible speed while being coated in smoke. Kaori hit the ground causing the smoke to erupt from her body when she bounced, hitting the ground again and shifting her weight to land on her feet while sliding back a few feet. Her eyes were fierce, glowing red with a violet aura around them. A white glow was around her body and her hair gently waved as though she were submerged.

    A second being crashed down, creating a large crater just outside the guild's front door. He was massive by human standards, his arms being as thick as Kaori herself and had a thick metal gauntlet on each fist. "You'll forfeit your position, Saint." he said in a low, menacing tone. Kaori gave a smirk and said "Come and take it." with a snarky attitude. She had blood streaming from the side of her face, a torn skirt, and several other bruises from the battle thus far but otherwise was perfectly fine. She had no troubles standing, wasn't sweating at all, and didn't even look like she was close to being out of breath. The man took a step forward and randomly exploded, his body flying backwards from the explosion. Ninja were known to use everything and anything they could get their hands on as weapons, and Kaori was no different. The guild had a supply of explosives that she made use of frequently, so the face that he hadn't expected to run into one of them meant he didn't do his homework at all. Kaori took a step forward and vanished, reappearing and ramming her knee into his stomach, making him spit up blood. She vanished again and appeared under him, ramming her knee into his back to send him straight up before vanishing again with white energy around her fist, lightning sparking wildly and striking the ground to leave scorch mark. "OWARI!" she shouted before ramming the fist into his face, sending a blast of electricity straight through him while creating a pillar of lightning and sending him to the ground. As the dust settled it revealed the man with a caved in face, burnt, and still sparking with electricity. Kaori stood with her foot on his torso like that one Captain Morrigan from the liquor bottles, a victorious smile on her face. "Better luck next time." she said calmly before stepping over him and entering the guild hall, most of the members noting that her magic was lightning based. They were dead wrong, but Kaori wouldn't bother with explaining it.

    Kaori entered the guild hall and sighed while looking at the various objects that were displaced. She began using her clairvoyance to see the guild hall before her battle began and then reversed the time to fix the broken windows, destroyed chandelier, busted busts, and craters from where people impacted the walls. This act confused much of the guild members since they had just saw her use lightning magic, but now used time magic, and if she somehow used something else they'd just give up on the question of what her magic was. Kaori had looked to Gisen and said "Lady Ceostra, you look adorable in that." with a light smile, as though she didn't just finish a challenge. Ikuchi had suddenly appeared out of nowhere and held his hand to Kaori's head, healing the wound and making it vanish. "I'll assume you won." he said calmly, since Kaori wasn't dead. "Of course I did. You can't win a fight with brute strength and explosion magic... not against me at least." Kaori replied. "Then I shall claim our prize." Ikuchi said and walked over to Silvia, picking her up bridal style and saying "This will be adequate." with a calm tone. "...." Kaori said nothing at all.

    A few seconds of silence passed and Ikuchi asked "You're... not going to say anything?" since Kaori normally objected to claiming people as prizes. "Actually... no. Keep her in a cage, tie her up, force yourself on her- I honestly don't care." Kaori said with a very calm, nonchalant tone that made Ikuchi feel surprised. "No... seriously, you're good with this?" Ikuchi asked, ignoring any struggling from Silva, who would quickly realize that the dragon god was quite strong. The mask he wore covered his eyes and forehead, leaving his cheeks and chin exposed while hiding the only part of him that didn't look human. "Good to see you're making friends, Iku. Try not to get her pregnant." Kaori said and turned her attention to Gisen. "I was told you were looking for me?" she asked calmly. Ikuchi would gently put Silvia down and say "I feel like there is some animosity present..." in a still surprised tone. If Gisen had told Kaori about the mission and asked if she would go with her, Kaori would agree happily.

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