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    Zanbato - The Ashen Legacy


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    Post by Aura 9th February 2018, 11:58 am

    Zanbato - The Ashen Legacy Qpcf6Jz

    Name: Zanbato - The Ashen Legacy
    Rank: Legendary (+)
    Type: Greatsword
    Description: Zanbato is a legendary sword passed down by those of the Ashen Bloodline; originally forged by and through the united efforts of those of Heaven, Hell and Earth, Zanbato was created holding the strongest metals of each realm, and was tempered with their combined magic power to become a sword of myths. It was gifted to the first of the Ashen; a hybrid infested with the power of the divine and the demonic, but all kept within a mortal vessel. As the sword, a trinity that can only unleash its full potential within the hands of one born as a trinity. All of the Ashen Bloodline are said to descent from, or be a hybrid themselves, and thus capable of handling the sword that’s been passed down for generations, the legend stating that those wielding it performed the greatest deeds. Yet these greatest deeds were both as good as they were malevolent; its wielder chooses the path Zanbato will walk, and it will perform its best, be it for a price. At the end of their lives, Zanbato will claim the Ashen to rejoin him and become one with the sword, so they may be used as an asset to the next Ashen.

    Zanbato changes form to compliment the Ashen who wields it, but mostly retains its greatsword form. Within Kenna’s hands, Zanbato became a giant greatsword, its blade over four feet in length and half a feet in width; the blade still looks like new, its steel smooth and strong. The hilt reaches over one and a half feet, the cross-guard one feet in size, both are golden with ornamented blue trimmings in the middle.


    • Due to its size has a very long range.
    • Can only be wielded by others with Kenna’s consent.


    • Must have had proper training in order to utilise this weapon.
    • Only those part of the Ashen Bloodline can call upon its abilities.
    • Due to its size and weight this weapon is extremely clumsy to use if one doesn’t know how to handle it.

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    Post by Guest 13th February 2018, 5:26 pm


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