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    From Magnolia With Romantic Affection (Solo)


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    From Magnolia With Romantic Affection (Solo) Empty From Magnolia With Romantic Affection (Solo)

    Post by Dmitry 22nd January 2018, 1:41 pm

    Job Description:

    Magnolia Town.

    Home of the Fairy Tail guild, this famous community has far more to its name than a group of wizards. As a result, it is the frequent destination of many a famous individual, some coming for the history and others simply taking in the sights such as the town's famous cathedral. Regardless, those of Magnolia's citizenry that weren't famous went about their normal routines, tending to shops or perhaps adding to the infrastructure of the town. However, one of the town's residents was doing neither of those things, a certain grey-haired wizard on his way to his first job as a member of a guild.

    Dmitry Kazakov was less than thrilled to be heading to his current destination, having taken the job at the request, or rather the pestering of his guildmates. To be honest, he didn't join the guild for money. It was something he'd decided on without much thought and stuck with only out of habit, typically sticking to what he starts whether it truly benefits him or not. Of course, that doesn't mean he didn't have an attachment to that decision, but it wasn't something he was overly fond of thinking about. It was pointless and only slowed him down, potentially leaving him confused and even agitated. Deciding to push such topics from his mind, as he so often had, Dmitry simply continued on his way to his current task. As if to rouse him from his current musings, a commotion erupted some ways down the main road. The booming of cheers and even a few sobs could be heard from several blocks away, let alone the place Dmitry observed it from. Apparently there was some sort of performance going on in town, one of those performers known as 'idols'. What made this particularly convenient was that this idol was part of his job's objective. She was supposedly the childhood friend and romantic interest of his current employer, a rather typical salary man. According to him, he let her go her own way after they both finished school, something he had regretted deeply ever since.

    Not that Dmitry particularly cared. He wasn't all that interested in romantic matters or, rather, he didn't understand them in the slightest. However, it would likely make things easier to simply remove her entirely, rather than attempt to sneak in or anything like that. After climbing the scaffolding of the stage, he waited for the young woman to exit the area of her performance. As he security faced outwards in all directions but up, Dmitry extended his reach through a ghostly appendage and gently grabbed idol by the collar of her outfit and hoisted her up to him before the security even noticed. The idol, shocked as she was, made little more than a light gasp as she was pulled through the air. Without any explanation, the shade wizard then leaped off of the scaffolding and onto a nearby rooftop, moving from one to the next until reaching his employers location, carrying the celebrity and the letter.


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