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    Primary Magic:Lightning
    Secondary Magic: (Must be filled in later. Magic you trained for goes here)
    Caster or Holder: Caster
    Description: Lightning Magic is a type of magic, in which Yasu uses it for combat purposes- or to buff his/their speed. He only uses such, for offense and hardly ever use it for defense. His lightning magic, dones a more feline theme to match his humanoid cat features.
    Strengths: His lightning magic can do such as; stunning their opponents, or to increase his own speed and strength. He's quite versatile and, creative with this type of magic.
    Weaknesses: His magic can cause physical strain to his body, as his pain tolerance isn't high enough to endure the strain- while it circits through his body. Using this, can also have a unknown possiblity that he might be unable to move his body for a short time, if he uses it for too long. It's not very capable of defense, which could be hard for yasu to defend himself.
    Lineage: Commander Aura
    Unique Abilities: (List the abilities it provides, make sure to separate each ability! Abilities are like passive traits, or a hidden power that can be activated for a very limited amount of time. These abilities are Unique to your characters specific use of the magic! As a starting D rank character, you are able to have 3 unique abilities, refer to the magic rules for abilities higher than D rank.)

    Spell Template

    Name: Lightning Ball
    Rank: D
    Type: Offensive
    Description: As the name is implied, this spell takes its shape as a ball of lightning, in which the user can kick it as if its an actual kicking ball. When this spell is casted, the ball is seen by the users feet and can then be used as such for kicking. Its speed, when launched is; 35 meters and has a range of 50 meters. The spell can be brought back to them, if the target ever dodges it until its been fully used. The size of this ball, is the same size as an average soccer ball; hence is why its meant for kicking.

    Strengths: ??
    Weaknesses: Can only be used with their legs, much like in soccer which is based on foot work.
    List of Spell Fusions:(Locked until B rank)(List your Spell Fusions here, name them, category them, have them make sense, and most importantly make them shiny!)

    Name Name of the Spell )
    Rank: (What rank is your spell? H, S, A, B, C, or D)
    Type: ( Fire, Water, etc. Offensive, Defensive, Supportive.)
    Fused Spells(What Spells Went into the Fusion and their Ranks?)


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