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    Yasu + Chae [Social]


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    Yasu + Chae [Social] Empty Yasu + Chae [Social]

    Post by Nonon on 14th January 2018, 5:20 pm

    There were many places that Yasu could take a gander at and, go wherever they wish to visit. Its not like he was limited to where they want to go, but where and how to get there seems to be the main focus. Travelling isn't a problem for Yasu, if they wish to find new things to record in there life. Though reliving them, aren't one of the things that Yasu was interested in. Once the records were set straight, then there's no point in revisiting the past- even if the events of the past where that interesting to Yasu. His first stop in the many other locations he could have chosen, was the land of the richest. Also known as ca-elum. Yasu sat with his legs crossed and, their tail swinging back and forth, as he sat on top of an old looking building. They say this is the home of the richest, but some of these buildings could be taken care of better.

    Its not like Yasu could do anything about it, its not like they can simply just buy it and remodel it. Though that type of stuff, wasn't his profession. Speaking of professions, he isn't sure what they want to dominate in. Gaining knowledge on various things, such as the people around him and, other stuff was something that he'd want to do first before taking a shot at anything else. Yasu scanned the area that he was in, that looked quite lively and filled with happy souls that they could take if he had wanted too. But is lust for blood, wasn't kicking in so all he could do was enjoy the view.

    Yasu wasnt very close to the edge, since he still doesn't like heights very well. They kept their distance so that, they won't accidentally have to look down and, to only feel slightly worse. They shook the feeling of might falling, out of their head and decided it was time to get down. As they done so, Yasu began to travel through the city with both of his hands behind his back.


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