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    Apollo's Entrance


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    Apollo's Entrance

    Post by Nadarr on Wed 3 Jan - 12:13

    After what felt like a eternity had passed Apollo had finally reached the Guild Hall of the guild Basilisk Fang,  The dark guild he once tried to eliminate he was now going to join,  funny how things work out, Though he had to wonder if they'd remember him since it has been a while since they fought or seen each other.  It made no real difference to him honestly.  Though finding it was a rather large pain that he wished he didn't have to suffer through,   true to there name there guild was well hidden almost as if someone would have had to had tell you were it was...or you'd have to get extremely lucky.  He looked upon it shaking his head as he walked up to the guild hall it's self,  after all,  he wasn't about to wait all day.  As he got to the doors he couldn't help but smile at the though,  the thrill if he'd live or die made him happy,  after all all games gotta have some surprises...though if the rumors he heard were true to any degree,  he should be fine. As he pushed the doors open a heavy air hit him, fear, death, chaos all in one.  Not swayed by it though he walked in.  The air got heavier as he walked further in and knew it only get worse the further he went.  Taking only a brief moment to admire the Guild Hall entrance,  not ever been inside...or this close for that matter.  It was way different looking then the dark guild that had him captured.  Though they are a bit more known so it is to be expected.  He began to walk through the guild hall entrance not wanting to waste anymore time. He made his steps heavy foot steps echoing through the guild,  he was making no attempt to hide his identity or knowledge he was here.  No he wanted his presence to be known, besides skulking around wasn't his style anyway.  He wasn't about to call out like a loser annoying that he was here by saying something cliche like *is anyone here* or  *Where is everyone*  That would sound extremely stupid...plus he could tell they knew he was here.  The feeling painted a smile on his face,the game was already getting more and more fun by the moment.  After a while the door seem to shut behind him on there own only adding to the spooky atmosphere.  Apollo sighed but smiled putting his hands in his pockets turning back and kept walking his footsteps still loud.  He would keep wondering till someone greeted him,  after all they would fail all expectations of his if he was able to wander freely around there Guild Hall.


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