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    That extra mile


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    Cortesan of Mist

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    Completed That extra mile

    Post by Oykai on 13th November 2017, 10:39 am

    Yuiisai sat a bit away from the mass of destruction they had recently just created, they felt bad for what they had just done and wondered just how many would starve thanks to the amount of food they had destroyed by using that one awful spell. They where still weakened and would be for a short time longer, taking four elements into ones body and releasing them in an instant had done more than just winded them making them severely tired. They hated that ability more than anything else in their arsenal and they hated their magic with every fibre of their being but they had been told, that they had to accept that this was part of them they would become a danger otherwise. They already knew they where a danger, that's why they hated their very existence cursing it with every breath they drew. Removing the envelope that held their list and the pen they removed the list scoring off the task. "Three down, two to go..." they whispered to themselves beginning to read the next task in their list.

    "Oshibana is next?" they spoke to themselves as they started to feel a bit better so placed the list inside their envelope, before placing it within the folds of their hanfu as they began to rise their hand going to their head as they felt dizzy "Note to self, don't tell Aguya or Sol." knowing Aguya would be over baring and Sol wouldn't like to know of such a weakness, the guild wasn't meant to show weakness only strength but it was something that would likely always happen due to the sudden burst of power. They where just happy that this was a skill that wouldn't be used to often, well that was what they hoped anyway given no one knew what the future held. Slowly they made their way to catch a coach from the Neutral grounds to the train station in Ceder and from there get to their next destination, had they felt better they may have indeed walked the journey making the progress slower; they knew however eventually they would get to their destination and still have to do the terrible deed but it seemed they would near it that much sooner.

    Getting to a coach station they hired a carriage and was helped into it, they curled up on the seat the moment the carriage started to move. They missed Terra Ignis and they missed their attendant Aguya, slowly they started to drift off as the task of the dealing with the farms destruction had taken its toll on the teen; before long they had fallen asleep thanks to the gentle rocking of the carriage. As the carriage came to a stop Yuiisai slowly started to stir and wake up, they stretched watching as the carriage door opened allowing themselves to be helped down. "Excuse me, would you happen to know where the train station is?" they asked the coachman as they looked both ways looking confused, it was true they had been here recently but they where at the other side of town they expected. The coachman brought out a tourists map marking where they where stood currently and circling the train station.

    Smiling Yuiisai gave some jewel as payment for the map "Thank you so very much, enjoy your ride home." they said with a bow as they looked to the map following it to their destination. When they arrived however to buy their ticket and hire a private carriage as they always had done. They found out that there would be several hours before the train going to their destination would arrive due to some unforeseen issues, which suited them because they didn't really want to hazard a guess at the next task they had been given. "This isn't me... I'm meant to be surrounded in beauty but he's surrounding me in misery and darkness, I want to go home to Terra Ignis" they said to themselves scared that they where going to lose themselves to their new life "He obtained me for this?" they sighed shaking their head before looking to the map to see if there was something near they could gain something to eat and drink while they waited for their train to arrive.

    Seeing a cafe nearby on the map they walked towards it using the map as their guide so they wouldn't be lost. Moving to a seat near the counter they looked to the menu seeing if anything suited their taste, for the most part nothing seemed to interest them but then found one or two things that peeked their interest. As this was happening the quiet cafe became that much more busy with a group of Lamia Scale mages talking about a task they had just finished for the magic council. This didn't concern them as mages had to do jobs to get funds for their living and other needs, what caught their interest is when she heard them speak of the guild their opponents came from where part of. 'They defeated and turned in Basilisk Fang members. Sol is going to be so angry when he finds out.' they thought to themselves knowing that the man had a temper that a person never wanted to be the target of.

    Sighing the placed their hand to their head remembering the first things that both they and Aguya where told by Sol, that weakness was not accepted in the guild and that disrespect inside or for the guild by anyone wasn't tolerated in fact it was as good as signing your death sentence as far as the guild master was concerned. "I wish they'd just shut up.. then I can just pretend I didn't hear them and nothing would have to be done and I wouldn't have to do anything to them." they whispered to themselves then they heard the little voice at the back of their head 'You let this slide and Sol finds out he's going to make you wish you where dead.' with that they knew that something had to be done, but death was out of the question for the courtesan, so knew they would have to figure something else out. 'To many witnesses, besides death would let them off so easily.' they thought to themselves looking around for something that could be helpful to them at current time.

    It was then they realised that the cash register for the till had been left over and a micro smile crossed their lips briefly as she remembered something from home. 'Nothing is worse than a blemished reputation, perhaps I can blemish their guilds and if all goes well they'll be kicked out making their guild that much weaker' they thought to themselves waiting till they close was clear, moved the jewel from the cash register into a pouch before heading over to the guild slipping the pouch into one of their pockets as they passed making it seem they where going to the restroom. Remaining there for a short time they washed their hands as they heard a ruckus exiting the room seemingly confused as they moved to the counter "I'd like to order something to drink and a snack." they requested the distraught owner. "I.. is everything alright?" they asked them "The till has been robbed" they said in return.

    "Oh my, who would do such a horrible thing?" they asked "I know I have no right but would you mind turning out your pockets." the owner asked. "I wear a hanfu, i have no pockets, but I will turn out everything I am carrying." they said bringing out the envelope with their tasks and a small bright blue silk pouch that held their train ticket and one hundred jewel. "Do you mind me checking the restroom since you just exited there?" they asked, they shook their head "Not at all, do as you see fit. I understand." they said placing everything back into the folds of the hanfu watching as the owner went to check coming back out finding nothing. It was when they came back out they noticed that the only other people who had been inside where the guild members of the Lamia Scale guild.

    Moving over the pouch fell from the pocket of one of the members the guild, the owner picking it up. "What is this?!" the owner said with an angry tone, the people at the table seemingly surprised "You would steal... I would expect better from a guild like yours." they said looking back "Would you mind getting the police?" they asked Yuiisai who nodded "Of course nothing worse than thieves." they said standing walking out to flag down a police officer who was just pasting by "Can I help you with something miss?" he asked, Yuiisai who nodded "The owner of the cafe just behind me was almost robbed by members of the Lamia Scale guild, they asked me to find a police officer." they explained "Okay, thank you." the man said calling for back up over a piece of lacrima as he walked into the cafe. Yuiisai decided now would be the best time to leave 'Beware a serpent laying in wait.' they thought to themselves as they headed to the train station and towards their next dark task.

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