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    Obtaining a passport

    Yuri and Yuli
    Yuri and Yuli

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    Obtaining a passport Empty Obtaining a passport

    Post by Yuri and Yuli 10th November 2017, 10:18 am

    Job Description:

    It was a warm summer day and Herakles was standing at the railing of the ship, his eyes on the vastness of the blue ocean behind them. The fresh ocean breeze was blowing all around and it gave the young man the feeling that it would pick him up and carry him away any second, and he smirked at his own silly thought. It had been quite a while since he had left his home in Desierto behind to travel to Fiore to join a guild, but he was confident he could make it. "Hey, young man", he turned around to see a sailor had joined him on a short break and came over, now leaning against the ship's railing as well. "You joined us all the way back in Desierto, right ?" he didn't give Herakles the opportunity to say anything "Then you must've had one hell of a journey behind you". He gave the sailor a warm laugh and answered "Yeah, one could say that. But I hope it'll be worth it" while staring at the port on the horizon. "Can you tell me what that city is called ?" he asked the man who was still standing beside him. The other looked at him now, opening his mouth to answer "That ? Well, that's Hargeon Town, one of the biggest ports in Fiore". "Fiore, hm?" a smile founds its way onto Herakles' face "Then it looks like I've reached my stop. See ya" he turned away from the railing and wanted to make his way to his quarter when he felt a hand on his shoulder "Hey, you do know that you need a passport if you wanna travel through Fiore and leave again, right ?". "Oh ? A passport ? Where would I get that ?". The other man laughed "Ha, you almost ran into a wall there. Just go and look for the docks, you can't miss it". The sailor turned away, waving his hand "Good luck in Fiore, young man". Herakles now turned as well to head to his quarters and gave back a friendly "Thanks".

    The planks gave off a soft creeking sound as he stepped from the ship onto the dock, carrying his possessions in a rucksack on his back. A few moments later he spotted the large line of people in the area who all seemed to be there to get a passport, and he figured that was what the sailor meant when he said that it couldn't be missed. He sighed, looking at the huge amount of people all trying to obtain a passport, figuring it would take at least an hour before it would be his turn. But there was nothing he could do about it, so he figured he might as well. About an hour later, he reached the booth were the passports were issued. The man behind the counter asked for all his details, and lastly asked for his guild affiliation. Herakles was unsure what to say, but he had set his sights on a certain guild, and he was certain that he could join them, so he answered with unparalleled determination in his voice "Infinity Hydra".

    Word Count: 530


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