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    Kaori, Requin: Retrieving the Package - B Rank - Private


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    Kaori, Requin: Retrieving the Package - B Rank - Private Empty Kaori, Requin: Retrieving the Package - B Rank - Private

    Post by ○Kaori 3rd November 2017, 2:43 pm

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    Sitting in the library of the castle on the eastern sea once more, Kaori had found herself sitting at one of the many tables endulging in a book as she used to do when she was a much weaker magic user. In recent times, she had been made aware of her new status as one of the head huntresses- second only to Gisen Ceostra herself, and much to her joy, her best friend was right up there with her. However, the title came with a name she loathed as the name belonged to a God and she wasn't so arrogant as to consider her meager magical prowess to be worthy of such a thing. The book she was reading was a human anatomy and physiology text book, and as expected, it was thick and heavy as all get out. It was during her self teaching session that someone dared to do by far the two dumbest things once could do... "Jizō!" the voice called from across the library, causing everyone except Kaori to stop reading and look at the man while shushing him. He whispered loudly "Sorry!" and began moving down the rows of tables until he came across a girl with snowy white hair pinned up into a ponytail (I know the avatar has twin-tails, but this time it's a pony). "Jizō!" he whispered loudly to Kaori, gainin no form of reply. It was then that the people reading all began writing something down on a single sheet of paper. The man addressing Kaori was new to the magic user, monster hunter clan and didn't know the two things Kaori despised most of all. He already struck the first nail by calling her a goddess, and he was striking the second by trying to make her stop reading before she was ready. Each person at Kaori's table had cast their bets and all the paper money had been set on the table. "Jizōōōōōō..." the man called, still whispering ignorantly. "Miss Huntress?" he whispered again.

    Ten seconds had passed and the first person had already lost the bet, Kaori's fust had gotten longer in the past few months. The man began poking Kaori's shoulder, and the anticipation at the table intensified as they noticed Kaori's eyebrow twitch. Everyone was quiet and if they weren't in the library, it would be too quiet... The man prodded Kaori's arm after the fifteenth second and was able to get "Ji-" out before the spine of a college textbook barraged the middle of his skull so hard that instead of the usual 'thud' the sound of a cannon was heard. The man immediately collapsed to the floor with steam rising from where Kaori bashed him and one of the guys at the table began walking around collecting his prize saying "Thank you, thank you, tha-ha-hank you...." as he collected from each loser. Kaori looked at the crumpled pile of fresh mean with her ruby eyes lit up, ready to use her psychic power to send him into a wall. Her fist was held up menacingly and seemed to be on fire as she asked in a wrathful tone "What the fuck do you want?" The members around her could all feel their instincts telling them to de-ass the area as Kaori's incisors had seemed to be less human and more demonic and razor sharp than normal. Kaori spotted the note the incapacitated guy was holding and, using telekinesis, snatched it from his limp hand before opening it and skimming furiously through the words. She let out an angry huff since she'd have no choice but to go. If the mission warranted being brought up to Kaori's level instead of a normal member of the guild then it must've had some degree of challenge. The man began slowly getting up but was immediately sent right back down when the book was thrown at him, slamming him in the face and sending him flying backwards on the floor in the bent-knee-missionary (submissive) position, with the book seemingly to have combined with his face to form a college level mask. "And that's why you don't interupt her reading." one of the nearby members said while continuing to read his book, secretly laughing at how easy he had earned 10,000 jewel.

    Kaori wasn't expecting anyone to arrive at the village with the cat people when she arrived on the back of a 15 foot tall flaming hawk (check "Stuff" link for image). The locals had all stopped their daily lives when the molten fowl landed, setting the grass below its feet on fire as well as creating small splotches of flames where the magma from its wings dripped off. Kaori slid off the creature's back with no harm done to her clothing at all, earning a bewildered look from the natives as they tried to formulate a reason for her to be unscathed. A pair of children who were running and playing, ignorant of the world around them bumped into Kaori. Well, the boy bumped into her and his sister bumped into him. They both looked at her with inquisitive expressions that turned slightly scared upon locking with the hardened, ruby red eyes of the ninja mage. Kaori's eyes softened and she kneeled down, resting on one knee. "I'm looking for the village leader, can you point me to them?" she asked with a soft, gentle tone. The kids pointed to a small house on the far side of the neko village and Kaori said 'Thanks' before walking off. Her hawk however had taken an interest in the children, and the sound of laughter was heard moments later when they began playing with him- still not getting burned. If anyone else had tried to touch it, they'd receive a nasty as hell burn from it. Inside the small home was a very old male and female neko couple who introduced themselves as the village elders. They would request Kaori remained for a bit as their instincts tell them that there's one more yet to arrive. Once they did arrive, they'd be welcomed in and both would be told of the fact that the village is running low on certain supplies that were supposed to be brought in quite some time ago. They don't have anyone to check the trail the caravan normally takes since everyone's working hard to keep food maintained, and they'd like Kaori and the other mage to do it for them to make sure the caravan was okay.

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    Kaori, Requin: Retrieving the Package - B Rank - Private Empty Re: Kaori, Requin: Retrieving the Package - B Rank - Private

    Post by Daddy 6th November 2017, 2:00 pm

    Requin wasn't exactly your normal person, nor did he, in fact, fit into a category of being a person. He was dressed rather oddly. Long black tresses of hair hanging down towards his back, and a rather regal face. His body, dressed in what many would assume was a formal Hakama. His hands as always were gripping the wrists of their opposing arms. His garb was mostly blacks and purples. A strange thing for him was the white-bluish fox that sat in the nest he created with his crossed wrists His eyes, giving him truly away as a monster, blackened sclera, and sickly yellow pupils.

    This didn't help with the current setting. Perched up above a bridge, he sat with his nice attire with a few additions. Those additions being six tentacles that extended out from his back. Each of them at the moment hoisting different members of a bandit crew by their necks. His right hand had extended out and held one, the leader by his throat. His eyes calculative and teasing in a way. "Your type is just a waste. You and your 'men' kill and tosses away valuable food. Killing people, and burning them? So wasteful. Leaving nothing for us true eaters." He said with a snarky tone. He didn't care about any of these men really. His eyes skimmed across them to take note of the injuries across all of them. He could feel the slowly fading pulse within each of the men. His mouth began to water some as he felt the fear coming off the leader. Why? His men began to scream.

    The tips of his tentacles shifted gruesomely as they became similar to snakeheads. Their jaws opened before latching onto exposed sections of bandit's necks. They began to scream as a liquid was injected into their necks. It quickly spread straight to their toes. It started as a burning sensation at their toes that quickly spread back up through their body. This was actually their bodies breaking down, and being pulled back into the mouths of the snakes. The leader stared at Requin in horror as the monster himself closed his eyes and an expression of euphoria slipped across his features. It was delicious. Before long his tentacles were left holding just clothes full of bones.

    His eyes opened back to look at the bandit leader as his left hand came to wipe his face slightly. Removing a bit of drool that came out while he was 'eating'. His expression where previous had been grumpy had turned one more happy. With a tilting of the head, Requin wondering for a little what to do. "For a heartless monster, you don't need yours do you?" He injected into the air. Before his tentacles that had previously held his men dropped the bone sacks and moved to press against the leader's chest.

    "Don't please! I do this because I have to feed my wife and kid." The man quickly said quickly. With many people, this would have caused them to rethink thing. Again though, Requin isn't people. His tentacles with a quick movement penetrated the chest cavity of the man and wrapped securely around the center of the vascular system. His scaled tentacles moved carefully out of his body, so to pull out the organ without tearing any of the veins. They opened up some to allow him to see his own heart. Requin's cold eyes stared at him calmly before he reached out, and took it. His fingers dug into the organ that was responsible for the life of the bandit. He could see the pain in the man's face as his fingers shifted around with the pulsing organ. It was humorous to him. The fact that such a small thing could keep a large creature alive. Humans were interesting. "I don't fucking care" Slipped from his lips before the heart melted into the palm of his hand, and joined with the essence of the rest of his men within Requin's assimilated being. He dropped the man from the bridge, allowing his now fading existence to hit the ground after the long fall. He collected himself and slipping out towards his new destination.

    He had found a job request sometime in the previous day or so, and had taken to feel like it'd provide him with the substance to be a bit more motivated, and in this case, also provide a bit more food.

    As he rarely does, he ventured out into the unknown land, and to the remote village. In the meantime, his little fox in his arms kept his temperature low so to allow him a more peaceful trip. As he came into the village, he was quickly reminded about his more recent meal. The job had been about finding a package stolen by some criminals.

    He heard the commotion as he slipped on through the populous. Someone else had already come about the job? That'd just make it easier for him truthfully. Less he'd have to stress about in the middle of it. One thing that was starting to bother him was that giant fire bird. He didn't care much for fire. Fire was bad. He entered into the home as he kept his eyes open. His head nodding to the information. The little fox in his arms took the moment to look up from her nest like spot to watch the cat-like people in fascination. He asked them where the trails were, and once they were pointed out, he slipped out the building in that direction. He didn't quite wait for the woman. He was more interested in getting this done.

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