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    Relationship Problems? [Job/Solo]


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    Relationship Problems? [Job/Solo] Empty Relationship Problems? [Job/Solo]

    Post by Ahote 27th October 2017, 8:02 pm


    Today had been a special day for Ahote, as it had been his first job he’d go on by himself, and he was anxious for many reasons. Not only would he completely alone, without his Mother or Sol, but also did this job behind their backs. For most of his life, Ahote was not permitted to leave the castle, let alone his guild’s site. He was treated more like a precious, fragile gem as opposed to a blossoming mage who need to experience the world. Well, he got bored of those stone, castle walls and the cold, everlasting winter snow that submerged the castle, leaving a chilly, dry atmosphere within. Sure enough, he was able to adapt quite well over time, and his ability to adjust to chilly temperatures became like second nature, so much that he was able to play outside in the snow without any kind of jacket or gloves.

    As far as Ahote was concerned, there was no world beyond these mountains, and there was no people beyond the cold, desolate village at the foot of the mountain. His friends and family at Fairy Tail and Magnolia Town had been nothing but a sad, longing memory. He didn’t miss them, he was simply indifferent towards them, now. All but two faces during this slideshow of memories were blurred and out of reach. Although the names and faces were no longer of importance to him, he remembered their warmth and kindness vividly, as if he were reliving it, and kept that warmth close to his heart. But it wasn’t the source of this warmth that comforted him, it was the very idea that he felt it at some point despite being in such a cold place with colder people. Even with his adoptive Mother, Famine, she did not radiate the same warmth. Towards him, he knew she radiated nothing but kindness and love, but not the warmth that put him to sleep on restless nights.

    This was his world now, this quiet, desolate mountain. But he realized that there was only one future here for him, following the path his parents took. Rising up the ranks of Basilisk Fang and carrying out their will when he was stronger, smarter, wiser. And not his biological parents, not the ones who came and went for a brief period in his life. He spent more time with Kanix than he did with Famine, but sometimes he wondered if he really mattered to her. Sometimes he wondered if she even looked for him, sometimes he wondered if she even cared that he disappeared into the forest and never returned. Fiore is only so big, she couldn’t have given up so easily, could she? Where was she now? What was she doing? Maybe when he was younger he cared enough to think restlessly about these things, but now he felt very little about these questions. He stopped trying to find answers for them, he stopped caring. The paranoia that his Mother has closed a book of affection that had been open since his birth no longer teased him into crying. The memories of strangers he loved at Fairy Tail no longer kept him up at night, shaking nervously until he was cold and passed out. Uncle Heero and his friends meant nothing anymore. These were the things Ahote chose to think he believed now. The time that he spent here, the more the cold had grinded the warmth in his heart into a tiny flame. He felt humble, but alone.

    But today, today was the day that Ahote would venture beyond these mountains, and back to his hometown. Magnolia Town.

    “Hey, boy, c’mere will ya?” Grouched an older man with a gruff, rough voice. He sat on a heavy crate with a flask that reeked of alcohol. Ahote hated that smell. It was bitter and powerful and lot of people drank in this town. As weary as the thought was, he too suspected himself of indulging in the bitterness of alcohol when he was older. But as of now, his tastes were not refined enough to enjoy even the smell of it.

    Ahote came to a slow stop as he turned to face the man. With their eyes both locked onto one another, it became clear the differences in their lives. The man’s face was wrinkled, several lines creasing his face to give him the appearance of an old man. But his belly was fat, and him being short and wide. On the contrary, Ahote was around the same height, with wide eyes full of warmth. Well, at least more warmth than the villagers ever seemed to radiate. “Y-Yeah?” Ahote stuttered nervously.

    “You’re from that castle up there, right? With that man and that woman,” The man queried. Ahote assumed that his saying that man and that woman, he was referring to Sol and Famine. Which was no surprise. Ahote wasn’t quite sure what Sol and Famine had done in order to become to famous, but the vibes this village gave off were not friendly.

    “Look, I’m just here to take a walk. I don’t want any trouble. . .”
    Ahote glared, instantly becoming agitated. Every time he walked down here, it was always the same people saying the same things about him. Oh, it’s the Mistress’s spoiled brat. Ah, it’s that kid that’s been spoon fed luxury while we work our asses off until we freeze to death! Same old, same old. There was even a time Ahote had a rock thrown at him. By a child. He wasn’t quite sure what he did to earn this malice, but he would learn to reciprocate it as time went by, and he got older. These people ought to learn some respect, and someone oughtta teach them. It wasn’t him, but maybe Sol would spare enough time for him to listen to his problems with the villagers.

    “I have two good eyes, I can see that, kid.” he groaned, “you ain’t ever leave these mountains much, aye? I have a job for you. . .”

    Frankly, Ahote realized that this man was probably the most suspicious man he’s seen all day. And that was saying something considering he lived with suspicious men and women… and its. But he simply could not pass up the opportunity to leave this mountain for a bit. It was now or never, since God forbid his Mother found out he left without an escort or her approval. The thought of her anger made him tremble.

    The middle aged man held out an envelope to him before Ahote stomped over to him, snatched the envelope, and walked away without any regards. After he was away from the man at a comfortable distance, Ahote read the contents of the paper. What he read… was interesting.

    Before he knew it, Ahote did some research and was able to book a train to Talonia Town, a foreign town to him. It surprised even him that he was able to do such a thing, considering he’s been isolated his entire life, even before he was adopted into Basilisk Fang, and never learned things like this. Luckily, he was a smart boy and could put two and two together. However, the train ride was the most excited and nervous he’s been in months. He wore a green hoodie, covering his head at all times. But underneath the shadow that had been cast over his eyes were wide, gleaming eyes gazing outside the train window. It was heartwarming to see a land that wasn’t covered in snow for one. Large, strong, green trees with patches of tall grass surrounding them. Buildings! Some tall, some small, but all buildings nonetheless! He knew his friends back at the guild would be questionable having seeing Ahote so cheerful, but he couldn’t tell them about the new world he saw.

    By the time Ahote arrived at the destination, it had been night. He felt dirty for stealing someone’s panties, but his joy from exploring overwhelmed the feeling of guilt. Ahote arrived at the address and instantly hid himself in a grove of bushes inside a lovely garden. The lights inside the small home were on, and the blinds closed. A shadow of an older woman appeared, with sagging figures on her body to suggest that she was naked. Ahote instantly felt uncomfortable looking.

    “Ooooh Gerald!~” The woman swooned, moving her body side to side, to and fro, apparently trying to seduce someone.

    “Ooooh…” someone else, sounding like a man, whispered temptingly. They sounded very old, struggling to speak, really. Could they be….? Do old people still…? Ahote instantly felt sick to his stomach and didn’t want to wait until they got busy to get the picture and leave.

    For a few hours, Ahote stalked the couple wearily. All the groans and noises that would slip through the window and into his ear left him sicker than before. Ahote hugged his stomach and stood low on his feet, trying to be at the scale of the bush.

    “That was the bee’s knees, Gerald…!” His alleged target panted with her old, weak voice.

    “It sure was, Susan!” the man chuckled. Ahote, by this point, had nearly fallen asleep. But noticing the sudden stop of the noise, he flinched and dashed to the back window, which he had noticed it’s opening before. He crawled through the opening and landed on his neck with a small thud. Luckily, the seniors were too distracted to notice the invader.

    Quickly, Ahote held his body close to the ground and crawled over to the bedroom door, which would hang open. As he approached the room, two large lumps underneath blankets could be seen from his perspective. His face fell pale before blindly reaching into his chest pocket for the camera.

    It was only after seconds of searching that spotted pretty-pink panties, snapped a photo of them, and crawled his way back out of the window, quickly booking the fastest train back home. Never would he speak of this incident, and only briefly went over it with the old man, who was horrified that his ex had been sleeping with his brother!

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