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    Teaching a Lesson


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    Teaching a Lesson Empty Teaching a Lesson

    Post by Nadarr 5th October 2017, 9:27 am

    Clearance walked to a park Sighing, All this work was making him tired. It was a sunny day out, the birds chirping away and kids running around the park. Families were everywhere and it was just a nice place to finally rest his feet. He decided to stop and take a break. He sat down at a bench shaking his head his hands in his pockets as Coco sits next to him. “Everything okay?” She would ask concern in her voice. Clarence sighed looking at her nodding a bit watching the people play in the park thinking how odd it was. He never had time to play of run around outside the manor, hell he could barely survive without Coco’s help. It was a peculiar feeling. As he watched looking around he heard a kid crying, he lazily looked over seeing one with his back to a tree and some older boy’s surrounding him. “Coco...do me a favor...wait here” he said standing up his hands in his pockets. “She looked confused watching him as she sat there. He then walked over his hands in his pockets as he walked over examining the situation. It didn’t seem like these kids were doing anything but harassing him, they also didn’t seem to tough or anything, though determined so they were probably going to be stubborn. Though there appeared to be a main kid doing it, the other kids were just clinging to his success. Typical bullies but what could be done. As he got there they stopped the kid had a bloody lip and was crying a bit. “What do you want mister?” He scoff the kids turning to him. Clearance peered around him then at the kid “what are you doing?” He said in his normal tone looking down at him. “None of your business!” he said in a childish tone. Yeah!” the other kids all chimed in as he her the kid whimpering looking at him, he knew the look in his eyes. A look begging for help. Clearance sighing and knelt down to the Bully looking him the eyes “Ganging up on someone is considered very cowardly you know, are you a coward?” he asked simply. This made the kid mad “NO!” he said yelling “i’m the toughest kid in school!” Clearance looking at him shaking his head. “Look i’m gonna make this really simple for you” he paused making his evoker visible sounding different, His tone wasn’t calm like normal, It was fighting, quiet but each word held weight. “I’m going to here each month...if that kid even speaks your name in a ill way...don’t let that happen..” he glared. “Y-you can’t say that...you're a legal mage…” he stuttered. Clarence shook his head”No i’m just a regular mage no get out of my sight” he glared making them run. He took a breath holding a hand up for coco to come over offering the kid a hand. “T thanks mister why did you..” He was interrupted by Coco who too out a handkerchief and started to dab his lip. “Clarance...if those boy’s ever give you any trouble again just tell them i’m your cousin, also...a word of advice, don’t be afraid to fight back, people who gang up on someone are weak, take out the leader they will back off okay.” he said as Coco stood up. “O Okay thank you mister here” he said handing Clearance his allowance running off. He sighed giving it to coco. “That was kind of you master” Coco said as Clearance walked off. “Master do you really think that adviece will help him?” she asked confused. “Clearance just shurgged. “Dunno..it’s up to him I guess...It helped me so maybe” He said looking The Next day they were heading to the train when low and behold, the kids were at it again. Clearance sighed looking at them just watching. “Master?” Coco asked finally seeing what he was. At first it was like yesterday just getting beaten, but then the kid threw a heavy punch, one with all his weight into it. The kid knocked on his back the other kids looked scared as he panted looking at him. They all scattered instantly the the bully held his nose running as well. Clearance just watched them run, Looks like he wouldn’t need his help anymore, in fact he was going to be just fine. Clearance smiled putting his hands in his pockets walking again, while his face didn’t show it he was proud of the kid. Coco followed him as they went to the train station.

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