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    A Story In Which We Drink Booze and Kick Ass


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    A Story In Which We Drink Booze and Kick Ass Empty A Story In Which We Drink Booze and Kick Ass

    Post by Aura 24th September 2017, 2:37 pm

    A Story In Which We Drink Booze and Kick Ass QprhnFh

    The streets of Crocus were awfully crowded for the time of day, even if it was about lunchtime on such a dreary day. Kenna found herself strolling through the streets at first, but ended up elbowing her way through a sudden explosion of people that conveniently had decided to impede the entrance to the street branching off from the main street where she had to go. Once everything was said and done and the Etherborn had at last gotten through the crowd, she sighed in relief as the feeling of being a sardine in a can faded away, basically as soon as she had gotten through the rowdy sea of people. For some reason larger crowds of people annoyed her... especially when they were in her way, blocking her path. But anyway, ‘twas not that she hadn’t gone through these situations before, so all the Etherborn could do was suck it up and deal with it. Not her favorite thing to do though. She huffed a few cussing words underneath her breath and continued down the smaller street, staring at the clouds in the distance that seemed to gather in a disturbing shade of grey. ”Of course…” The ravenhaired maiden sighed as she averted her eyes back unto the cobblestone street before her. ”On my day off rain is bound to happen. Every. Single. Time.” While letting another sigh escape her lips the young maiden stepped up her pace, not wanting to be caught by the incoming cumuli before arriving at her destination.

    Said destination, a local bar known as the ‘Midnite Cruiser’, had recently been relocated and thus had sent out flyers for its grand reopening. Kenna somehow felt the name sound somewhat familiar and, since she had nothing better to do, decided to give herself a break and actually go out for a bit. She did not feel for spending her time locked up in her room. Not anymore. She’d spent weeks locking herself up, away from the outside world, after the events of Sabertooth’s battle against the gods who destroyed their beloved floating guild. Thousands of innocent civilians in Ace of Spades were saved from their impending doom by Kite Wilhelm, who as a last resort blew up the plummeting guild as to save the town beneath. She wondered what would’ve happened had the earthquake that had damaged the crystal had not been so strong. Would the crystal still have been damaged? And would the guild perhaps have plummeted to its demise when no-one was around to save the town or the guild? Kenna shook the thought off her mind. No, they were lucky things had turned out the way they did… even if it meant having to lose the love of her life to Prometheus. Her heart tensed and for a moment her chest seemed to shrink as the pressuring feeling overthrew her current emotion. She still missed him. Dearly. Mashyuu had been the only permanent thing in this new life. The first person she’d dared to love again, yet was brutally taken away from her. Kenna felt herself giving in to the darkness she’d so desperately tried to crawl out of and exhaled abruptly as she ceased her step. ”Wherever he is now… I doubt he’d want me to stay like this. I’ll live on and live life in his stead. But first; might as well get drunk.”

    And with that intent she turned 90 degrees, faced the large wooden door before her and entered a large hallway leading down. The further she went the louder the noise become of a bustling crowd. Music arose as well and before she knew it Kenna had walked into the newly-opened Midnite Cruiser. Surprised by the amount of visitors of every age and gender present; the counter was hidden behind a wall of broad backs talking banter and laughing, several larger round tables had various games starting, from simple dice throwing to poker. Even a round of arm-wrestling in the back of the corner was present. Keenly noticed when out of nowhere a man twice her size was thrown asunder and banged unto the wooden floor, followed by a bountiful laughter from those around him. Kenna smiled. For some reason unknown to her she found this rather amusing; she even felt at ease among these broad-backed men. Making her way to the counter and ordering a bourbon, the ravenhaired Sabertooth mage slowly scanned the rest of the bar for anything interesting as she awaited her drink to arrive.


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    A Story In Which We Drink Booze and Kick Ass GWsGXSQ

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    A Story In Which We Drink Booze and Kick Ass Empty Re: A Story In Which We Drink Booze and Kick Ass

    Post by Guest 24th September 2017, 3:39 pm

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    Man. Things really weren't turning out her way. She'd only been a member of Sabertooth for a couple of weeks, and now this? The guild hall..blown up. Turned to ash. Christ. Not only that, but she'd been away during that whole battle, doing some bullshit little job, considering it was some of the only things she could actually do. She wanted to scream. She should have been there. Sure, it wouldn't have been help for someone as weak as her to have been there, but at the same time, maybe she could have helped a person or two. Needless to say, Jaleh was already in a bad mood when she'd walked into the bar a few minutes ago.

    As was expected, several people gave her weird looks for walking into the bar. She was really only wearing a tube top, short shorts, and her signature jacket. However, it wasn't until she sat down at the bar that some smart ass thought that he should speak up. "Oi, little girl. This place's fer grown ups. Kids dun got a place 'ere!" the guy said, causing Jaleh to pinch the bridge of her nose as she turned around in her seat, staring up at the tall, fairly muscular drunk that was standing in front of her.  

    "Pardon me, but I don't speak drunk." she said simply, earning a fair bit of laughter from the people who were obviously his friends. Of course, that only earned her a scowl from the man who tried making fun of her, causing him to really lean in, grabbing her by the hair. God, his breath was putrid. He'd obviously jumped straight into liquor, then switched to beer as his vision started swimming, because his breath smelled like pure rot."Ah, little girl. I dunno who ya think ya are, talking all big to me like that." He said, tugging on Jaleh's hair just enough to earn a wince from her, along with lifting the fairly light girl out of her seat. "But ye'd best get outta here. The grownups don't need kids like you ruining nice bars like this fer us."

    He said, holding his mug out in front of her before letting her go and pouring the remainder of the whiskey he'd been drinking on her head. Or at least..he would have. Before he could even extend his arm, Jaleh's fight or flight instinct had kicked in, causing her to bolt up out of her seat, nailing him with her full strength in the area right below his ribcage, knocking the wind out of him and driving him to his knees before she kicked him in the chin, sending him flying away, only to hit the floor, HARD. Instead of saying anything threatening to the guy however, she only groaned and pressed a hand against her face as she sat back down. "Dammit..I didn't think things through again.." She said as she slumped into her stool, obviously embarrassed that she'd gone so far.

    "Ah, I wouldn't worry too much about him. That one likes to give the locals hell too. Though he did have a point. I'm gonna have to check your ID, make sure you're actually old enough to be served here." The bartender replied after the laughter calmed down, causing Jaleh to sigh and nod, digging into the pocket of her jacket and pulling out a small leather wallet, digging out her ID and handing it over to the bartender, who looked it over, only to whistle, seemingly impressed. "Twenty-Two, eh? Well you sure got lucky with your genetics then, cause I wouldn't've pegged you for being older than eighteen." He said with a chuckle, handing Jaleh her ID back, which was promptly shoved back into her wallet with a chuckle.

    "Yeah..I get that a lot." She said as she held her ID's wallet up in front of her, then sent into her little pocket dimension, a small magic circle appearing in front of her hand as the wallet turned into particles of light and vanished. "Ahh..a Wizard. That explains how you laid him out so easily."

    He said as he stood up on the tips of his toes, causing Jaleh to turn around as one of his friends came up, holding a knife in his hands as she sighed, merely holding a hand out and gripping onto the empty air, a magic circle appearing in front of her hand, allowing her to slowly pull out the broadsword from her aspect of fire armor, causing the man who'd come up-obviously with the intent of stabbing the young wizard-to drop his knife and back away.

    Jaleh sighed, allowing her sword to disappear in a whirlwind of embers. "Christ..I'm gonna need something strong..can you make me a Smith and Wesson?" She asked, turning around to face the bartender, who only nodded, only for her to hold a hand up and interrupt him before he started making it. "Make sure it's in a champagne glass. Im gonna need a good bit of alcohol tonight, it seems."

    She said, having sensed another Wizard walk into the bar a few minutes ago. While he was making the drink, she started looking around, using her senses to try and pinpoint who exactly it was. The signature felt..somewhat familiar. When she finally pinpointed it, she took her drink, starting to walk over to the source, only to see a face she recognized from the short time she'd been part of the guild. "Um..Kenna, right? Sorry if I got your name wrong..I just recognize you from around the guild, really.." She said before taking a sip of her drink, sitting down next to the other woman.

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