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    Getting back stolen goods, Solo Job ♥

    Desirée Blooms
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    Getting back stolen goods, Solo Job ♥ Empty Getting back stolen goods, Solo Job ♥

    Post by Desirée Blooms on 12th August 2017, 5:59 pm


    Getting back stolen goods, Solo Job ♥ Akb-chieri-1335829080

        It was a drabby, overcast day in the city of Ca-Elum. The time was 4:27 in the afternoon, and Desirée had been sent to this city to complete a task for a man also in Ca-Elum named Anvil. He is a weapon-smith, and sells countless weapons in his small shop in the outskirts of this city. The day before today, an incident occurred in his shop. While he was turned around from his crafting area, a man sneaked into his store and stole his hammer. His hammer was extremely special, because it was what he used for his magic weapon-making abilities. Without his hammer, he could not use magic.

        Today, he reached out to the Black Rose guild to help him get his hammer back. The thief was reported to be spotted in Ca-Elum today, which was no surprise. The thief was described as wearing all black, had pink hair, and had the hammer tucked into his belt outside his outfit. Ca-Elum is known as a nation of forgery, which must mean that the thief stole Anvil's hammer to begin his life of forgery. Desirée took this job, and took the fastest boat to Ca-Elum to catch up to the thief. The boat was a freight boat, so she was the only one taking this boat to Ca-Elum besides the boat's operator. She worked out a deal with the operator, which she would sing a song to him for a ride. She sung her song "Party," and hopped onto the boat.

        A few hours later, she hopped off of the boat onto the docks. The docks were very similar to Rose Garden's, except they were a lighter color of wood. Immediately, she recognized the thief. He was walking in the docks, and matched the description perfectly. Desirée decided to follow the thief, and watched his movement carefully. He turned to the right, and walked towards a small shop. This shop was a bakery, and had cakes and cookies that radiated magical energy. The people inside the shop eating were acting extremely gushy, so it appeared that the sweets were enchanted to make them taste extremely well. He walked into the shop, and purchased a dozen cookies. When he walked out, he began to walk down the alley next to the bakery. Desirée followed him, and decided to stop him in his tracks right there.

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    Getting back stolen goods, Solo Job ♥ Latest?cb=20120714055903

        "Stop right there!" Desirée shouted, causing an echo to scream throughout the dark alley. "From Chrysalis, I summon thee: Aquamarine." Desirée shouted, holding up the hoop with the blue stone in her fingertips. In a bright flash of blue light spawned Aquamarine, a Crystal of Des'. "Chase him down!" Desirée commanded Aquamarine, which began to run after the thief. He began to pick up his pace, but in doing so, the hammer slipped off of his belt and hit the concrete. "Score!" shouted Desirée, which gave Aquamarine the command to stop. She ran up to the hammer, and picked it up. The thief ran off into the distance, but in the end he was unsuccessful. "I didn't even get to pound him." Stated Aquamarine, while she began to frown. "We got what we were here for!" exclaimed Desirée, while Aquamarine sunk into a puddle of water. After she put the hammer into her bag, she took a cab over to the man's shop, received her payment, and caught a boat home.

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    Getting back stolen goods, Solo Job ♥ Destardust


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