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    For Glory of The Guilds!


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    For Glory of The Guilds! Empty For Glory of The Guilds!

    Post by Admin on Mon 25 Feb - 11:43

    Name: For the Glory of the Guilds!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: Must have at least two people from at least two different guilds. A maximum of four may attend. (The greater the number of guild differences, the greater the reward) 1,000 words between the group
    Job Requirements:You must provide in-depth information about your guild.
    Must have two or more different guild members present.
    Can be from a legal or a dark guild.
    Job Description: Oh-ho! Hello there magical magician wizard persons! I have money and a problem!
    You see, I am writing an almanac on all of the guilds throughout the land but I've only been able to gather simple, generic information. I want more! I want to know these guilds like the back of my hand! My book will be like no other!! Haha!! So, regardless of your guild affiliation, please, come! If you know your guilds' history and current members' powers and are willing to describe your guild halls, please enlighten me! Hoho!
    D-Rank EXP, 5,000 Jewel

    Upon appeasing this man's taste for knowledge, he will stand up, closing his notebook and flash you both a smile. He will then thank you for your cooperation and reach into his jacket pocket. With a flick of his wrist, he will shuck out 5,000 jewels and tell you to have a good day. Just as you turn to leave, you'll feel a chill run down your spine, as you feel like you've done something that you might regret in the future...

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