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    Goodnight is his name


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    Goodnight is his name Empty Goodnight is his name

    Post by Shazam! 22nd June 2017, 3:18 am

    There was a cold scent of death that carried over the sleeping town of Hargeon. Remus had heard over the grapevine of a mysterious murderer responsible for the killings of many of the towns former inhabitants, through further investigating the boy had found out that the mystery murderer was in fact Hargeon's own: Jacob Goodnight. Now this didn't come as a surprise to the young wizard as he personally thought that the killer had to be someone within the town and someone they would least suspect. But what had really puzzled him was his motive, why did he begin these treacherous deeds? Who was this for? Hundreds of questions filled the sorcerer's mind as he walked down the cobbled path running a hand across the stoned wall, looking upwards to the sky counting the stars which dotted the night. The only reason Remus took up this particular job was to show his beloved Hargeon how much of an asset he was, it was also to show himself what he was capable of.

    As the night slowly began to come to a close the boy searched the docks one last time just to make sure that everything was in check before he departed. Nothing but the sound of the waves gently hitting the sides of the docking area moved through the night, there wasn't anything out of the ordinary except maybe the odd sailor sleeping in their vessel or still moving crates and whatnot. Nothing at all. So with that Remus left climbing up a wall and hopping onto the rooftop returning back to his base of operations.

    Aquila had dozed off on top the roof of the bakery and had the luxury of waking up to the sweet scent of freshly baked bread, wiping the crust from his sore eyes the boy yawned and took a stretch of the good ol' limbs before sitting up and looking towards the center of the town. The boy sighed before rubbing his temple. The search for Goodnight continued. Putting his gloves back on Remus slid down the tiles and onto the pavement below. The boy walked towards the bakery entrance with a smile on his face. Breakfast time. As the doors opened Ina waved as she pulled out a dozen small loaves of honey bread the fantastic scents still wavering in the air making any mortal's stomach grumble, the woman placed two loaves down into a small straw box and wrapping it tightly in red and white cloth. Then she piled more and more food onto a bigger plate.

    Remus wiped the remaining crumbs off of the corner of his mouth and licked his lips, the sweetness still rolling about in his mouth. The boy however felt like he forgot about something. Something dire. Something incredibly important. But what?

    Continuing on his journey Aquila stopped dead in his tracks, eyes wide with shock. In front of the boy around ten to twelve meters or so a large behemoth of a man was dragging a woman by her hair as she screamed for help the man cupped a hand over her mouth to silence her, he kept on pulling her but she was a struggler. Remus sped over to the scene as he picked up speed the mage jumped in the air and delivered a double kick to the giant's ribcage. Seemingly the pain forced the man to drop the woman, the cries escaped her mouth as she ran off still calling for help. "Ahh..." A low grumble came from Remus' enemy, turning around he brandished a cleaver. This was just perfect.

    Considering the fact that Remus was a whole four inches taller than the brute you'd think that the force of his double kick would topple the man, but you couldn't be more wrong. Due to Goodnight's size the blow did nothing short of angering him which focused his attention onto Remus. "Jacob, you're needed for some questi-" The boy was cut short as Goodnight delivered a strong kick to his chest. However, sensing that this was coming Remus put his arms up in a 'X' formation to lessen the blow but that didn't stop him from flying into a lampost. Shaking his head slightly the boy slowly got to standing position and into his stance, but within mere seconds the giant was gone, out of sight out of mind.

    How just how could that behemoth of a man just up and disappear! It didn't make a lick of sense, surveying the area once more Remus huffed before stretching out his back and walking away from the scene cautiously. There would be no telling where Jacob would hide and wait for another victim, but rest assured Remus would take no prisoners. Dead or alive.

    Time moved on at a slower rate than perceived normal, atop the bakery he lay before Remus plotted his next move carefully watching the area below and behind him eagerly waiting for the man to show face next. The reason why he was so eager was because he felt disrespected and weak as he went head to head with Goodnight, especially since he just vanished making Remus feel even more like a child pitted against his older brother. And the boy didn't appreciate that not one bit at all. "AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" A voice screamed through the night air signalling to the young pirate that his prayers had in fact been answered. Remus slid down the tiles and landed on the cold ground with a thud and immediately set off for the voice that was slowly beginning to sound dulled out, he presumed Jacob was trying to quiet down the victim but there might've been a struggle. Perfect.

    A few seconds later and the screams ceased, Remus looked around at the looming buildings and dark streets confused as to where the voice had stopped. Angry with himself Remus yelled out with balled fists, to his right in a shadowy alley the scrapes of metal against wall sounded, Goodnight taunted him. Then a chuckle. Remus' eyes had a dark red hue in them as he stared into the abyss hearing more tinks and laughs, that dark soul thought that this was funny and begun to make the scrapes louder and louder. The pirate shouted and allowed the Talons to fall over his hands. Running into the dark felt a presence to his left and ducked putting his left hand on the corresponding side of his head hearing the clink of metal against metal ring in his ear. In that instant the alley lit up as there were torches on either side dancing in the dark as if fans watching a fight for entertainment.

    "Goodnight, I vow to bring you to justice" Remus exclaimed going into his fighting stance locking eyes with his opponent "I will not be chained down!" Jacob screeched flailing his meat hook above his head menacingly "My way..." The eerie aura flowed off the boy like smoke, even the man in front of him felt his powerful aura but quickly brushed away that inkling of fear. How could such a child scare him? Even if he was a mage he was Jacob Goodnight the Butcher of Hargeon. Smiling freakishly Jacob slammed down the flailing hook onto Remus but was shocked to find out that the magus had blocked this utilising the 'X' defense yet again and this time Remus was angry. He broke the formation and caught the hook just as Goodnight went to whip it back and was pulled towards Remus at an incredible speed then caught a right hook to the jaw sending him into the wall on the left. "I promise you this will be quick, the report did say you were smarter than most give you credit for...but you seemed to have displaced the fact that I'm the guildmaster of Black Sails" Remus let that sit in the air for a while as the man clutched his jaw and cowered in the corner. Black Sails? What was this guild? And if this small wizard was the guild master he was sure to be more like him within the group maybe they were waiting above him on the roofs. Jacob quickly looked upwards and saw several silhouettes looking straight back down to him, returning his gaze back to Remus his fear levels skyrocketed as the mage was now inches away from his face. "I will not forgive you for mocking me" Remus touched his temple with the Talons and proceeded to slowly stroke his face causing blood to seep from the small openings down his face. With that Remus actually chuckled further frightening Jacob.

    "Please...please...I'm mentally un--" Good old Jacob didn't get to finish. Because Good old Jacob's mouth was ripped in two as Remus held his lower jaw in his hand then decapitated the Goodnight fellow. Remus was not the guild master of Black Sails, no that great title belonged to Cirven, he used this as a way to psychologically play with his enemy and it worked a great deal especially as he inflicted physical pain already. And the silhouettes he 'saw' were actually forged from his own imagination that more of the guild was coming and waiting to kill him. A psychological attack at it's finest considering Remus was only a C-Ranked wizard he wondered what more he could learn as he dragged the body of Jacob Goodnight to the police station further into Hargeon.


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