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    Mashyuu in: Swashbuckling Slavers.




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    Mashyuu in: Swashbuckling Slavers. Empty Mashyuu in: Swashbuckling Slavers.

    Post by redheadedstepchild 9th June 2017, 7:55 pm

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    Part One: Slaver's afoot!

    Hargeon Town, once a beautiful land that was a joy to visit at any time for the best sea food in the nation. However after a terrible monster united most of the Wizards in Fiore against it, the town had been reduced to rubble and had become a place that bred bad times. Even with all the hope in the world there were still people who were taking advantage of the terrible times facing Hargeon Town. Indeed it seemed that pirates were searching the destroyed town for injured survivors of the attack and forcing them into Slavery. The mere thought of this got Mashyuu's blood boiling with rage. He had seen what Slavers were capable of. They had killed his mother in a bandit raid, taking people he cared about and selling them off while his mother tried to keep everyone he knew safe inside of Beanstalk Village. Itsu walked at Mashyuu's side, thumbing the katana she had been given as a gift from Mashyuu when he did battle with the Priest Fred in Minstrel while she led a group of Wizards to save a noble family from coming to harm. It was a sweet gift and while she enjoyed having Heatwave clipped to her side, sometimes she missed her dagger and the three Skeletal Soldiers it created. Her green eyed gaze hit Mashyuu's spiked boots where the dagger was strapped, he had promised to carry it on him in case Itsu ever wanted it back, it was nice to see that he kept his word even under the condition that he was basically carrying around undead and his healing aura could destroy undead in an instant. Together the pair stopped in the center of town and looked around. Buildings laid around, destroyed and turned to rubble. Itsu frowned and felt her heart drop from her chest. Her heart ached for all the people who lost a home during the ordeal, even more so for those who lost a loved one as well.

    "It's terrible. I know. I was here for part of this. Back when I was staring out as a Wizard. Actually I was B rank at the time. My group was charged with getting people to safety. But we ended up running into bandits who were to daft to see they were going to die if they stayed in town. So we let them steal, watched the wave hit and saw the building they were in go down from the wave. They never stood a chance." Mashyuu spoke as if he were recalling some terrible memory. His black and silver gloved hands clenched into fists and his eyes shut tight, holding back the pain of watching people who didn't want to be saved die for meaningless trinkets. Things they could have taken after the wave hit. It didn't matter now though, he needed to move on and help the people who were in danger now, the ones who wanted and needed the help. Mashyuu sighed and patted Itsu's shoulder gently then started to walk down the sloped rubble of a near by building. The Sabertooth Wizards came to a small building that had a broken sign, it looked like a diner of some sort but it was hard to tell with the boarded up windows, but smoke came out of a pipe atop the building, showing it was still in use. "Good a place as any to start our search. Maybe the Pirates are using this place as ground base of operations while they search for slaves." Itsu reasoned, making Mashyuu nod in agreement. Together the pair made their way the twenty meters to the building, unaware of what they were about to find...

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