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    a place to call home( Aoi)


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    a place to call home( Aoi) Empty a place to call home( Aoi)

    Post by Isis 7th June 2017, 8:32 pm

    Dante was kicked from his guild when he was out learning more about himself and trying to understand why his spirits ended there contracts with him. He was just wondering around the world trying to figure out what was going on but he had gained somehting new. " You will find your true potental and unlock you real magic" This was the words that had been echoing within his mind since he had tried to return to sabertooth. His spirits had no need for him since he had awaken his real magic from the lacrima that was inside of his body. Dante The Venom God slayer. Unholy infused poisons and toxins that allow him to be able to eat any poison known.

    " Lamia Scale had need of people" he muttered as he was walking around the town. " That mage guild Lamia Scale has done this city wonders since they had been here" he heard one of the villagers say. Dante would stop dead and turn to the villager only to ask basically for directions to the guild." Could you tell me where the guild is located?" he would ask in his normal tone before the man would notice something off about his eyes. " Your eyes are beautiful.... sure Lamia Scale can be found at the end of the road to the west. you cant miss it trust me" Dante would smile as he turns to the road that lead west and took off in a full run. He didnt know what he was about to do but he knew that with the power of the god flowing through him he was sure he could learn something in there liberary of magic.

    The road was definintly something that he would remember as he was heading out of the main part of the city when he say there tower. He had finally made it. Took him a year to find the guild but he had found it. Dante needed to catch his breath a bit once he had reached the enterance to the legal guild Lamia Scale. " I wonder how much stronger i will become in this guild" He said to himself as he looked over to the left and say some monkshood. " Well lets see if what i had found out is true...." he had reached down and grabbed the poisonious plant and yanked it out of the ground knocked off the roots and eat the flower. This would normally kill anyone who would eat it since it was in its pure state but hell it didnt even affect him. Instead he could feel his magic power being restored.

    " Looks like that spirit was right i can not be harmed from the worlds toxins." He would take another plant of the monkshood and shove it in his mouth. He had no idea that he might be watched since he was still a rookie mage and even more a rookie god slayer. the voice he had heard this entire time that he thought was his spirits was really the voice of a goddess. She had taken him a fancy while he was saved by the guildmaster of sabertooth. " Looks like that lacrima i had did save my life."

    He was secretly hoping that the Guildmaster here would allow him to join the guild and that the members here were more like a family then the ones he had known from Blue Pegasus and Sabertooth. A entire year went by and he was know where to be seen only to come back as a god slayer.


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