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    Killing The Undead (Solo/Mission)


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    Killing The Undead (Solo/Mission) Empty Killing The Undead (Solo/Mission)

    Post by ★CelesteSway★ 21st May 2017, 8:33 pm

    Job Title: Undead EXP Farm!
    Rank: D

    Player Requirements: D or C rank mages ONLY. bones.

    Job Requirements: One or more mages, though no more than five. 10 posts, 250 words each if job is done solo. 12 posts per player, 300 words each if done in a group. Roll at least 10 times. Deffeat at least 6 enemies (weak, normal, strong or boss).

    Job Location: Cursed Lands, Silent Cemetery

    You were once informed that near Silent Cemetery lives a man who awards people who bring him the soul sparks of the undead monsters living in the cemetery. Thinking that it would be a good way to kill two birds with one stone you head there. Not only to receive the man's rewards but also to train battling the undead.


    Skeleton Mob x3: By rolling this enemie you encouter 3 Skeleton Mobs. Each mob consists of 5 skeletons. Some are warriors or archer and some even mages (you decide). All of these skeletons require one D rank damage to be killed. However they instantly revive, needing an aditional 1/2D rank damage to be killed for good. They deal 1/2D rank damage.

    Skeleton Knight x5: Five Skeleton Knights! Their health is the same as the Skeleton Mobs' skeletons. They also revive and need to be killed again. Howver these skeletons are stronger. They deal D rank damage. Also their special armor can once every post lessen the damage they receive by 1/2D rank damage.

    Black Skeleton x10: Ten skeletons, all spotting black bones and tremendous strength. It takes one C rank damage to defeat them. However they instantly revive and require an additional D rank damage to be killed for good. They wield swords, bows and magic.

    Magic-less Black Skeletons deal C rank damage and have the same armor as Skeleton Knights.

    Magical Black Skeletons have no armor and their meele attacks deal only 1/4D rank damage. However they can summon up to 2 Skeleton Knights, or 4 Skeleton Mobs (their strengths described above). In every 10 Black Skeletons one IS magical.

    Cupcake, the Mighty Slayer: Cupcake is one of the strongest undead in this region. She has retained her appearance even in death. She is so strong that it requires 4C rank damage to bring her down. Furthermore she deals C rank damage and her armor can reduce damage by 1/2D rank, twice per post. Once per post she can summon up to two Skeleton Mobs or one Skeleton Knight. Once every five posts she can summon one Black Skeleton.

    D rank EXP, 10k jewels + an extra 250 Jewels (caps at 5k Jewels) for every enemy killed that wasn't necessary. Enemies summoned by other enemies do NOT count towards that goal.

    This job can be repeated (once per month that is) HOWEVER, DURING YOUR FIRST TIME YOU COMPLETE IT:

    You can choose to receive no EXP AND JEWELS in order to be rewarded one Lich Weapon (if more than one players took part then everyone receives a weapon).

    Lich Weapon:



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