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    Social With Ventri


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    Social With Ventri Empty Social With Ventri

    Post by Nostrum 12th May 2017, 6:11 pm

    I am Bent
    Not Broken


    Hargeon Town wasn’t exactly the most comforting place to find yourself. It was always bustling with annoying humans. They all sounded the same too, droning on about their daily woes like those problems meant a damn thing in the grand scheme of things. This about how their boss would come down like hell on them, that about how they wish they were born with magic, this about how she didn't accept her proposal. It all made Clarity sick. Sick to her very core. What was she even doing here? Most of her shadier business partners were found in Motor City after all. Whoever this was, they smelled like fresh blood. Clarity reached for one of the potions she had stored in the holsters on her belt, grabbing one with a purple liquid with white foam resting atop it. When she unscrewed it, it began fizzing reacting with the oxygen in the air. She quickly downed it and felt her entire body grow in power. A potion of great strength.
    A little demonstration of what she could do would be handy after all.

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