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    Oracion Seis [Private Team Event] [Madison, Ezra, Hera, Frey, and Lucie]


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    Oracion Seis [Private Team Event] [Madison, Ezra, Hera, Frey, and Lucie] Empty Oracion Seis [Private Team Event] [Madison, Ezra, Hera, Frey, and Lucie]

    Post by Haru-senpai 28th April 2017, 1:59 pm


    Mercurius. The palace of Crocus. The camera would zoom over the endless city, known as the flower capital worldwide on the planet of Earthland. Birds, children running through the streets. The giant stadium of Domus Flameu off in the distance. Where the Grand Magic Games were held every year sparkling in the evening sunset. It was truly lovely. It would be a playground for anyone who loved Assassins Creed, a popular game with the kids of Earthland. As people in the streets called their children in, and businesses prepared for the nighttime rush, the camera would zoom over the city through the main square leading up to the palace and past many fountains. Eventually it would come to a long, cathedral style hallway. Lined with Royal Knights, and Rune Knights alike.

    In the center of the hallway, walked five beings. All of them sported long black cloaks, with hoods. Some were tall, and one of them was extremely short with a cat tail poking out of the back of her cloak. The only thing that really distinguished them apart was their heights, and maybe shoes. These cloaks were enchanted, to allow the members of this team to teleport to one another. Although they looked like simple black cloaks with no markings. They were fitted to each member perfectly.

    The guards seemed disturbed by these mages presences, and the Rune Knights even more so from the type of magic and even magic power levels emitting from some of them as they walked by. Rumor had it there was even a damn werewolf among this group.

    As they reached some giant doors with huge burning torches on either side, at the end of a red and gold carpet, two Royal Guards would step aside. As they swung the doors open. The King of Fiore, who tasked the Magic Council with responsibility over magical happenings in the entire nation sat before them way ahead on a raised throne. Mato was his name. The throne was ornate as hell. But what were they to expect from one of the three magical superpower nations, Seven, Bellum, and Fiore. As they walked up, they noticed on the far walls. That the room was literally lined with Rune Knights. Fiore was a nation where the humans out numbered the mages 1/1000 or so, and the King had absolute control over even the Magic Council. But he had the nation at stake. Worried about more than just magic. With food supplies, politics, and relations on the line; he was a busy man.

    As the five of them walked up; they were stopped by two guards short of the throne who crossed their mighty lances in a huge "X" with a clang. The King waved his hand and they released it. The one in the middle with a long braid coming out of her hood, a cherry dark pink in color would wave a hand. This caused the king to smirk, as Hera did so.

    "Oracion Seis.....I've heard rumors of a team of mages, from all different kinds of guilds..accomplishing the impossible. I hear one of you may be a Werewolf which would be nearly impossible, another an Exceed perhaps from the dimension of Edolas? One of you is even rumored to be the child of......Acnologia. Who could make this world a zombie wasteland in a few days if he ever chose too...lord forbid that rumor to be true. The last two of you....are rumored to use magic thought lost forever, Dragon Slayer magic." the King's voice was dead serious but his face was not. He was a short man, very short. Old with a prestine beard like duke.

    And he was much too well informed with the rumor mill.

    "Have I hit a nerve yet...no...well? Yet your identities and names remain a secret, you all wear those black cloaks whenever you're on missions, and if anyone sees you, usually they're never heard from again, or won't talk even if they know one of you....." he spoke the truth, as they usually protected their identities heavily. The inner workings of their bond between one another was too complex to be understood by outsiders. Hera for instance wore a bandaid on her right cheek, a white one at all times to cover a scar there. It seemed like it was just for style, but it had been given to her by her teammates father. Acnologia, when he had killed her own father, Heero. When they were both children, as Madison and Hera were the same age around 16 or so. They were all connected. Hera had been searching for Lucie, to make her the sixth member. An ex-Fairy Tail mage.

    That day, and up until forming Oracion Seis; Hera felt guilty as hell for abandoning a child. After Lucie had agreed to form the team with them for her own reasons, and various adventures. Hera learned just how sinister the demon was that possessed her; and could not blame the small child at all for her outburts. But as a member of Oracion Seis, each with their own demons. She now would have support all times if Hera could ever find her. She even had a cloak made for her in her appropriate size or around what Hera thought she would be. She hoped that among such a group of people, Lucie if she found her would find friendship and even family. Everyone had their inner demons. Ezra himself was.....well.

    "Well, I take if from your silence that none of you understand.....your connections. Some of you belong to Dark Guilds...I'm sure of it." he smiled. A somewhat sinister smile for a king, but still with a nice look in his eyes. "Yes, you can do Jobs...even, assassinations, yes....that others cannot...yes you shall work for me now." he clapped his hands and looked down at them, leaning forward in the throne. "Of course this means asylum with the throne in the palace here in Crocus if you need it.....but since you all's creed as a team already is to keep your identities secret, this is ideally perfect...what say you?"

    "Oh and also, remove those hoods in my presence. All of you Rune Knights, leave immediately." a mighty march ensued as one by one they filed out of the throne room until it was erriely silent except for the grand burning white torches lining the room now. As the throne room doors slammed shut.

    Hera would turn to the rest of the group, with a shrug.

    "Well, a chance to be owed a favor by the King himself...what do we have to lose." Hera said under her breath, as the King couldn't make out what she'd said to her companions but heard her say something; raising an eyebrow. "Seems he already knows way to much about us.....can't believe he'd leave us in a room with him alone like this."

    As the five figures remained with their hoods up, down by the throne. Hera waited and then lowered her hood, her long pink braid showing now as she raised an eyebrow. Letting her teammates speak to the King if they wanted. Hera wasn't sure. What type of jobs he'd want them to do for him. But...he was the King. Money would be no object for them anymore if they wanted, and if she knew Ezra he was about to make a demand or two of the king for the teams help as a whole. Hera had a feeling that he was going to ask them to spy on the Magic Council for them or something of that manner. As regular humans might be getting restless with all the craziness the Dark Guilds were wreaking. Or to be his personal hit squad to accomplish missions most would consider suicide.


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    Oracion Seis [Private Team Event] [Madison, Ezra, Hera, Frey, and Lucie] Rose


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    Oracion Seis [Private Team Event] [Madison, Ezra, Hera, Frey, and Lucie] Empty Re: Oracion Seis [Private Team Event] [Madison, Ezra, Hera, Frey, and Lucie]

    Post by Pandora 28th April 2017, 4:38 pm

    A palace was the proper setting for someone like herself and her sister, daughters to the queen of the underworld, the queen of death, its very embodiment. Frey actually lived in her mother's castle due to her tendency to eat the guild hall if she was left unsupervised with no one to remind her the whole stone structure was not actually just a super large lunch for her. Plus what sane entity would not desire to live in close proximity to its mother after having been separated from her for a good long portion of their current lifespan! In spite of her currently entirely mature appearance nothing could change the fact Frey had been very young until recently and she still felt very strongly for her mother and the family she had grown up not knowing. Anyway's she was sure Marceline's castle was much more impressive than this one, but she wouldn't bring it up outside her mind because the girl was fairly sure that her Sister would be the only one interested in that train of thought.  

    Frey looked down at the fabric of her black cloak once more as she walked along the hallway with the other four current members of Oracion Seis. Honestly? The color itself did not appeal wildly to her because red was her favorite color and her favorite things were shiny objects. Maybe she should create some gems right now! Ever since she had figured out that she could make gemstones and coins with her earth powers, the woman had been delighted regarding it because of her fondness for everything shiny. However right now did not seem like the right time to conjure such items, hence the power would make her rather identifiable, to be honest, not many could manipulate elements within the earth far enough to make something like a silver coin out of nowhere. In fact, Frey had not met someone else who had the capability to do so, even though she doubted being the only one.

    She could smell the distaste of those around them if only just slightly due to her heightened dragon slayer senses she could tell how much the knight's despised their presence here. Yet? As she walked a bit faster to stay in line, it did not bother her like it once would have, even if the guards turned on them the girl knew they could escape. The fact they had come together as a group like this after everything that had happened in the past, it was enough to convince Frey they could do anything, though maybe she still carried the nativity of a child sometimes in spite of having become very grown up in both mind and body recently. Whatever it was, the Oracion Seis had come to be at least in part due to that element of her, they had a role to play in this even though they were one short at the moment.

    Lucie was supposed to be the sixth member from what Frey understood, to be entirely blunt the young woman did not make many comments in terms of their member break down after bringing her elder sibling into the fold. The fact Hera and Madison had both agreed to this? Was enough for the earth slayer, when this had started she had only thought one of them would drop off upon seeing the other. Considering her fear had not entirely taken place, the female was content to let everything else develop as time went on, allow the other's to seek out who they wished for the sixth member. Just the existence of this was enough for the green haired woman because she never thought something like this could truly come to be in spite of wishing to mend the bridges between her old and new life to form a new one, she hadn't thought it would actually happen. Oracion Seis was close to her dream of never having smited anyone as she would get. Clean cut, what they had established was largely the solutions to the inner demons Frey had once possessed; Of course things would rear up in the future, but for now this fixed the small part of her life she had regretted which could be fixed.

    The badges around her arm itched and she moved one hand to scratch them the cloak ruffling slightly as she did this, remembering the mark that lay beneath her wrappings. While she was proud to be part of her mother's guild? She had taken to hiding the mark as it was often a trigger for whoever saw it, they would attack her without even taking a second to consider anything, just try and chase her off or murder her. The dragon slayer did not often enjoy being randomly lashed out at just because she happened to want to remain with her family, it was not like she had ever killed someone, she may occasionally steal something of minor value for someone if they wanted to give her tons of shiny things, since it was a skill she excelled at and she adored shiny objects, but for the most part she nearly acted as if she was some sort of light mage. often times? She actually took down wanted people if she caught word of them.

    Rune had come to see the world as a place of numerous gray shades instead of anything black and white like most people saw it. Sometimes? A crime or two was actually necessary in her eyes, for example, she never held anything her mother did against the woman because the savage skull guild master was dead embodied. She didn't hold the time Hera had spent hating her against the pink haired mage because it was the other girls right, everyone had their own rights and often these conflicted with the rights of another. This? Was where the idea of evil came from, one person's crime was another person's heroic correction or such.

    "I wouldn't leave me alone in a room with us." the earth slayer laughed out, stretching her arms out in front of her out of the cloak, cracking her finger's, this also left some of her skin tight outfit visible for the small moment she was performing the action. "relatively or figuratively?" they could have a lot to lose, in fact they could die right here, this whole damn thing could be one elaborate trap, they had to the take the risk anyway otherwise they would get nowhere. "I dislike being anyone's puppet though." it was disgusting that humans had established things like these kingdoms and proclaim the titles of kings and queens when they were not true royalty. Sure he was 'king of Fiore' but he was still trumped by death, life, nature, light and dark, he was a little pawn failing around the world and simply doing it better than most. "However, the exchange of doing a bit of what some would consider dirty work that would ruin him if it ever came to light in exchange for asylum if it ever becomes required, would be alright." while some of their team like Hera or Erza might not always need such a thing, some people often pursued the lives of madison and herself. Even if Hera had given up, given in, forgiven and seen the world for what it was, did not mean everyone else did. "Though you seem to misunderstand, we are not mercenaries for hire or any such thing, we simply do as we see correct." if he told them to go murder some innocent child right now? There was no way they would do it, but if he said to go kill someone who was about to declare war on fiore and cost hundreds to millions of lives, Frey would do it.

    Not every one of them would agree with her statements and that was fine, they were not about perfect cohabitation unity of one mind, that didn't exist. Instead? The Oracion Seis would work because they were at core such different people who had now admitted they could value each other even if they could not always agree with each other. Frey glanced over at madison who was standing beside her, to see if her sister agreed with removing their hoods, as the two of them were the one's with the most to lose regarding that. it was not that she distrusted their team mates, but the two of them had to be cuation or they could end up dead.



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