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    Missing Jewelry

    Haku'na Matata
    Haku'na Matata

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    Missing Jewelry Empty Missing Jewelry

    Post by Haku'na Matata 25th April 2017, 5:48 pm

    Job Title: Missing stolen Jewelry


    Player Requirements: N/A

    Job Requirements: 2000 word minimum per character through entire thread.

    Job Location: Hargeon Town

    Job Description: My beloved wifes jewelry was misplaced during a vacation to Hargeon town.
    Please find it for me. After searching the town for a few posts it is possible to meet a street Urchin who will give you Intel on the whereabouts of said jewelry(Dice roll optional). The street urchin will need a post or two of convincing to give you the information depending on how you go about getting the info.

    Follow the advice to meet the boss, a pawnshop owner who is selling stolen goods. You, however, need to prove he’s selling stolen goods Continue arguing with the boss until you roll a boss in which you can find proof he’s selling stolen goods(dice rolls optional, max 4 per person). Keep track of how many other dice results you get.

    Afterwards, a fight ensues and multiple punks and armed punks and even his street urchins will swarm the place in an all out brawl. Defeat the Pawnshop dealer and the low lives will scatter and you complete the mission. How many of each enemy appear are determined by the rolls you made during the argument and what appeared. So if after 3 posts total you rolled 3 weak, 2 strong, and 1 boss dice you will fight 3 punks, two street urchins, and the boss.


    Weak - Punk(D): nobodies not worth mentioning who are slow and uncoordinated. These low lifes have no skill in what they’re doing typically flail their fists around and are pretty easy to deal with. Can’t appear until the boss appears.

    Medium - Armed Punk (D+): Punks with two by fours and metal pipes. Just as uncoordinated but pack a heavier punch then the punks. Can not appear until the boss appears.

    Strong - Street Urchin (C): Low-lives who wander the streets of all cities and are particularly small, these guys are a great source of information if you can get your hands on one and convince them to give you information. Their honestly non-violent and aren’t stupid enough to take on mages but you’ll need to convince one to give you real information if you want to find the jewelry, which, in a city as big as Hargeon, would be a needle in a haystack. Aggravate one though and they may put a knife in your chest.

    Boss - Pawnshop owner (C+): A shop owner who has been knowingly selling stolen goods. He carries a one handed mace as his weapon and is pretty good at using it although not as good as many would believe.

    Reward: 15,000 jewels

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