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    Post by Kuro 22nd April 2017, 10:08 am

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    What could be better after having some fine wine than arguing with people that work for the city and nation? Marianna simply had to sigh as her figure, covered in dark leather coat, moved on the road of Rose Garden. Still, this place really was quite amazing in regards to the people that lived here and all the decorations they managed to use to make the streets more welcoming and beautiful. It almost made the vampire wonder if the genius behind it all was not actually a human, as something like that would make more sense to her. The fact that she still looked down onto humans as if they were nothing more than a kettle to be bred, it truly did say something about her, did it not?

    In any case, she started looking around as she arrived at the rough location of where she needed to be. A tall building that seemed to be better kept that the rest stood tall in front of her, making it pretty obvious what her destination really was. It also appeared that coming here in the middle of a night was probably the best idea ever, as it seemed that there would surely be huge lines of people waiting here during day. Not that the vampire really could come here during such time. Or rather, she could. But it would be very, very unpleasant experience for her, even with a coat like this on. After all, sun was one of the greatest foes for her kind, even with the blood of Elder gods flowing through her veins.

    In any case, she opened the doors only to be welcomed to a plain interior and several seemingly empty booths. There were still some individuals around by the looks of it, but generally quite empty indeed. At least that meant she would not have to wait for too long. If it didn't mean that she would be hunted down the moment she walked outside, she would have already forced her way to getting the passport earlier. Unfortunately that was not exactly an option right now. And so she waited her turn, only to be placed on a small chair, taken picture of and then wait even more. Good thing that the rumor about vampires being unable to be photographed was nothing more than that - a rumor. Or perhaps it was actually true? Marianna was a special one, so perhaps it worked different for her than most.

    Finally getting the passport into her hands, she would storm out of the building as fast as her long slender legs could carry her, once more covering her entire figure in the leather to hide herself. It was something that almost became part of her these days, as if she wanted to go anywhere during the day, she had to look like this. And recently, she started to do it even during night for whatever reason. Probably should try to stop if at all possible. But right now, it was onward from this place and to a completely different city. One that was apparently called Ace of Spades.

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