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    Lost Wolf [Open Roleplay]


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    Lost Wolf [Open Roleplay] Empty Lost Wolf [Open Roleplay]

    Post by Stacesune 2nd April 2017, 11:54 am


    This was how the wolf described his situation. He was not happy, at all, with the situation he'd gotten himself in to. Directions apparently were all but useless for him as he'd ended up in Magnolia, a fair distance from where he had intended to go. He sighs a bit in anger, looking around him before just letting out an exasperated sigh. He'd quickly resume the rather emotionless expression he normally kept. Eyeing the people around him, it seemed to be a rather lively town. Not really what he was used to, but it was still a nice contrast to everything he'd gotten used to up until this point. He'd let out a soft chuckle for the moment, before starting to eye around places.

    A lot of the stalls and buildings were selling a LOT of delicious looking food. But it really didn't hit him until he moved toward a small deli shop. The smell of meat hit him like a brick, and soon he was staring out to the store, holding his stomach as he fought back a waterfall of drool while his stomach let loose with a loud growl. He was incredibly hungry, but he didn't have a hint of jewel on his person. For now, he was happy just walking up to the window, staring in and seeing what all was up to offer.

    "Oh man... It all looks so good..." He said to himself for a moment, before he erupted out a bit loudly in anger, "Damnit! Why did I have to leave my Jewels behind! This isn't fair, Damn it!"


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    Lost Wolf [Open Roleplay] Empty Re: Lost Wolf [Open Roleplay]

    Post by Foxgirl920 2nd July 2017, 2:51 pm

    May i join you?))

    Kim ran down some streets, nearly colliding with people as she tried to reach the station. Just as she turned a corner, she immediately collided with the wolf "oof!"

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